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Traitors Season 2 – Release Date, Review and Cast 2024

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Traitors is a cliffhanger series of six episodes that have been streaming on Channel 4 and Netflix since February 2019 and March 2019 respectively.

It has been created as well as written by a multiple award winner Bash Doran and the first season is running successfully among its audiences.

A Peek Into The Storyline

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Back in 1945, Britain was struggling with the repercussions of World War II. The main story revolves around a young and brave British public servant, Feef Symonds.

On defeating Winston Churchill, when Clement Attlee’s Labour Party came to power, the Americans took an oath that they would make sure that the Soviets may not exploit the rising Socialist ideology of England. To keep the vow, they hire an American secret agent, Peter.

Feef, though being extremely talented, doesn’t find praise from her family. Gradually, she gets influenced by her lover Peter to spy on her nation. She gets an assignment of revealing a Russian agent who is predicted to be an employee of the British government.

Priscilla, Symond’s senior, finds her a bit suspicious because of the actions of this novice spy. As Symond struggles between her choices, she is pretending to play the dangerous act of a hidden agent of her own nation.

Symond is being the greatest traitor against her nation. She would never be forgiven if she gets caught. What will happen to her? Will she be able to succeed? As the series dives in deeper, it brings out more such nail-biting moments for the viewers.

The Cast

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The challenging role of Feef Symonds, an ambitious, brave, and young female British public servant who turns into a secret agent and risks her life is played well by Emme Appleton.

Opposite her, we find Matt Lauria acting the role of a young American spy cum Symond’s lover Peter. Kelly Hawes plays the role of intelligent Priscilla, Symonds senior who finds her actions suspicious.

Among other supporting actors, we find Luke Treadaway playing the character of Hugh Fenton, Michael Stuhlbarg acting as Rowe, Brandon P. Bell portrays the role of Jackson Cole, Greg McHugh played for David Hennessey, Jamie Blackley acted out Freddie Symond’s role and Bijan Daneshmand acted as Abu Selim.

All the crews of the casting team have done a great job playing their respective roles and holding the viewers to the screen.

When Can We Expect The Release

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The creators of the first season haven’t yet revealed the airing of the second sequel. However, it is predicted that the upcoming sequence will be out by late 2024.

Things You May Want To Know About Chance Season 3

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With a great hit of the first series, fans are awaiting the upcoming episodes. From the maker’s desk, the release of season 2 is delayed due to the pandemic.

Summing It Up

Along with the long-awaited fans of Traitors, the crew is also awaiting the making of season 2. All are looking forward to watching the new episodes from Traitors Season 2 soon.