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Killing Bites Season 2 – Release Date; Cancellation & Renewal Status in 2024

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All the important information regarding the release of Killing Bites Season 2 is discussed in the article.

Kiryu Baitsu or Killing Bites is a Japanese series based on science-fiction and was premiered from January to March 2018. Liden Films turned the famous manga into an anime and it gained huge popularity not only in Japan but among the audiences around the world. People are anticipating the launch of Killing Bites Season 2 in the near future.

Let us discuss the release date along with the renewal or cancellation status of Killing Bites in 2024.

Killing Bites Season 2: Release Date: Cancellation and Renewal Status in 2024

Release Date

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The first season of Killing Bites was a huge hit worldwide and it was very much appreciated by the young adults. The fans anticipate the launch of season 2 as many cliffhangers are left at the end but there is no official statement from Liden Films about the release yet. There are speculations that the production house might be lacking the material for making Season 2. The first season comprised six episodes altogether and was based on ten volumes.

A total of sixteen volumes of the manga series have been released to date so the fans have to wait a few more years so the makers can gather more sources to launch season 2. Killing Bites was a sensation and received a lot of fame and popularity so there are high chances that the producers won’t let go of the opportunity to make profits. The audience expects an official statement by the end of 2024 as more source material will be released by that time and it might hit the screens in early 2024.

Expected Plot For Season 2

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Season 1 was about two individuals named Hitomi Uzak and Yuya Nomoto. The audiences expect them to make a comeback in Killing Bites Season 2. Hitomi was raped and abducted by Yuya along with his friends but he wasn’t guilty as he was unaware of his friend’s ill-intentions. They wanted to transform themselves into genetically modified or hybrid individuals.

Hitomi kills all of them and also assassinates Yuya upon Shido’s order when subterranean battles become legal. But he is alive and might come back to take revenge as he was producing additional hybrids. He had feelings for Hitomi which she was unaware of.

Moreover, the fans think that the story for Killing Bites Season 2 can revolve around Keiichi Shido. He is the legal guardian of Hitomi Uzak and possesses some abilities.

He can manage the hybrid individuals and the makers might introduce new characters around him for some twists and drama. Moreover, some fans think that Nomoto’s identity is still not clear and the makers might focus on revealing that. New characters Nami and Shio who are twin sisters might be a part of season 2. They can fight monsters and are trained by their father. They lost their father to demons so they might take revenge for his death by fighting everyone.

All these assumptions are based on the manga series and fans try to connect and make a new storyline for Season 2. All the questions such as when will Hitomi know that Yuya is alive? Will she ever get to know his feelings for her? Why did Shido order Hitomi to kill Yuya as he was her legal guardian? All these questions are a hope that the makers will definitely launch a Season 2 and answer them. They won’t disappoint the fans by leaving them with so many assumptions.

Cancelation Or Renewal Killing Bites in 2024

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The renewal or cancellation of Killing Bites is not official in 2024. Liden Films has not canceled the first season yet which means that a Season 2 is in the making but the makers might be collecting more sources. Whereas, no official statement regarding the renewal of the season is given yet. All the fans of Killing Bites have their eyes on the makers and expect them to respond to the rumors. They have left the audiences hanging in between.

Any production house before renewing or canceling an anime goes through the ratings, popularity, and critical analysis. All of these factors are considered before the decision is taken. The ratings of Killing Bites Season 1 were average but it gained huge popularity. In my opinion, season 1 was a major hit and it improved the overall economy of Japan. The makers should take advantage and release season 2 as soon as possible before the hype of the series dies.


Will Killing Bites get a Season 2?

Season 2 of Killing Bites is not confirmed and the officials have not given a statement about the release or the cancelation of the season yet. Fans anticipate season 2 as many cliffhangers are left at the end of the first season.

Is Killing Bites an anime?

Yes, Killing Bites is an anime and it is based on manga. It is a Japanese science-fiction series that gained popularity amongst youngsters in 2018. The fans are eagerly waiting for season 2 but no official statement has been released yet.

Who is the main protagonist in Killing Bites?

The main protagonist in Killing Bites is Uzaki Hitomi as she goes through surgery and becomes a brute-ratel. She also kills Yuya Nomoto after following the orders of Shido.

What animal is Uzaki Hitomi?

Uzaki Hitomi is a honey badger and she kills all her enemies who raped and abducted her.

She is a hybrid of honey and takes her revenge by brutally killing all the opponents.


All the important information regarding the release of Killing Bites Season 2 is discussed in the article above. You can go through the article to gain your knowledge about whether the new season is being canceled or will be renewed in the year 2024. The assumptions of fans regarding the plot of the season are also given so you can enjoy your time reading this piece. I hope this article will be of some help as you might get some answers to the rumors.