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Death Note Season 2 Release Date: Is This Series Coming In 2024!

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Produced by the Madhouse, Death Note is a television show that has caught the attention of Anime fans with its thriller storyline. The 37-episode-long Anime was originally produced in Japanese. It is written by the very famous Japanese writer Tsugumi Ohba. Death Note has not yet come up with any of its continuation series for a decade now.

So, this article is all about the predictions of the release of Death Note season 2. We also give you insights into the second season’s plot, the characters, the storyline, and also the release date.

When did the first show release?

Released on October 3rd, 2006, the thriller series Death Note has caught the eyes of its viewers by all means. Since then, Madhouse has not come up with any follow-ups for the series.

Back then, one of the Japanese TV channels broadcasted the show, and it was a huge success. Though the show has many other spin-offs now, it doesn’t suffice for the release of an entirely new season.

A Flashback to season 1 storyline

The show starts with a brilliant school teenager Light Yagami who unknowingly discovers a mysterious book (Death Note) on his way back from his school. The book originally belonged to Shinigami Ryuk, a Shinigami (Japanese God of Death). Ryuk, who was so bored with his Shinigami realm, tries to play it cool by dropping the book into the human world. He waited for someone to take the book and wanted to see how things went.

Light Yagami uses the book with a vision. After reading the rules written in the book, he decides to use the book to better the world. He tries to create a crime-free society by writing the names of all the criminals, thereby killing them. He kept his identity a secret from everyone to escape from getting arrested by the police task force appointed and led by L – a brilliant detective. People thus started to call the unknown executioner by the name Kira.

When will the release date of Season 2 be announced?

Anime geeks are eagerly holding on to their seats for the second season, but there are a few reasons why Madhouse has been delaying the follow-up.

It is primarily due to the absence of reliable source material. The anime show is based on a Manga with 108 sections summed up to 12. But the 37 episodes of the TV show have already exhausted the manga entirely.

However, on February 4th, 2020, the franchise released a standalone ‘Death Note: Special One Show’. It was again illustrated and written by the team members of the first season. This Special show was published after almost ten long years, giving a whole new dimension and possibilities for the release of Season 2.

There have been many predictions on the approximate date and time that the second season will be announced. It is most likely that it will be announced this year. However, the franchise has made no official announcement regarding the same.

We often see many anime series coming up with their continued storyline after several years, and these things are not new to anime history. The show is not officially confirmed to release the dates, and it has not been rejected either.

Who will be the star cast of Death Note Season 2?

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It is expected that only a small bunch of other voiceovers for new characters might come into play. As we all know, the lead characters like Light and L are expected in any prequel or sequel of the next season’s story.

The story will also include the death god Shinigami Ryuk. The other two most probable characters would be Near, who made it through in the last season, and Mello.

It is sometimes unpredictable if the sequel might have a whole new cast or might go about with the old ones.

The plot of the SECOND season

The first season has stunned its audience and set a high benchmark for the second one. The second season’s details are not yet officially confirmed, and hence the details of the plot will remain untold. But some of them guess the story to have ‘Death Note: Special One-Shot’. Then the plot will have a completely different dimension with an antagonist.

The first season ends with Light’s death when Ryuk writes Light’s name on the Death Note. Light, while experiencing visions of detective L’s death, experiences a cardiac arrest and dies.

Thus, it is expected that the second one must either be based on the prequel or sequel manga or have an entirely different storyline.

‘The a- Kira Story’ where the Death Note reaches the hands of Minoru Tanaka, is said to have quite good twists and turns. Being a middle school student, he is equally as smart as Light and finds the Death Note. The story then unwinds his undertakings with the Death Note and is expected to lead to another suspense thriller anime follow-up.

The world has faced the Kira enough that it has mostly taken all the preventive measures. The story will revolve around what Minoru Tanaka would do to the book.

Has the trailer for the second season been released yet?

No official notices nor news about trailers for the second season are out yet. Hence you can not find any on YouTube or other platforms.

However, some fans have made a few trailers and teasers and a few available clips out of their creativity.

The Bottom Line

The Death Note is a psychological thriller anime show that gained popularity due to its interesting storyline. The characters, the soundtrack, and the visually amusing animation indeed keep any viewer glued to their seats!

The second season is not officially notified by Madhouse but is predicted to be announced sometime in 2024. As fans of the anime series, we can only hope for the best and wait until any further notice is made for the big show!