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Orange Is The New Black Season 8 – Release Date, Trailer and Plot

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Orange is the new black, a highly popular show on Netflix, has been renewed for season eight. Fans are captivated by the storyline based on Piper Kerman’s experience in federal prison. The last season was broadcasted on Netflix on 26 July 2019 and ever since then, fans have been patiently waiting to watch season eight.

A Peek Into The Storyline

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The storyline displays the life of Piper Chapman who was charged for a drug case. The story tells about her experience when she was imprisoned for 15 months and other women prisoners as well. In the 91 episodes released so far, the audience witnesses an innocent girl trying to fit into the prison and learning the ways to survive there.

She is convicted for a crime she committed a decade ago. This puts a strain on her relationship with family and friends and disturbs her personal life. Jenji Kohan, the creator of the show, describes Piper as a Trojan horse through which she gives insight into the story of her and other inmates’ lives.

Orange Is The New Black tries to show prisoners in a new light. With stories of other inmates having different races, gender, body type, and sexuality, The goal is to portray prisoners in a more humanizing way. During the fifth and sixth seasons, the workings and happenings inside of the prison are shown.

The seventh season provided an end to the story of many characters depicted as Piper’s fellow inmates. Fans are excited to see what season eight has in store for them. This series is the longest and highly watched series on Netflix.

The Cast

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It’s a no-brainer that Taylor Schilling would continue her role as the protagonist Piper Chapman. Sam Healy will be played by Michael Harney, Adrienne C. Moore will star as Cindy Black and Laura Peron portrays the character of Alex Vause.

Other actors that will reprise their role would include Yale Stone playing Suzanne Warren, Selenis Levya starring as Gloria Mendoza, Danielle Brooks playing Tasha Jefferson, and Natasha Lyonne portraying Nicky Nicholas.

Many other characters were given life through the show by an immense group of actors throughout the seasons. The actors cast in the series are diverse and carefully selected to represent the life of an individual prisoner.

This series is a recipient of Golden Globe and PrimeTime Emmy. The cast is extremely talented and is praised time and again for their fine acting in the series.

When Can We Expect The Release

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Season eight of the popular show Orange is the new black would release on Netflix on 23 July 2024. 13 episodes are expected to be there in the new season. They will be approximately 40 minutes long. The trailer is expected to launch near the release date of the series.

Summing It Up

Orange is the new black is a highly acclaimed American drama. Its fame and popularity have amplified over the years. The plot and its representation are in such a way that makes the genre different and interesting. Fans will soon get to watch much-awaited season eight.