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Freakish Season 3 – Release Date, Time & Casting

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The genre of horror fantasy is popular among people currently. Freakish is a show inspired by the same genre. This show created by Beth Szymkowski has made a lasting impression among the viewers through its 2 seasons released so far. Fans of the show are hopeful to see more of the series. 

A Peek Into The Storyline

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The plot is based on apocalyptic events that happened in Kent high school. The story begins with the ordinary Saturday of students reporting for detention, going about routine activities like basketball coaching, music rehearsal, etc. Suddenly signals for evacuation drills are given and students are closed off in the school.

Soon it is revealed that due to an explosion in a nearby chemical plant, people of the town have been transformed into mutated “freaks”. The survivors have to stay alive and fight for their lives. It also has the element of teen soap including romance, rivalries, warfare which makes this show a complete teenage horror series.

The two seasons have been a huge hit among the young population. Even though the storyline was criticized for being unoriginal and a little bit tone-deaf, it did gain some loyal fans. The low-budget zombie-like survival show with a hint of teen drama wasn’t received well by audiences of all age groups. However, among the teenagers, it created quite a buzz.

They are eagerly waiting for season 3 as they can’t get enough of this science fictional show.

The Cast

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The cast of Freakish comprises young inexpert actors. Most of these actors are popular social media stars playing the role of main characters. Many persisting actors are seen playing minor roles and having momentary appearances. 

The character of Grover Jones is portrayed by Leo Howards, Famous Youtuber Liza Koshy plays Violet Adams who is the love interest of Grover. The role of the school bully, Diesel turner is played by Adam Hicks, Meghan Rienks plays Zoe Parker and there are many more other promising actors justifying the roles given to them. 

On October 10, 2016, Freakish debuted with its first season. The second season was renewed by Hulu and released on October 18, 2017. In both seasons, fans grew fond of the young cast and a wide teenage fan base was created for them.

When Can The Fans Expect Release Of Season 3?

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The creators of the show are tightlipped about the renewal of the show for season 3. There isn’t much hope that freakish will have a third season. However, fans really wish for it to happen. The idea of season three is dropped at this time. Fans and horror fantasy genre enthusiasts can stream the show on Hulu and Disney Hotstar. A total of 20 episodes are there.

Summing It Up

The “Freakish” series is short-lived with 2 seasons but the loyal fans it has generated will live on. The storyline, cast, and theme of the series have captivated the attention of a huge audience. The expectations for season 3 seem impossible currently. Fans are still hopeful though.