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Descendants 4 Is on Its Way | Release Date | Cast | Trailer, and Everything So Far

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If you have been following Descendants, you must have watched the last three movies they released. Made by the famous director of ‘Julie and the Phantoms, Kenny Ortega brought out his first Descendants movie in 2015. Following the accomplishment of the first movie of this series, they brought out a sequel, a musical fantasy.

Created by Disney Channel, this fantasy television film has gained popularity among fans from different age groups. On 21st July 2017, this second film premiered on Disney acquired channels like Disney XD. These three production companies produced this picture:

Two years later, Descendants 3 was released in 2019. And now, part 4 is on its way, and the fans cannot contain their excitement anymore. Being a musical, it’s no wonder that fans are eagerly waiting to hear the songs of this part 4. But no official music has been disclosed yet. They possess a different fanbase. To promote this Disney musical, they also made Shawn Mendes feature in a song called ‘Believe.’ They have their playlist out on Spotify and YouTube with all its singles. The track ‘If only’ peaked and held a spot on Billboard Hot Hundred.

What Is The Release Date For Descendants 4

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The first time one happened was in 2015. The film starred Sofia Carson, Cameron Boyce, Booboo Stewart, and Dave Cameron. Two years later, the show came back on screen with a new story. After two releases, fans showered those first two parts with mostly positive feedback, and that inspired the production to bring out part 3 which soon reached almost 7 million views in 2019. After three back-to-back hits of this series, fans are now waiting for the next part 4.

Descendants brought out its third part with the same cast and a few additional actors such as China Anne McClain and Cheyenne Jackson. Disney has claimed to come back with the next part of this American musical sometime between 2024-2022. There might be some Covid-related delays that may push the production further.

There is also much excitement as many people thought it would never happen, and finally, fans are getting to see the much-awaited installment. However, the best way to watch the fourth installment is to be up to date with the franchise.

The first three parts of this adventure comedy series are out to be streamed on Disney and all other Disney Owned Channels. Besides this, you can watch it on Google Play Movies, YouTube, and Apple TV. It is evident that once part 4 comes out, it will also be available on all the platforms mentioned above.

Who’s In The Cast Of Descendants 4 Cast

It seems like Disney will continue with the previous casts. In the case of different characters, more actors will also get on the boat. Descendants 3 had a long line of names and If you are not familiar with the characters of this Disney film, let us give you a rundown.

Sofia Carson plays Evie. Sarah performed Princess Audrey’s role, the daughter of Sleeping Beauty. She wants to rule the kingdom someday. China plays the daughter character of Ursula called Uma and Jadah as Celia. Ben, also known as Benjamin, the son of Belle and the heir of the kingdom, is introduced by Mitchell Hope.

Dove plays Ben’s future spouse and also the protagonist of the film. The movie canceled one premiere show after the sudden death of its star actor Boyce. Later it was released as per the schedule, and the picture was honored to the late actor Cameron Boyce. Rumors say was put on a hiatus after its star actor Cameron Boyce died in his sleep in 2019.

What Are The Descendants 4 Going To Be About?

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Descendants 3 is full of adventures with Part 3 showing us villain kids Jay, Carols, Mal, and Evie traveling to find new Villain kids to follow them to Auradon. They select Squeaky and Squirmy, twin kids of Mr.Smee, then Dizzy and Celia.

When leaving Isle and moving to Auradon, villain Hades strikes Mal, and it sends a wave of panic among the people of Auradon, who believe that they will never feel safe in the future. Later Mal suggests shutting the Isle permanently. This season ends with Mal and Ben being engaged, Carlo, Jane dating, and Doug, Evie kissing to express their love. Unfortunately, things didn’t look too bright for Harry, who got rejected by Uma.

Though the plot for part 4, the previous part gives away a few clues for part 4 of this movie series. In this film, Ben and Mal exchange vows and promise to spend forever with each other. The wedding is chaotic in the beginning.

After the marriage of Mal and Ben, they are now the official king and queen of Auradon, and together they attempt to make this a safe place again. After part-3 fans believe season 4 might include a few teasers for the fourth chapter. But nothing is certain till now.

Some fans also predicted the name’ Rise of Evil’ as the fourth part of this fantasy series where the villain kids yearn to take revenge against their opponent. Part 4 official trailers are yet to be released. Fans assume the movie will be out somewhere between 2024, so the trailer can be expected at the end of 2024 or early 2024.

Like every Descendants movie, Disney will promote this trailer too on every Disney-owned channel and social media platform, so you no longer need to worry about missing out on the trailer.


Descendants 4 is coming, and it promises to be unique with many easter eggs and surprises for the fans of the franchises. The universe of these magical individuals has only evolved, and mythology deepened. The new installment is also a chance for the fans and creators to pay respect to the lovable actor Cameron.

Since the last three movies were released during summertime, it is anticipated that the movie could be unveiled in 2024 will bless us with part 4. Until part 4 comes out, you can binge-watch its last three films and write down your predictions for the following upcoming picture.