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Netflix’s Christmas Chronicles 3 – Everything You Need to Know

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If you are someone who believed in Christmas and the world of Santa Claus then you’ve probably already watched the Christmas Chronicles on Netflix. It is a movie series that has enlivened our childhood love for Santa Claus and every child’s wish to at least once see Santa for real. These movies take you on adventures with Santa Claus in a magical world that is impossible to hate.

After the amazing success of both Christmas Chronicles 1 and 2, the audience can’t stop wishing these makers of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone to quickly begin filming the third sequel of this wonderful movie! Would we get a Christmas Chronicles 3? Read along to find out!

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In Christmas Chronicles 1 we see Santa Claus meeting a girl named Kate Pierce. He ends up taking help from her and her brother to distribute gifts to other children after an accident that breaks his sleigh. The entire adventure is jam-packed with reindeers, elves, magic, thrill, and so much fun that we forget the real world!

In the next movie, the story takes place in an entirely different universe. The children Kate Pierce and her brother Teddy Pierce are transported to the infamous village of Santa.

This movie introduces Mrs. Claus and the entire village run by elves. However, hell breaks loose when Belsnickel steals the Christmas star which essentially hides the village of Santa from the outer world. A reindeer fight, skyward flight, and good and fun action sequences later the children are transported back to their world.

Both these movies saw great viewership. As soon as the film debuted in 2018, it raked in 20 million streams in a week. The second part was released in 2020 and quickly gained the second position on Nielson’s Thanksgiving Week US Chart. Now in 2024, the audience is all set to witness another thrilling adventure through the villages of our childhood superhero. So let’s dive into the details!

What Does The Cast Think?

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Kurt Russel enjoys the attention and praise that his role as Santa Claus has been receiving. He has portrayed a Santa of all our visions and yet set a unique identity for himself in the process.

During a New York Times interview of Russell, he accepted that a third movie in the set would be a great addition. He mentioned that earlier he wasn’t really a fan of sequels but now after the massive support the audience has shown in Christmas Chronicles and their loving demands for another sequel, Russell has changed his views. He says he would be interested to play Santa Claus once again and is expecting another sequel.

Even Goldie Hawn casted as Mrs. Claus has stated that Christmas Chronicles can be a fun and festive alternative to universes like MCU and DC. She too is more than enthusiastic to play Mrs. Claus and deliver another addition to the Christmas Chronicles Universe.

However, he also mentioned that there hasn’t been any official discussion about the sequel between the cast and the directors. The take of Netflix upon a third film is also unknown at this point.

What About The Director?

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The director of the two Christmas Chronicles movies, Chris Columbus is also very welcoming of the idea of a third movie on the way. During an interview of Columbus with comicbook.com, he mentioned that he would love to create another movie in the same universe.

He said now ‘Sequels aren’t even sequels anymore’. He was stating that they might even wait longer and come up with a stronger idea for a solid film rather than conjuring up something just for the sake of it. During the same interview, he also hinted at the plot he would like to explore in the next movie. Let’s see what they have in store for us!

What Can We Expect In Christmas Chronicles 3?

Well, if you have watched both the movies you would probably know that very little light has been shed on the perspectives and character of Mrs. Claus. So yes! That’s what we can expect in Christmas Chronicles 3!

Even though there hasn’t been an official discussion or even any announcement from the authorities that this might be the theme, we are all just taking an educated guess. During a scene in Christmas Chronicles 2, Mrs. Claus is found reminiscing and saying ‘I would love to have real kids in this village again’. The story for the new movie could focus on this narrative or just tell us more about the background of Mrs. Claus.

Columbus also said during the interview that he would not want to reveal what the third installment of Christmas Chronicles would entail. However, he is thrilled to bring another movie to this imaginary wonderland. Again, we don’t know what Netflix thinks of the third movie coming into the picture but we are hoping for a positive as both the movies have subsequently great viewership stats.

Okay, But When?

Well if Netflix does approve of this new arrival then the filming will probably start in early 2024. As we can see the first two movies had a difference of two years and were released during the Christmas season itself. Considering the launches of both the previous movies we can estimate the 3rd movie can drop anytime before Thanksgiving.

It is for sure that we will not see a third addition to the movie series by November 2024.

If at all the movie is set to release, we can expect it to drop in late December.

Bottom Line

As of now, there has been no official statement from the filmmakers or Netflix about the arrival of a new sequel. However, we can’t deny that every person included in Christmas Chronicles is equally excited and looks forward to bringing a new part to this movie series.

The audience is already hyped up about the third part and in case it drops during the Christmas season, it will undoubtedly be received well.