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4 Must-Watch Movies with Neon Lighting

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Movies are one of the best ways to pass your time, and nowadays, the cinematography is what makes them more enthralling and pleasing to watch. The aesthetics and way the scene is created always mesmerize the viewers. Nowadays, neon lights are highly used by the movie producers of different films to make the movies more pleasing and good to watch. If you are thinking of watching good aesthetic films, then the movies have bright lighting, and neon lighting is for you.

In this article, we will discuss some of the must-watch movies that you can add to your watchlist so that the next time you have free time, you will be able to watch good movies and spend your time easily.

Some Of The Must Watch Movies With Neon Lighting

Let’s check out some must-watch movies with neon lights that can help you pass your time easily and have a good leisure time. To pass their free time, many people get into the dilemma of choosing a good movie for themselves, and in the further article, we will talk about all those classic movies. People usually get so excited with the neon lighting in the movie that they tend to find them so that they can also have them in their place.

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1. Byzantium

A messy coastline town may be an entertaining spot for vampires to live. The story revolves around vampires as the vampire storyline is a pretty classic horror-thriller genre; people usually like this movie. Be that as it may, they are very amazing natural surroundings. The lighting and neon signs in the dark make it more eye-pleasing and attractive.

The steady stream of travelers implies a chance of a simple dinner. “Byzantium” is the name of the inn where two vampires make their home. The monster yellow neon inn sign was so delightfully planned; it was highlighted on every one of the banners publicizing the film. The neon signs in a movie have hidden meanings, making the movie even more interesting for the viewers. The film revolves around a mysterious vampire story and is one of the classics. If you like bright and dark aesthetics simultaneously, you can consider watching this movie.

2. Skyfall

Blue bright jellyfish on monster LED screens is one of the captivating pictures in “Skyfall.”

The scenes utilizing neon lighting impacts are honestly stunning. This film is highly known for its amazing neon lights. This movie’s aesthetic is something that mesmerizes the viewer. Roger Deakins shot most of the scenes, utilizing an ARRI Alexa camera. The cinematography of the movie is something that makes the whole movie stand out from the rest of the movies of its time.

It considered better picture goals and more control while lighting the sets. The production and film team highly use the neon lights to form a particular theme and aesthetic of the movie. Neither did the team go to Shanghai; they fabricated the sets in London. The sets, lighting and each and everything about the movie makes it unique and good to set a good mood.

3. Blade Runner

Ridley Scott’s 1982 work of art concocted a craftsmanship tasteful known as Future Noir.

It consolidated 1940s investigator stories with sci-fi universes. The whole film forms an aesthetic of neon lights that allows the movie to form a beautiful aesthetic. The initial shots of “Blade Runner” is a dream representing things to come never seen. Each and every scene of the movie is perfectly designed to ensure that the particular scene is directed in the best way possible.

The science-fiction movie is one of the best of its time and has made people more intrigued to watch different science fiction movies. The visuals of the movie are too good to be true. From the primary scenes in Blade Runner, the watcher can see that the film has dark yet attractive aesthetics, with not many brilliant or highlit shots. There is unmistakable differentiation between the neon lights and illuminated signs dispersed through the advanced L.A. setting and the obscured city roads, rear entryways, and structures.

The low lighting of this cutting edge L.A. additionally causes the city to feel perilous. The lighting and cinematography give justice to the whole theme of the film. This visual dynamic of the film relates to the dark idea of the actual film. There are subjects and characters with dim and puzzling roots woven all through Blade Runner and the inconceivably relaxed lighting seen all through the film helps project this to watchers.

4. Only God Forgives

Nicolas Winding Refn’s Freudian retribution thrill ride was shot in and around Bangkok, Thailand, with a variety range that could be at home in a Dario Argento blood and gore film. Inside and outside areas are filled in neon light and assisted with creating an inebriating film insight. To achieve a specific look of the movie, the whole set and look of the film revolve around the neon lights.

The neon light became so famous after the film that many fans started looking for those custom-made neon signs. Even though it got mixed reviews, almost everyone agreed that the visuals were really good, and the aesthetics were something that had never been seen before. The neon lights and signs that are used make the characters more powerful and give a different aura to all the characters and also to the whole film. Recently many films have such beautiful aesthetics because of the neon or bright lights, and Only God Forgives is one of them.

5. Sin City (2005)

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Directed by Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller, “Sin City” brings the pages of the graphic novel to life with its stunning visuals and innovative use of neon lights. The film’s neo-noir aesthetic is accentuated by the vibrant splashes of neon, casting a vivid and stylized glow on the characters and settings.

The custom neon lights serve as a symbolic representation of the city’s dark underbelly, highlighting the grit and decadence of the crime-ridden streets. With its masterful blend of black-and-white cinematography and strategically placed light accents, “Sin City” creates a visually striking and immersive experience that transports viewers into a world of shadows, intrigue, and danger.

6. Enter The Void (2009)

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Gaspar Noé’s experimental film takes viewers on a mind-bending journey through the neon-lit streets of Tokyo. The film’s distinct visual style, combined with its hallucinatory narrative, is enhanced by the mesmerizing glow of these lights. The vibrant colors and pulsating glow create a sense of otherworldliness, immersing the audience in a surreal and captivating experience.

These lights serve as a visual representation of the protagonist’s altered state of consciousness, blurring the lines between reality and hallucination. “Enter The Void” showcases the power of neon lights to evoke emotions and create an atmosphere that is both hypnotic and disorienting.

7. The Neon Demon (2016)

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Directed by Nicolas Winding Refn, “The Neon Demon” delves into the dark side of the modeling industry against the backdrop of Los Angeles’ vibrant and seductive neon-lit nightlife. The film expertly utilizes lights to capture the allure and danger that lurk beneath the surface of the fashion world. The glow serves as a metaphor for the superficiality and obsession with beauty, casting an ethereal and otherworldly sheen on the characters and their surroundings.

Refn’s masterful use of these lights creates a dreamlike atmosphere that is simultaneously captivating and unsettling, drawing the audience into a world where appearances are everything. “The Neon Demon” showcases how these lights can be used as a powerful visual tool to enhance storytelling, heighten emotions, and create an unforgettable cinematic experience.

Parting Words

Now you have a list of some of the best movies with beautiful aesthetics and neon lights that can help you pass your time fruitfully and enjoy the whole vibe of the films.

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