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Psychic Princess Season 2: Release Date Confirmed or Canceled!

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The rom-comedy series are always expected to hit a million sales. The viewers mostly expect to go through a romantic genre series. Therefore, we find a lot of TV series and anime content with romantic genres catching the attention of many viewers. Of course, the survey has proven that romantic stories have something in them that easily catches the viewer’s attention and becomes a huge hit in every season. A story with a romantic storyline is what the users expect these days, creating a huge surge in the entertainment industry.

Psychic Princess is one of the Chinese series, and it is an Anime series that falls under the romantic genre category. The fanbase of Princess is huge that international fans are rooting for the later seasons to show up with an interesting storyline. After the first season of Princess has become a massive hit, the viewers are most probably looking forward to hearing the news of season two. The following article will help you comprehend the news about season 2. We have compiled all the news from the official sites, and we have come up with the following article for your better understanding of season 2 of Princess.

An introduction about Psychic Princess season one for the fanbase

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Princess’s story was inspired by one of the popular Chinese Manhua series written and illustrated by the famous artist Rou Rou. Later, the series gained huge attention, and the entertainment industry directors decided to turn it into an Anime series for better reach to the audience. The series was released on November 30, 2018, and became an instant hit, pooling success to the production team.

The Anime lovers started looking for a change in the genre, and when the Princess Anime series caught their attention perfectly at the right time. The storyline and the genre were a total success by reaching the international fans and creating the fan bases in the international countries.

After the end of the first season, the viewers are completely in love with the characters and the story. So they were eagerly rooting and supporting the production team for season 2. The fans are still eagerly waiting for the news of season 2. However, the showrunners have delayed releasing the details about season 2. The Anime lovers are all over the social media complaining about the company’s negligence over the same issue.

All you need to know about Princess: season 1 before knowing the season 2

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Princess is a Chinese manga directed by Haoliners Animation League’s Li Hauling and Bill. It was broadcasted on November 30, 2018. The first season was a super hit that enticed many fans, for which the fan bases are now requesting season 2.

The story of Princess goes in the following way. The main story revolves around the heroine, Qian Yun Xi, who is the daughter of the Prime Minister. The prime minister possesses many psychic powers such that even the Princess has also accumulated psychic powers in her. So this issue was concerning the Princess’s parents for a long time. To avoid the miseries in her life, the Princess’s family decided to send her away to MT. They expected her to live there quietly and peacefully without any external stimulation that put her in danger. On MT, the heroine grows freely without any restrictions.

The storyline seems a bit boring initially, but as you go through the series, you can experience how the story pulls the relationship between the different characters and how the love triangle develops between the characters. The first season of 16 episodes was so interesting that the fans are eagerly waiting for season 2.

What can be the expected plot of season 2 of Princess?

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The Princess show is not completely canceled. So there are hopes for season 2, where you can observe the close relationship between the characters.

When the first season of Princess ended, the ongoing plot was in the below way. The heroine’s younger sister, Qian Yun Xi, is Qian Yunshang brought, a Master who practices Taoism. The main concept was to eradicate the demons by performing exorcism with the help of a master who practiced Taoism.

On the other side of the story, one of the companions of the spirits, that is Sesame seed, will be arriving at the same time. The sesame seed takes an opportunity to hurt one of the maids of Qian Yunshang. Since the Taoist master is good at performing an exorcism on the spirits, he almost kills the Sesame seed with his spiritual skills.

After that, Qian Yun Xi decides to become a follower of the Taoist master. Our hero, Prince Ye, comes into the picture and snatches the Princess to his side, saying that she only belongs to him, not anyone else. The story ends when a character learns about the importance of the Thumb ring of Prince Ye while trying to harm the Qing You Pavilion.

Season 2 will mostly be about how Prince Ye acquired the secret ring on his thumb ring. Also, it can be about how the ring helps him while he is in a death situation.

When can we expect Season 2?

The Princess series was released in 2018 and then concluded in 2019. However, there is no official news about whether season 2 is confirmed or canceled. The only thing we can do now is keep up with the official sites and look forward to their official notice on the same matter.

No matter what, the fan bases are trying their level best to contact the production and direction teams and get any useful information regarding season 2 of the Princess Anime show. The fan pages on various social media are pushing their levels best to know the inside information about the release date of season 2 of the Psychic Princess.

Keep checking out this page for more updates, and we will surely update it as soon as we get official information from the team.