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Treadstone Season 2, Is Officially Cancelled

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Treadstone season 1 is awesome but it is in news that the second season has been canceled, let’s find out why.

Are you one of the people who love characters of agents, spies, assassins, etc? That’s awesome because I love them too and my love for them made me write this article for you guys. Treadstone is based on a character who works for the government. If you have watched season 1 of Treadstone you would know that it is undoubtedly so fabulous, right? The storyline makes your heartbeat skip and you want more and more.

There is some kind of bliss in that season. You don’t get enough from 1 episode and want to finish the whole season at a time. But sadly season 1 of Treadstone had only 10 episodes, but I must say that these 10 episodes took my heart. I have been waiting anxiously for the second season and if you have also been waiting for the second season of Treadstone then keep on reading as the update I collected about the launch of the 2nd season of treadstone is given below.

Treadstone Season 2: Is Officially Cancelled!

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Before I tell you about the update I would like you to understand a few things. Do you know when a season is launched, the channel network counts the live views? If you don’t know, let me explain. Channel networks count the viewers of the season or any other programs they have launched. They check the ratings and see which drama is attracting viewers and which drama has fewer viewers.

They also check whether the line on the graph has increased due to a series or the line has declined with time. This line of graph basically calculates the audience’s interest in a certain drama. If we talk about Treadstone season 1, the first episode of this season got 645000 viewers. While in the second episode the graph declined to 1.84 million views.

As the episodes came on-air, variations were observed in the graph of viewers. However, the storyline was quite interesting. At least my friend’s circle liked the season a lot. In fact, I saw some sites and read public reviews about the Treadstone season 1, I assumed that people are having much interest in the storyline. The KGB brainwashed John Randolph Bentley and wanted him to be an assassin and a spy for the government. He brainwashed him to perform various government missions. This all was so exciting.

But as the last episode aired, the views were seen to be only 371000. Can you believe it? Sighs! What I think is that there’s a huge competition nowadays. Every other day a new season is launched with an interesting storyline. Moreover, people have access to everything and every new series is just one click away. Maybe that is why people get bored easily and switch their interests frequently.

Well, because of all the above reasons I have to sadly announce that the Treadstone season 2 is officially canceled. The USA’s network canceled season 2 of the Treadstone due to the blend of views from the audience. To make it easier for you let me explain that the IMDB rating of Treadstone season 1 was 7 out of 10. Although that is an average rating, the American network still decided to cancel the second season.

I have seen that some sites give the launch date of season 2 of treadstone and some are giving links as well for season 2 of Treadstone. I would like to make you aware of them. American Network has given this news officially that there will be no second season so if you see some sites giving you the link through which you will be directed to season 2 of Treadstone then this is a trap. Stay aware and follow the authentic news only.


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When did Treadstone originally come out?

Treadstone came out on the 19th of October, Tuesday. It had a huge audience and the ratings went really well after the first episode.

Is Treadstone on Netflix?

No treadstone is not available on Netflix but you can find it on Hulu.

Is there any chance that the second season of Treadstone will release?

There is no chance as this is the official news. But who knows on huge public demand American Network might start making the second part.

Final Finding

The American network has officially announced that the second season of Treadstone has been canceled. So if you hear from any blogger that it is coming up and you can watch the trailer through the given link then don’t believe them as this is just fake news. Moreover, don’t get disheartened as we can watch season one on Hulu anytime.