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Why Netflix Uses Out of Home Billboards to Promote Shows in LA

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If you are an entrepreneur, you know how tough it can be to create a marketing campaign to boost your brand awareness. In today’s world, most businesses decide on running social media ad campaigns. They primarily determine their target audience and figure out what type of content they want to see. However, this option is available to every person with a decent smart device and stable Wi-Fi connection. Because of that, there is a big chance you won’t manage to survive in the market because of the tough competition.

There are two options available to every business owner that wants to improve his brand identity. One option is to spend a decent amount of money on hiring a marketing agency to complete the entire campaign for you. On the other hand, a cheaper and more effective option is improving your knowledge instead of outsourcing your marketing. The best way to do that is by analyzing the marketing strategies of the most popular brands in the world. That is why we would want to focus on one brand that we all know – Netflix.

Netflix is a streaming platform popular in all parts of the world. Logically, their target audience is people that love to watch movies and TV shows. Because of that, they invested a lot of money in digital marketing campaigns. However, they were aware of the competition, so the owners decided to get out of the box and somehow advertise to out of home audience.

In 2018, they decided on a new investment – they decided to use billboards across LA and reach people in that way. The question is – why exactly they decided on that move? Well, it is something that deserves analysis. Things you will read below can serve as an inspiration and provide you some incredible ideas that you can use to promote your business. Let’s find them out!

Netflix Wanted to Remain Competitive

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Believe it or not, Netflix is investing around 2 billion dollars in advertising every single year. That is probably the main reason why it has become the most popular streaming platform in the world. Logically, their target audience is primarily online, but there are also people in LA that like to watch movies and shows, but they often use television to enjoy their time.

So, if those people are not using computers or the internet too often, how exactly will they reach them? Well, the best way was using out-of-home billboards that they can see whenever they go for a walk, get back from work, etc.

That is why they primarily decided to purchase around 20 billboard faces from the so-called Regency Outdoor Advertising company. Believe it or not, they invested tens of millions of dollars to complete the purchasing process. This is the message you should remember. Even when something does not look like a good advertising tool, you should not hesitate to invest in it (if your budget allows you that). No one says that a campaign like that will be good, but you can never predict the outcome if you don’t try the advertising method out. Netflix would probably stop with this method if they noticed billboards are not bringing them good results. However, three years later, you can still see many two-faced billboards and Netflix’s logo on it.

They Wanted to Be Different

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There are a bunch of companies that use out-of-home billboards to promote their products and services. However, most of those companies are not streaming the most popular movies and TV shows online. That is the reason why Netflix decided on this move. They wanted to provide good content to all the people that could potentially be their customers.

The owners of all streaming platforms are happy people. Whenever you start a business, you need to determine who your target audience is. However, people of all ages like to watch movies and tv shows, don’t they? Because of that, we can say that the target audience of Netflix is everyone, and they had to use every possible tool to reach their audience.

Billboards made them different and surprised many people. You surely won’t see a billboard that promotes Facebook, Instagram, or any other business that operates only online. However, Netflix is different, and their marketing campaigns confirm that!

So, Can I Find a Good Billboard for My Company?

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Los Angeles is a big town that has millions of citizens and a bunch of billboards. Because of that, the answer to the question from this subtitle is – yes, you can find a good billboard for your company. All you have to do is visit websites such as adquick and check out which billboards in Los Angeles are free. After you find the one that meets your requirements and expectations, you can book it with a couple of clicks. If billboards are not the only out-of-home media you want to use, Los Angeles also offers street furniture, transits, and other stuff where you can reach outside potential customers.

How Much Will They Cost Me?

A price answer to this question does not exist because it depends on the goal that you want to achieve. If you want to rent a billboard somewhere out of town, the price will be around $2000 a month. This can be an excellent opportunity for small businesses that struggle to organize their budget. However, don’t allow the affordable price to trick you; if you see that renting a billboard will not reach your target audience, it is useless to spend that money.

On the other hand, there are some billboards around the places where many people circulate every day. If you rent a billboard there, that will cost you 12 thousand dollars or even more. A more challenging task would be to find a free billboard because most popular brands want to use them to promote themselves. So, you can use the website that we attached and find the ones that meet your requirements with a couple of clicks. We are sure that will simplify the entire process.