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Longmire Season 6 – Cast, Plot, Trailers, Spoilers & Updates!

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We have brought you detailed information about the Longmire season 6 from cast to plot, trailers, and audience ratings.

It has been a long time since season 6 of Longmire has been released. The series was a hit when it was aired and is divided into six different seasons. The latest and also the final season of the series aired in November 2016 and was mind-blowing in all aspects. From performances to the storyline and direction, everything was on the point and top-notch.

Fans have still been unable to forget the little details about the season. So, if you are planning to watch the series and want to get a sneak peek into the details, then you are at the right place. We have brought you detailed information about the Longmire season 6 from cast to plot, trailers, and much more. So, let’s get started.

Longmire Season 6: Cast, Plot, Trailers, Spoilers & Updates!

Longmire Season 6; Everything You Need to Know

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Before the release of the sixth installment of the series, makers announced that it will be the finale and the story will end for Walt and Vic (protagonists of the story). The season was highly anticipated among audiences and did not disappoint their trust when it was aired in November 2017.

The makers made sure to cover each and every aspect with utmost detail and paid great attention to direction and performance. The same cast as the previous seasons were selected to reprise their roles and after its release, the Longmire was well-received among viewers and achieved high viewership. It also received good remarks from critics and earned an overall rating of 86% on the Rotten Tomatoes website.

Longmire Season 6 Plotline

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The story continues from where it was left off in season 5 and focuses on the adventures of Walt Longmire. The sixth installment has been divided into a total of 20 episodes, which wrap up the story beautifully without dragging it. Before the release of the finale, there were rumors circulating among viewers that the series will end on a sad note with the death of Walt and Vic.

However, all these rumors proved to be baseless and fake after the finale was released and we witnessed both the protagonists living happily ever after. In addition to this, a satisfactory conclusion was also shown for various supporting characters including Henry, who takes on the role of the club leader, and Greg who settles down with Meg. The end was a little bit different from the book, but it was highly appreciated by the audience and further contributed to the immense popularity of the series.

Longmire Cast Members

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When the finale was announced, viewers were curious about the cast, especially those playing the role of leads. Fortunately, the same cast as the previous seasons was signed for the project with some new faces as well. Some big names associated with the project include Robert Taylor, Katee Sackhoff, Lou Diamond Phillips, Bailey Chase, Cassidy Freeman, Adam Bartley playing the role of Walt Longmire, Victoria Moretti, and Henry Standing Bear, Branch Connally, Cady Longmire, and Archie The Ferg respectively.

Is There a Trailer Available For Longmire Season 6?

Yes, the trailer of the series was released before it aired in 2017 and can be viewed on YouTube and other related streaming platforms. Since the project was associated with Netflix, you can also find its trailer on Netflix if you have subscribed to the platform and can watch in HD quality without any interruption.

Where Can I Watch Longmire Season 6?

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There are 10 episodes for the final installment of Longmire all of which are available on Netflix and can be watched without any interruption if you have purchased a subscription to the platform. Apart from this, other alternate sources for watching the series include Amazon Prime Video, Tv Guide, Justwatch.com, Warnerbros.com, Flicks, and Vudu.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Walt and Vic die in Longmire 6?

Although there have been rumors circulating about the death of Walt and Vic in the finale of the highly anticipated Longmire 6, makers have proved them wrong with a different ending. The story ends with the death of the antagonist in the hands of Walt and we witness both Vic and Walt starting a relationship and living happily ever after.

What happens to Jacob Nighthorse in Longmire 6?

Despite the bad relationship between Walt and Nighthorse, both the characters care for each other secretly. The Nighthorse saves the goose of Walt in the courtroom and thus, Walt saves him from death and rescues him towards the end of the series. Nighthorse also hands over the control of the club to Henry. Hence, fulfilling his wish of leaving his tribe in good hands even if he dies or is sent to prison.

What does Longmire call his daughter?

Cady Longmire is the official name of the only daughter of Walt Longmire from his first wife Martha Longmire. Since Cady appears like a pumpkin, she is often addressed as punk by her father. Later in the series, it is revealed that Cady gets hit by a car and becomes critically injured. However, she recovers and later gets married towards the end of the series.

Final Thoughts

If you are also interested in the adventures of Walt Longmire and are curious about the plot and cast of the final season, then my friend we have answered all your queries in the article. The Longmire 6 was one of the most anticipated series of 2017 and earned high views and good remarks from the audience after its release. The series comprised 10 episodes and wrapped the story for Walt Longmire.

All 10 episodes are available on Netflix and can be watched on the platform along with the trailer. You can also watch the series on Amazon Prime Video and other related websites after becoming a paid subscriber. The finale of the series received an overall 86% rating on rotten tomatoes and was highly appreciated for its direction, performance, plotline, and action scenes. So, don’t delay in watching it if you haven’t already watched it.