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8 Mind-Boggling Clever Uses of Tapes in Fashion

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The fashion industry always comes up with something new every week, some of which seem unrealistic and only fit for the runway. But there’s one thing that will stand the test of time with fashion: tapes.

Did you know that the fashion industry is, perhaps, the largest consumer of tapes? There are endless possibilities, from attaching fabrics for creating outlines to making last-minute fixes to creating fashion items with tape.

Here are some creative and mind-boggling uses of tape in fashion that you may have never considered. Some of them are fashion hacks from the Hollywood stylists themselves!

1. Gaffer Tapes for Coverage

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Almost every fashion-enthusiast woman has a low-cut or strapless dress that she can’t wear due to the fear of exposing too much. These dresses also don’t support a push-up effect, which is why many find themselves unflattering in such dresses.

Stylists always had this secret up their sleeves. Gaffer tapes can provide seamless coverage under your low-cut and strapless dresses and also give a lift to your features.

Their matte finish won’t let a shine through the fabric, making it a perfect alternative to ‘boob tapes.’ You simply need to paste it on your breasts vertically up to your desired length to cover your teats perfectly.

You can find Gaffer tapes in stores and online places like TapeJungle. A fascinating fact is that film setups and theaters use these tapes frequently!

2. Double-sided Adhesive Tapes for Securing Dresses

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Beautiful dresses come with designs risky enough to cause wardrobe malfunctions. And with cameras in every hand, strangers may not spare a second to capture the accident.

And then there are paparazzi in the entertainment industry to capture such incidents all the time.

Double-sided adhesive tapes can be a lifesaver to save you from disasters like this. This is another trick that stylists have always used. Whether you’re wearing a strapless dress or off-shoulder attire, you can secure your outfit to your chest, shoulders, and tummy well enough with these tapes.

Or, if you don’t want to have a Marilyn Monroe moment, then you can use double-sided tapes to stick the bottom of your dress to your skin securely. Sometimes, shirts have gaping holes, exposing a lot. If you want to avoid that, you can close those gaps with these tapes. No more peaking!

3. Securing Wigs and Hair Extensions

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Some people don’t want to use liquid latex to secure their wigs and extensions. This can be due to latex allergy or just a precaution. Double-sided and fashion tapes with strong adhesive can easily be great alternatives and are much cheaper.

Clip-on extensions can damage the roots or even hair shafts. They sometimes hurt a lot too, due to the strain they put on the roots. To avoid these consequences, double-sided tapes can be great alternatives.

4. Masquerade Masks

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Masquerade masks are always fun additions to any festive occasion. Yes, you can create some with just papers, but have you heard of masquerade masks made with tapes? That’s right! You can have your own festival fashion by creating beautiful and unique masquerade masks with various tapes.

You may still need to cut out your desired design on paper, but tape will give you your perfect finishing touches. You can also hide the imperfections easily. Simply plan out your design and color theme, and you can make a perfect masquerade mask with a bit of patience.

5. Duct Tape as Costumes and Dresses

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Make costumes, prom attire, and other clothing items from duct tape. Sounds weird?

Maybe it does, but it’s also something super creative and fresh. If you’re scared of trying something new, this can be a great start to experimenting with fashion.

An easy way to start is by making something that’ll help you wear animal prints with style. Create something with contrasting textures and colors with duct tape that will go well with any animal print.

And if you want to make a fashion statement at prom, then a duct tape dress can be a head-turner. You can create any design with it, whether it’s Victorian, oriental, various checks, geometrical, etc.

Imagine a man entering the room with a suit perfectly tailored from duct tape, with a bow, shoes, a napkin, and embellishments perfectly crafted to match the outfit. Designing a suit and shoes for the gentlemen can also become a showstopper.

6. Accent Design in Shoes

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If you’re one of those people who love upcycling your clothing and accessories, then this might just be one of the greatest hacks for you. Creating accent designs on shoes with tapes won’t just save you time but will also allow you to undo the designs easily if you decide on something new.

You can create accent designs anywhere on your shoes. Measuring tapes may end up being a unique idea as well. Whether on the sides, on your toes, or on the heels, you choose!

7. Embellishments

Tapes can be a great way to experiment with embellishments, whether on your dresses, shoes, bags or on any other canvas. You can make easy fringes to attach to your sleeves or shoulders, roses to your purses, or bows to attach to your shoes and the waist of a skirt.

You won’t need to be an expert in fashion design to create embellishments. All you need are precision and planning. You can also make little ornaments with them. Just create models of your design with paper, and use those to create funky decorations using tape.

8. Hair Accessories With Tapes

Although it sounds like a project for the kids, adults can have their fair share of amusement with making hair accessories for themselves. Of course, you can’t create each type of hair accessory with tapes. However, you can make cute little clips and decorative beads with them.

All you need are tapes of your choice, some basic clips, and a hot glue gun. And then, bring your inner kid out by creating fun hair clips and beads!


It isn’t necessary to stay limited to just fashion tapes when you want to use tapes to secure your clothes and other fashionable accessories. With clever usage, you can use just about any tape to achieve a flawless and head-turning look.

It’s your turn to incorporate tapes in fashion cleverly and make heads turn in awe!