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Water Bra: A Boon for Women with Small Breast – 2024 Guide

Water bra
Fashion Forms Women's Water Bra, Black, 32A
Fashion Forms Women's Water Pads, Nude
Braza Liquid Edge 2 - Breast Enhancement Bra...
Fashion Forms Women's Water Bra, Black, 32A
Fashion Forms Women's Water Pads, Nude
Braza Liquid Edge 2 - Breast Enhancement Bra...
Fashion Forms Women's Water Bra, Black, 32A
Fashion Forms Women's Water Bra, Black, 32A
Fashion Forms Women's Water Pads, Nude
Fashion Forms Women's Water Pads, Nude
Braza Liquid Edge 2 - Breast Enhancement Bra...
Braza Liquid Edge 2 - Breast Enhancement Bra...

The water bra was introduced in the market in the year 2000, but after 20 years it has become a fashion trend among women. Especially for women with small breasts. Nowadays, curvaceous women are desirable or in fashion. No one would want to look like a seventh-grader now. Right? The best water bra helps in enhancing your breast and makes it look natural as well.

What is Water-Bra?

Water bra

Water bras are important and practical items. Many women are unaware of their usage and miss the opportunity of wearing them. However, one must know that water bras are simply the bras which have water packets that can be inserted as padding. The padding also consists of a mixture of water and oil.

These bras are made of different types of materials. They are generally found in cotton or synthetic fabric. They can have underwire to give proper support or they can be wire-free which are comfortable to wear. It depends on the women that buy the water push up bra as all women have different preferences and choices in bra.

The water-filled bra helps in enhancing the cleavage or breast of women. They have water packets that come in different sizes so women can choose the size or enhancement percentage of water bra inserts in their breasts. The best part of buying a water-filled bra is that it has health benefits and also enhances the appearance of your breast or boobs.

What are the Benefits of Wearing A Water Bra?

The water bra helps in accentuating the appearance of your breast and your cleavage. It is like a push-up bra which helps to create a beautiful and desirable cleavage. No one likes saggy boobs or breasts and with the best water bra, you do not have to worry a thing. Buy a water bra as it helps in supporting and uplifting your chest.

It may come in handy to women of any age including teenagers, mid-aged women, and even older women. Wearing a water bra makes your breast look natural. Buy water bras that are seamless as well.

Water bra is one of the best things invented for small chested women because the normal padded or push-up bras are way too thick. On the other hand, water padded bra gives a better enhancement and helps your skin breathe. Tight dresses can also be worn on it as no seams will be shown, unlike push-up bras.

Just be careful about one thing, which is the washing of a water-filled bra. Take out the water packets and hand-wash the bra. Putting it in the dryer or washing machine may damage the material. If you forget to take out the water packets then they will burst open in the washing process.

Also, if you compare a water padded bra with a gel-filled bra, you might find a better result with the latter one. However, water-filled bras are far better than foam padded bras. Water bra gives a natural contour to your breast.

It is also comfortable and gives full support. Gel-filled bras are a bit thick but are better than foam padded bras. Also, they have less risk of bursting open compared to the water padded bras.

One of the amazing products that you can consider buying for yourself is the Fashion Forms Women’s Water Bra from amazon.com.

It is 83% polyester and 17% spandex. The brand recommends hand washing it only. The water padded bra helps you achieve a natural shape by using the body oil and water mixture which is available in each insert. It also provides cleavage enhancement and support. You could wear this under tight tops, blouses and even low-cut dresses.


  • It is available in nude color.
  • It is very comfortable water push up bra.
  • The water packets stay firm and in place.



  • You might want to check the size properly as it sometimes it is smaller for certain women.

Different Types of Water Bra

Water bras are quite popular in the market. The demand is increasing and so are the preferences of different women. Thus, the market has introduced different types of bras like water push-up bra, water demi bras, and water plunge bras

  • Water Push up Bras

water push up bra

The most popular type of bra is the classic water push-up bra which every girl and women feel comfortable in. A lot of people only buy water bras to help accentuate their assets, to begin with, so it doesn’t compulsorily come as a shock that push-up is the primary style to go with.

These water push-up bras are generally made of strong and good quality material around the area where the water and oil mixture is filled or the packet is placed. The push-up bra comes with an under-wire to give support and overall structure to the bra.

  • Water Demi Bras

water demi bra

These demi bras are the bras that only cover half of your breast which is ideal if you are wearing your low-cut tops and dresses. They can be used as everyday bras also, but they are best when used with proper clothes which need these types of bras.

These bras are different from the normal bras as the padding that is filled with a mixture of water and oil comes in different sizes. These water-filled bras give a proper boost to your breast.

  • Water Plunge Bras

water plunge bra

​A plunge bra is basically a bra that is used when women wear deep cut necks or the chest cavity is given in a dress. This helps in not showing your bra while wearing such deep cut clothes. They also give support to your breast and make you feel comfortable, but they do not give you proper enhancement which you need.

To get a desirable cleavage, a water plunge bra is the best solution. The water bra inserts give support and proper shape to your breast.

 Advantages of Water Bra

The benefits of owning a water bra are as follows:

  • It lifts your breasts

Water bras enhance the shape and size of your boobs. It also lifts and pushes them up. This push-up effect is totally appreciated by women with smaller breasts. The cherry on top here is an accentuated cleavage.

  • It has a seamless appearance

You might not like your bra showing through your dresses and tops. In that case, it’s great news that water-filled bras are seamless. Think of this as the much-needed bonus!

  • It is very comfortable to wear

It’s shocking to discover that water bras are more comfortable in comparison to other bras. This is because of the water and oil-filled padding. This padding has the ability to form and adjust to the natural size of your breasts.

Also, the water bra inserts are soft and they allow the skin to breathe. They also mold to the wearer’s body. This means a woman can wear the best water bra all day and still be comfortable.

  • It features soft padding

Let’s take push-up bras as an example here. More often than not, they are hard and tight. Plus, they tend to cause pain after prolonged wear, and this discomfort overshadows the good part. The push-up effect!

On the other hand, the best water bras don’t offer hard padding. The padded construction is softer than you can imagine.

  • Natural Look

One reason many women prefer water bras to other types of bras is the natural feel and look they provide. Other padded bras are made of latex or other harder material that does not conform to the shape of a woman’s chest.

On the other hand, water bras also feel more natural than other kinds of padded bras, because they move with the wearer. This type of bra also lifts and separates the chest, so it looks more natural.

  • They level-up your breast

This specific type of bra helps enhance the size of your breasts while also pushing them up. If you have a small chest and are looking for a way to make your boobs appear larger, this is a great option. Some say they work even better than regular, high-quality push-ups.

Water bras also help uplift your cleavage, which could be ideal if you want to look your 110% glorious self while out on the town one night.

Water bras help push your breasts up and bring them in more than your average bra because it’s made with water. Therefore, the enhancement of your breasts can look much more natural than they might if you were wearing a regular, padded bra.

  • Seamlessness

​This is the best news for those who become insanely annoyed when their bra is seen underneath tops or dresses. For the most part, water bras tend to come seamless, making them great to wear with most outfits. People won’t be able to see the seams, or lines underneath your outfit, which is just such an added bonus.

Anytime we find a bra or bralette that is seamless and won’t make us look like a total hot mess is a huge plus.

Disadvantages of Water Bra

  • Risk of popping

You might think that water bras pop very easily. Even during the slightest touch. However, that is a misconception as water-filled bra leaks and pops only when some sharp object comes in contact with it.

The rigid fabric does keep the oil and water safe from damage. So, it can’t avert possibilities of tearing when exposed to sharp objects. Although, exceptions are always there.

One problem with water bras is the possibility of the water bra inserts becoming punctured or rupturing with the water leaking out. Although, the possibility of rupturing has some women concerned about wearing water bras.

Some bras may start leaking due to frequent use as well. In order to reduce the risk of the inserts leaking, a woman should avoid high-intensity activities when wearing this kind of bra. It is a good idea to inspect the inserts for any signs of wear or tear each time before using the bra. This can help avoid the embarrassment of a water bra leaking in public.

  • Cleaning

Special care should be taken when cleaning the water bra. Because of the water inserts, a water bra cannot just be thrown into a washing machine. It is a better idea to wash the bra by hand.

Most water bras will come with special instructions on how to wash them. In order to prolong the life of the bra, a woman should follow the instructions carefully. This will also help the bra to maintain its shape, so it will fit better. The wearer should also check if she can take out the inserts to clean them and the bra.


water bra

  • Can Big Bust Women Wear Water Bra?

It is not the best idea for plus size or big bust women to choose a water bra as it will only add more size or enhancement to your bust. As these water bras are best known for the enhancement of breasts, it will just add more volume to your bust at the end. It may even look unusual and not natural at all.

However, if you want a little more bounce or shape then go for a push-up bra with a cup size D or DD. If you have saggy breasts then you can wear a bra with an underwire as it will give proper support to your breast. You can choose a minimizing bra if you feel that your boobs are all over the place.

  • Why Should You Wear A Water Bra?

A water-filled bra or gel-filled bra helps you to enhance and uplift the features of your breast. You might feel like purchasing a water bra is worth it, once you have tried it out.

Wearing a water bra feels like wearing any other bra, but it does not give you the thick look of a foam padded bra. On the other hand, it gives you a natural look. It will make the enhancement look natural so the next thing that you will want to do is buy a water bra. It helps you with saggy breasts and also to keep them supported and comfortable.

  • What Is Water Bra Made Of?

Some people think water-filled bras only consist of water, but that is not true. Water is the aspect which everyone gives more importance. It is made up of water and oil mixture. You may not notice but these water-oil mixture filled packets have a better combination which is strong and rigid. This helps in the potential damage as no one wants water and oil flowing down their chest during the day.

The mixture helps in making the enhancement look natural and not like other push-up bras. This mixture acts as a cushion to the breast while wearing the water push-up bra. The mixture is covered by the bra. The only difference between a water-filled bra and a push-up bra is the water-oil mixture instead of foam padding.

  • Who Should Wear Water Bra?

As we have seen above that water bras are made for enhancement and upliftment of the breast. This means that it is mostly made for girls or women who have small breasts, as it will give proper and natural enhancement to their breasts, pushing them in the middle as to create cleavage. A push-up bra was generally made for women who have small breast. Water bra just replaces the foam with water-oil mixture filled packets.

  • What Are the Functions of a Water Bra?

Water bra is a padded bra, which is filled with water and oil mixture. This bra uplifts the breasts and makes smaller breasts appear larger. It is worn by women when they want to accentuate their breasts and enhance their cleavage. Not only this bra accentuates the breast, but it also helps to hold the breasts and provides support to them.

This is achieved by an underwire, which is provided at the base of the bra. This bra is useful for small breasts, as well as for sagging breasts. If you want to show off your cleavage when wearing a dress, but your breasts are sagged, then this bra can help to lift the breasts and makes them appear beautiful.

  • Water Bra Materials

The most common filler is foam and water till now but, there are bras that have gel as fillers. This makes them thicker than the water filler ones. But they seem to have the same finish and feel that a water bra has. A few brands have also started using baby oil instead of normal oil as baby oil is thicker and also has more properties than normal oil does which will help in the enhancement of saggy breasts.

There are water bra inserts that can be purchased separately to place it in the normal bras with space. This will also work as same as the water bra does, as the enhancement is done because of the water-oil mixture padding.

  • From Where Can I Buy A Water Bra?

You can buy a water bra from any online website preferably Amazon, Walmart, eBay and even from nearby stores if they keep water bras. Buy a water bra and it will be worth your purchase.

Water bras bought online are mostly true to their size and quality that has been displayed on the website. There are some brands which especially make these bras as they are the best ones in the market.


The beauty industry has been a place for several new inventions and one of these is the water bra. Once again, the beauty industry has proved that there are things that can be of use but, we haven’t given them enough credit.

Imagine the water bra was there for 20 years but has only recently become popular in the fashion industry. Just think about the things which we have not yet tried or given a chance can be a good thing as this one was.

If a woman is looking to increase her bust size without the risk and expense of plastic surgery, a water bra is an option to consider. Water bras come in a variety of styles, including strapless, t-shirt bra, and plunging bras, so a woman can find a water pushup bra regardless of what style of outfit she wants to wear. There are plenty of water-filled bras available with lace details or silk bows, so a woman can find a supportive bra with pretty little accents.

A water bra is made of inserts that are put into the frame of the bra. A woman needs to be careful when cleaning a water bra, so as to avoid damaging the inserts. It is also important to choose a bra that actually fits properly because an ill-fitting bra does not flatter a woman’s figure and may not provide the needed support.

There are a number of signs that indicate whether a bra is too small or large. Gel-filled bras are a great way to enhance one’s chest quickly and they are easy to find online.

The water bra was first seen in the market during the 2000s but it was not a trend at that time compared to the sports bra, if you check the history of both. Although, over the span of 20 years the water bra has made its place in the hearts of women.

If you’re annoyed with your own padded bra and are just looking for a natural way to enhance your assets, you might as well try out a water-filled bra. This brings me to the end of what is a water bra or a water push up bra.

The bra might not be as popular as it was back when it first came out. Even so, the point here is to get to know what a water bra is or a water push up bra. And that you already have, haven’t you? So, the rest is up to you now. Get one for yourself soon.