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DIY Festival Fashion: How to Create Trendy Festival Looks Without Breaking the Bank

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Summer is well on its way and, if you’re looking forward to a season packed full of camping and festivals, you might be starting to think about what you’re going to wear and how to ensure your look is on trend without costing a small fortune. Well, look no further!

We have our ultimate guide to DIY festival fashion so you can create a look that is one-of-a-kind and won’t break the bank.

1. Crochet

Source: pexels.com

Crochet is the festival trend. It appears every year. If you’re handy with a hook and yarn, why not get creative with a bikini top underneath a crochet top or kimono? For the rest of us who are not so creative, here’s a simple DIY tutorial by trashtocouture.com, showing how to add a crochet or lace trim to an old t-shirt.

You can also try adding lace or crochet inserts to your shorts or simply add a crocheted choker for an instant on-trend look. You can find good quality yarn at Mary Maxim for your crochet supplies.

2. Denim

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Denim jackets or shirts are fabulous festival fashion pieces, but the most popular way to wear denim to a festival is, of course, the denim shorts!

Grab that pair of overworn jeans with frayed hems and holes in the knees – the pair you know you can’t wear anymore, but you’re too attached to part with. Give them a new life and mark them with a ruler and chalk before cutting so you’re sure about the length. No need to hem them, just toss them in the washing machine to give a slightly frayed edge.

If you’re feeling extra creative, you can unstitch the seams on each side a little to add side slits. You will need to sew over the top of the slits to make sure they don’t keep expanding!

3. Dip-dye

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Take your denim shorts to another level with dip-dye or ombre. All you need is some bleach. Decide how high you want the dip dye to go and whether you want a two-tone effect or the more gradual blending of colors you get with ombre. You can also try this method out on colored skirts and t-shirts, or for your white garments, you can dip-dye with colored fabric dye.

4. Tie-dye

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Tie-dye has been making a bit of a revival, not only at festivals, but it has even been seen on the catwalk at Milan’s fashion week. Tie-dye is very reminiscent of the ‘90s, which is on-trend right now. There is a knack to good tie-dye, and it’s not as simple as dip-dying, but there are plenty of online tutorials to help you achieve different tie-dye effects. But before you go reaching for your buckets and elastic bands, go find yourself some blank shirts, for more details check theadairgroup.com, that’ll help make all of this happen!

5. Pom-poms

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Pom-poms have been everywhere the last couple of years and festivals are the perfect place for them. They are super easy to make, all you need is some yarn, cardboard and a pair of scissors. Cut the cardboard into two circles, equal in size. Cut a smaller circle at the center of each one, so they resemble rings. Holding the two cardboard rings together, begin wrapping your yarn around them. You want to keep doing this until you can no longer see any cardboard.

For a fuller looking pom-pom, you should keep on until the hole in the center becomes too tight to continue. Cut around the edge of the circle, between each piece of cardboard, then tie a length of yarn tightly around the center – between the two circles of cardboard.

Cut the circles away, and you have a pom-pom!

Pom-poms are so versatile. You can append them to your sandals or flip-flops, your bag, necklace, hair ties, and more. You could even add a pom-pom trim to the hem of a kimono or plain t-shirt.

6. Scarves

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Scarves are a great way to transform your image. You can tie a thin scarf around a straw hat or thread it through your shorts’ belt loops. A bandana tied around your neck is a cool festival look. You can even tie an oversized scarf or sarong into a t-shirt or dress! Our favorite festival look is the headscarf, check out this youtube video for different ways you can wear it.

7. Neon

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Get creative with neon paint! You can update a plain white t-shirt, spray paint a rope necklace, update an old pair of wedges, polish your nails, or even experiment with neon makeup and face paints! If you want to try the trend without any mess, you can buy neon wristbands or neon colored t-shirts fairly cheaply. For a wide selection of neon wristbands and other customizable products, explore the extensive collection of Custom Lanyard. They offer various options for customizing wristbands and lanyards to match your preferred style and color scheme, making it easy to embrace the neon trend and add a vibrant touch to your look.

8. Fringing

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Cut slits into the hem of your t-shirt for an instant fringed look. Alternatively, you could cut fringing into a length of fabric and sew it onto a jacket or bag for that cool Western vibe. Fringe tassel necklaces are another great way to wear this trend and really add a statement to your ensemble, but the best DIY fringing hack has to be this quick and easy tutorial on youtube to update any pair of shoes with a fringe anklet.

9. Embellishments

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Get the hot glue gun out and revamp your bags, belts, canvas shoes, jackets or even t-shirts! Add studs for an edgy look or diamonds for a bit of sparkle. No festival look is complete without flowers. Floral crowns or garlands worn on the head are the most popular choice, but why not hot-glue artificial flowers to your sunglasses for a slightly different take on the trend.

10. Metallics

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Metallics are a wardrobe must-have this year, and sequins have also been making an appearance. Try updating your festival attire by hot-gluing large sequins or by sewing on sequin trims. Alternatively, you can buy metallic fabric paints and add geometric shapes to your clothing. This would look great with a mix of metallic and neon colors so you can hit two festival trends at once!

Now get out your supplies and start creating to ensure you have that perfect festival look that is on trend and will save you money for your adventures!