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What Are the Types of Dreams?

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Since you came into existence, there will be some time that you will dream about something. It may be the ghastliest of them all or the one you’re waiting for. It may be creepy or relaxing or anything that you don’t expect.

For the thousands of dreams that you have in your slumber, have you been so curious about what it is? Why are you having that kind of experience? According to trustedpsychicmediums.com, dreams are a way for our angels to communicate with us. It is their way of giving us signals of what will eventually happen in our life.

It may be their way of saying what happened in our past life that might happen again. This is if we don’t interpret our dreams correctly.

In this piece, we are going to unravel the types that humans usually experience. In this way, we will identify what we are having and what it brings us.

Types of Dreams

Let us move forward to the types of dreams. Check out if you have experienced all of it.

The Standard Dream

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Usually, a person dreams about six to seven times per night. Quite shocking right? This is because you don’t remember 95 percent of your experiences the moment you wake up. Mostly the only thing that we remember is the one that happens during Rapid Eye Movement or REM.

They might be because of what you are doing when you are awake. For example, if you experience a shocking event or if you are exhausted. To highlight this statement, have you experienced dreaming about your job? Maybe this is because you are too stressed with your workload, or you just got promoted to a higher position.

According to studies, 65 percent of dreams are related to what you have experienced when you are awake. It may differ from somebody to person, but it will have these common characteristics:

● Most of them are visually active. This is the primary sense active during this particular brain activity. Compared to touch or smell, you can’t have that physical experience while you are asleep..
● Some others dream with vibrant color, while others experience black and white.
● Since your dreams are associated with your experience when you are awake, you will probably have a unique, excellent vision if you are less in distress.
● They are naturally strange.
● Any physical topic may influence your dreams.
● The Nightmares

This type of dream is quite disturbing or creepy. Almost everyone has this bad experience of having nightmares. The possible causes of this type can be because of:

Side effects of your medication
● Sleep deprivation
● Eating a full meal right before going to bed
● Reading or watching something scary like horror movies
● Being sick or having a fever
● Sleep disorders like narcolepsy, sleep apnea, or nightmare disorder

People who usually have nightmares are also the same person dealing with mental issues. Some of them have anxiety disorders or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). If not treated, it may reoccur every time they sleep and might worsen their mental cases further. This is because what they usually dream of is death or them being dead. Some cases will be physical violence or them being chased or hunted by someone.

The Night Terrors

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Children experience this more than adults. It is part of them growing up. The usual signs that a kid might be experiencing a night terror are the following:

● Kicking like having a tantrum
● Breathing hard
● Screaming
● Sweating
● Increased heart rate
● Not sure of what is going on

This is more of a sleep disorder because it is different from nightmares. Night terrors usually happen in non-REM. That means you will not remember anything you have during the terror.

The Lucid Dream

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Now, this type of experience is a little bit tricky. Here you are aware of what you are dreaming of and that you are dreaming. This happens during REM sleep. This type of experience doesn’t usually occur in a very systematic manner.

But one matter is for sure; you will experience it even just once. For some, they can control due to repetitive series of dreams. That is why they already know when to wake up or when to continue sleeping. Some associate this with sleep paralysis since you can’t wake up even though you know that you are dreaming of having a nightmare.

The Daydreams

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Well, this is very familiar to everyone. This is what we do to lighten up our mood. Or, in some cases, achieve the desires of the heart, which attain right away in the physical world. It is a good pastime but quite disturbing to some as this manipulates their sense of focus. This only happens when you are conscious.

The Recurring Dreams

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Suppose you are experiencing the same dream all night. Or if not the same, at least related, then you should get professional help. Sometimes having this kind of dream means an underlying mental condition that you are unaware of. They may consist of you falling or being frozen in fear of being attacked or chased.

The False Awakenings

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This is when you feel that you already woke up, but you are not. It is still a part of that dream. This usually happens if you are under sleep paralysis or lucid dreams. Better get yourself checked up to make sure everything is okay in your mental state.

The Healing Dreams

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Now, this is what everyone needs. This is not healing. It just happens that the moment you wake up from the dream, you will have that feeling of joy and harmony. In some cases, what they dreamed of gives them a slight hint of hope of what they are praying for. The sense of happiness and peace that you would feel will be different from each other. The common denominator would be that it heals a part of you in a very amusing way.

Prophetic Dreams

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In this dream, you will feel like deja vu. It is clear and concise about a particular thing in your vision even then eventually, and it happens in the real world.

The Vivid Dreams

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This is the kind of dream that is most remembered out of all kinds. If you are pregnant, you will experience this. Its vividness will make you remember it for ages.


As you have come to this end of the article, we know that you are browsing your dream histories. This is to see if you have had any of this in the past. If yes, well, then now you know the reasons why you are dreaming that way. A bit of advice, if you see and observe that it is affecting your mental health, have yourself checked right away.

Maybe your dreams are a way for your body to tell you about your mental state. Now, if you ignore these bodily signs, who knows what it may cause in the future.