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14 Reasons Why Marriage Benefit A Man

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A lot of people always mentioned that getting married means the end of singlehood. Loss of freedom, lack of ‘Me’ time, less time for friends is some examples.  Of course, sometimes in life, when you loses something you tend to gain something on the other side.

The following are 14 benefits you will have after getting married.

  1. Companionship
  2. Home Cook Food
  3. Travel
  4. Household chores
  5. Listening ear
  6. Support
  7. Imperfection
  8. BFF
  9. Strength and Weaknesses
  10. Gifts
  11. Extra bolster
  12. Sexual Satisfaction
  13. Bad dreams
  14. Movie outings
  15. Financial goals

It has to be 10 years since we have registered our marriage in front of our loved ones. There are definitely more positives than negatives in a marriage. Read further if you will like to know more.


how does marriage benefit a man

You don’t have to worry that you will grow old alone and die in an isolated home without anyone knowing. This may sound a bit extreme but you get the picture. There will be someone that will always be with you in the 2nd half of your life. Your old age will be even more colourful when you have kids and have grandchildren in the future

Home Cook Food

Men will benefit greatly if your wife is a great chef. You will enjoy coming back from work and having someone prepare you a sumptuous meal for your empty stomach.

However, if you or your partner do not know how to cook, you can always sign up cooking course together and enjoy the whole process. The greatest satisfaction in cooking would be seeing your partner enjoying the food you have prepared.

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It is much easier to find someone to travel with you around the world. You would have someone to learn about new cultures and experience new things with you. The great memories and fun you have are just different compared to bringing a friend. It will also be very lonely in travelling alone.

Household Chores

Whether you are sharing the responsibilities or pushing it to your partner, it is a fact that someone is doing the household for you. Regardless of is it washing clothes, cleaning the house or cleaning the toilet, it is a blessing to have someone doing these for you. Count yourself lucky as you don’t have to do it all by yourself.

Listening Ear

When you have a tough time at work or face some challenges in life, someone would always be by your side offering a listening ear. You will sleep well knowing that your secrets would not be leaked by your spouse.

how does marriage benefit a man


Whether you plan to start a business or doing something to change your life forever, you will be happy to know that your spouse would be the number first person that hopes to see you succeed in life. This is much better than getting feedback from friends or colleagues who discourage you because they have already given up on their dreams.

She can also be your financial support if you happen to lose your job in the unstable job market.

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Besides your own parents, your partner would be the one to accept the imperfection in you. There would be someone who loves you for what you are and not who you are.


You stand to gain another best friend forever. As you will be aiming to have an everlasting blissful marriage, treat your partner as your best friend and lover.

Strength and Weaknesses

Everyone tends to have strength and weaknesses. The good thing about getting married is that you will tend to benefit from each other strengths and assist each other on the weaknesses.

For example, your wife can be a greater planner and doing things in a systematic way. You can be pragmatic, more risk-taking and do not like to plan in advance. You will complement each other’s strength and weaknesses.


You would be glad that getting gifts from your partner becomes more often as someone celebrates your birthday or during the festive season. And you don’t have to buy some of the things you like to have. Someone you love would purchase it for you as a gift.

“To find someone who will love you for no reason, and to shower that person with reasons, that is the ultimate happiness.” -Robert Brault

Extra Bolster

You will have a free bolster to hug to sleep every night. This just makes it so cosy to go to sleep at night.

Sexual Satisfaction

All men have sexual needs and having a wife does satisfy your urge when needed. Of course, when she is not in the mood, do not force yourself on her and just go jerk it off somewhere.

how does marriage benefit a man

Bad dreams

Someone would be by your side if you happen to encounter any bad dreams.  You don’t have to feel lonely and scared in bed anymore.

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Movie outings

Whether is it catching a movie on Netflix at home or watching it at the cinema near your house, you would not have to watch a movie on your own again. There would always be someone to accompany you for your movie outings.

Financial goals

There will be someone to support you on your journey of achieving the financial goals. Sharing the financial responsibilities and planning for the future is a great way to build a solid foundation in your marriage.