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7 Secrets To Making A Guy Fall In Love With You

Why is it that guys fall in level one girl but not the other? Well, here are three things that make guys fall in love. Number one, loyalty.

This is one of the biggest things for a man, especially when you’re talking about a man who has a lot of options when you’re talking about a guy who is good looking, who has an outgoing personality, who is financially stable, and this is generally what people are looking for and this is, there’s nothing wrong with that shoe.

You want to be with somebody who is desirable, right? Cool. But the thing about that is pretty much every girl they deal with is trying to cook for every girl they deal with is giving them sexual gratification, if you will.

Stand Up For Him

Any girl that they deal with is trying to be around them on a regular basis. Pretty much anybody, but loyalty is something that most people in the world don’t provide, whether they’re male or female.

Most people are fair. Whether that means if things are going well for you and you’re making me happy and everything is cool, then we’re cool.

Stand Up For Him

But if you ever dip in any way or things don’t go your way, see you hope you get it together. That’s how people generally act. So when you show that loyalty, when you show a person that, Hey, I’m actually with you through thick and thin and you don’t get very many opportunities to show people that you’re loyal, especially when the person is doing well.

So when you get those moments where you can stand up for them, when you like your friend or somebody says something and you stand up for them, it shows that person that you’re really with them.

Don’t Appear As Materialistic

When you get those moments that you can do something to show them that you have their back, that’s when you separate yourself from everybody else.

When you actually show that you’re there for them focusing on their good heart. And not because they’re handsome nor because they got a nice car. Not because they’re cool and everybody gives them high fives at the club. It is an obvious fact that materialistic woman turn off guys quickly

Do you get what I’m saying? So you want to make sure that you show a certain level of love because that’s where it gets into a guy’s heart and separates you from everybody else.

Support His Dreams

Support His Dreams

Most guys will appreciate it when you support a guy’s dreams and his goals even though you do not necessarily participate actively. However, when you show that you’re there whenever they feel down and that you believe in them, it really makes a whole lot of difference.

No guys will ever appreciate a woman who takes every chance to pour cold water into any new ventures and is always negative on his ideas and dreams They’re balling. They don’t really, if I’m over here buying Bentleys with the money from my business, everybody supports my business.

However when you have a different idea when I’m trying to say, Hey, I’m going to take up the violin, and you’re like, I know you would kill it, babe, do it.

When you’re the only person supporting things like that that have not already come to fruition, then you show that level of support that other people wouldn’t show. Other people wouldn’t necessarily say, Hey, you’re going to take up the violin or you’re going to do a new business endeavor. I’m down with that.

Most people just want to go with what you already have accomplished and what you’re already successful at. That does not really support because they don’t need it.

When you support something that they’re doing that’s outside of what they’re already successful at, it separates you from everybody else who just tries to ride the bandwagon. Most people want to take all of the good that comes along with something, but they don’t want to put any effort into helping a person come along or helping a person develop something.

They just want to reap the benefits so you can separate yourself and that really touches the guy’s heart and makes you more valuable than anyone else that he’s ever dealt with because most people were just along for the ride.

Be Nice

This is something that you really don’t see a lot. People do things, but they do it for short periods of time. You know, you’re happy one day you’re helpful.

One day you’re sweet, one day. Then you know you just go totally laughing. You’re not sweet, you’re not helpful. You don’t care anymore. You’re not trying to help the person accomplish anything.

You’re not trying to be there for the person or showing any love. A lot of times what happens is people come into a situation trying to get something and when a guy has options, they’re already spotting this.

They know that most women they deal with are going to come in for the first six months, maybe even a year, and try to act like they’re the greatest woman in the world. They’re the most supportive, the most trusting, the most loyal, all of this stuff.

Show That You Care About Your Appearance And Health

They already know that that’s what you’re going to do because you’re going to try to get married or you’re going to try to lock that person down as quickly as possible.

They already know that. So if you’re not consistent then you’re going to attract the dude that doesn’t happen. The options that you don’t want, but you’re not going to be able to keep the guy that has options that have other opportunities because he’s looking for consistency.

He’s making sure that once you feel locked into the relationship, you’re still gonna act the same as you did before. He’s making sure that that’s your core character so it’s not going to change rather than an act that you’re putting on to accomplish something like getting a wedding ring which doesn’t do that cause that’s as wasting your time and really not going to be beneficial to you.

Smile Well And Often

If you’re consistent, that shows somebody that you’re going to keep being the same as time goes on and it makes them more invested in you.  And now they separate you from everybody else cause that’s really all love is for a guy is saying how are you different from the chicks that I smash?

I’m just being real as, it may sound harsh, but how are you different from the chicks that I would just match. When you make yourself different, then there’s an emotional connection that puts you guys on the same level.

If you can’t do that, I don’t care if y’all been together for 10 years, you’re no different from girls that they would just be smashing. Hopefully, I was able to help you out. Once again, it should man, Chaz, others. Make sure you like it. Subscribe and share this post with somebody else. Piece.

Make Frequent Eye Contact

Sure man. Chaz ELLs, a lot of our unhappy is because I have feelings of expectation about what we thought we were going to achieve at a certain time in our lives by what we thought we were going to accomplish by a certain age where we thought we were going to be, how much money,

the job we thought we’re going to add, how long we thought our marriage, what we thought our key outcome in a lot of our unhappiness is pure I those feelings cause I’ve been, I’ve slept in my car, I’ve been broken relationships. I felt like a failure.

I felt like I let her, but it wasn’t until I was able to be myself, those expectations and start to get at that I was able to start succeeding. They start doing things with my life that I actually, and that’s what I would give you, the tools that you need to shed expectations, start getting happy so you can start accomplishing your goal.