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32 Love Short Whatsapp Texts To Your Beloved Guy

Listen, honey, this is not a whim:
I want to be with you every minute –
It’s safe and comfortable in your hands.
I am drunk from love mutual smack.
Push me forever bolder!
I’m quiet. I rage only in bed.

What a blessing, dear, you’re with me
That every moment you are nearby somewhere.
You are my spiritual paradise and sweet peace
My heady spring and sunny summer.

In you are my dreams, hopes, expectations,
More valuable than “we” I have nothing.
Ah, how dear are all the meetings and confessions,
Oh, how I love you immensely, gently, warmly.

You are my spring rain, which nourishes with its freshness and gives new strength for flowering. You are my summer breeze, saving from the burning difficulties of life. You are my golden autumn whose romance nourishes love. You are my round-the-clock happiness!

Priceless, honey, every minute
When I spent it with you.
With happiness above the earth, I take off like
By spreading your love two wings.

Tired of being a draw, a free bird
Straighten, straightening shoulders: “I myself.”
I want your hand to become a tit
Flutter in your palms, go crazy
Get drunk from passionate, wet kisses
To be capricious, to become weaker.
After all, everything that seemed important to you
Scattered in the rays of my love.

At every glance at you, I understand that because of the pressure of feelings rising to my throat, I am speechless and my heart is bursting with inexpressibility, that my body is about to burst into small pieces, as if a planet explodes in space, filling the Universe with bright fragments of love!

My love will warm in the cold
Will give vivacity and comfort.
I really need you, my love
Like a sweet tooth delicious cake.

My most affectionate, my coveted, the only one
What further awaits us, I won’t guess about that –
Now I want to know the whole world of love mysterious,
In which our passion is like an ocean!

Let languid looks converge over vastness
Crazy feelings, salute of ecstasy promising
Waves of warmth merge together
Bodies and souls, our groans, the groans of seagulls …

My fabulous prince, who came from a dream, incredibly beautiful and amazingly kind, very smart and delightfully brave, just incredible and unreal, how lucky I was to meet you on this planet! I’m so happy!

You are perhaps the ideal for me
My gentle, sweet and beloved.
Worthy of admiration and praise,
And in a situation any irresistible.
I love you immensely, forever,
With you, life is beautiful, impeccable.

Sliding palm under the shirt, love
Caressing the skin and breathing softly in the neck,
I want to find the invisible passage to my heart,
To slip into it with my love.

Lie down on the bottom, eavesdrop on how beats
And pushing into the walls with unrestrained passion.
Remind me that I can’t live without you
That in your heart I want to stay forever!

My soul with pleasure absorbs every drop of your attention, enjoys the warm rays of your love and enjoys the happiness of being near you. Beloved, you are my inspiration!

I will love you forever
I will become the secret of your heart
By your passion, by your soul
If only you were always with me.
I will love you forever
My feelings for you are endless.

I want to breathe air alone with you
And see the sunsets, meet the sunrises,
And in your arms I want to tremble
And tell you your secrets.

I want you, darling, to drink
A kiss sweet, tender, passionate
And always be happy with you
In this world – strange and beautiful.

You are beautiful! All the stars smile at you at night, and during the day, with every ray, the gentle sun touches. I don’t even think of them jealous of you, because then you give all the heat and light to me alone.

You are my angel, sun light
My sunset and my dawn
You overshadowed the whole world by yourself
My beloved, my dear.
The sun’s ray, the sparkle of a star,
The whisper of the wind is you.

When I catch your eye by chance
I forget about everything …
All this is so extraordinary –
The whole world is now in you alone!

In your arms I feel so sweet
When you kiss, I’m in paradise …
To you, my dear, without a trace
Ready to give his life …

My love for you is not comparable to diamonds, because she has no price. It doesn’t look like chocolate, because sometimes it’s not sweet for us. It reminds me a little of a good novel, because we are not ideal heroes. It is comparable only with the ocean, vast and unpredictable.

I would be your breath
Gently whisper that you love
Show how sick I am
Just do not dare to do this.
Give a sip of your love
A tender feeling thirst quench …

I listen to myself again
And again, beloved, I realize
That I am grateful to fate –
After all, I bloom, love, fly!

I appreciate every generous moment,
In which you, my dear, are near,
You are like a healing spring
Under bright starfall happiness!

Your every gentle look, every kiss and every touch is like a beautiful flower for me. And I want to collect billions of such flowers, making them a bouquet of my life.

Not many understand my condition:
Desire burns in my chest all day
In the eyes – our meetings flicker like frames
A hoarse voice in my ears that catches my soul
In dreams – I enjoy your love
And hiding it every minute is harder!

Great happiness to be with you,
And enjoy your tender eyes
A gentle touch of your hands
It’s like your first declaration of love.

Let the dizziness be eternal
After all, for myself, I made a decision:
I will not give you to anyone
I will always love, as I love now!

My dear and beloved man! Thank you for the fact that happiness fills my heart and my soul is inspired. I adore you so much, my only one, I love you so much, my perfect one.

Darling you in my dreams
In my desires and dreams
In my innermost hopes
In girlish dreams unforgettable.
You are my passionate feelings flow
My dear, you are the source of love.

Your hands smell so much of care
And eyes shine with love!
My whole world is open for you
Lips are waiting to meet yours.

I love your gestures and speeches
And from your caresses, dear, I melt.
In the whole world you are my little man
I always dream of being with you.

My favorite! I love every part of your beautiful body, with bated breath I listen to your bewitching voice. And your alluring, deep look … It just drives me crazy.

I stuck to you with my soul
I have a white light without a stranger
You fill it with colors
Without further ado and without fuss
With my love, care, warmth.
I want to live in a world where only the two of us.

Darling, you don’t need much –
Just to see the abyss of the eyes again
I am unarmed before them,
From the look I bleed every time.

To love you is delight and joy!
Feelings like flying:
There is dawn in the soul, sweetness in the heart,
And somewhere, the world is floating below!

I love you, beloved, sweet and unique! And I dedicate these sincere words only to you. Keep them in your tender heart and never forget. My dear, know that I all belong only to you.