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Sanctum of Domination Raid Strategy

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Playing WoW, you will learn that every single raid has its specifications and features that make it unique and extraordinary. Sanctum of Domination is not an exception, as the ten-boss raid is not only new and interesting but also complicated and intriguing.

It may take much effort, time, and gaming skills to proceed with all the stages of the game, reaching the final encounter with Sylvanas Windrunner. Fortunately, the struggle is real, and every player has an opportunity to succeed. A little concern, combined with the properly selected game tactics, is the key to prosperity or you can use WoW Boost.

Sanctum of Domination is an exciting and highly anticipated raid that takes place in Torghast. The main goal of the players is to fight nine bosses, climb the tower, and face Sylvanas Windrunner, who is the most furious and powerful enemy ever.

Are you ready to accept the challenge? Check out the detailed guidelines on how to get to the final stage of the game with high winning chances. Here you will find a comprehensive but generalized guide that can be adjusted to the role you select.

Basic Abilities

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As mentioned by the overwhelming majority of experienced gamers, the raid is exciting and thrilling, as it is filled with impressive battles and challenging fights. The main task of the player is not only to proceed to the final stage but also keep the stats high.

During the trash which precedes the final encounter, gamers have a chance to collect diverse powers that will potentially draw them closer to the desired outcomes. In the vast majority of instances, healers will choose the powers that are aimed at the advancement of the statistics, but players with other roles may focus on different options.

At this point, it is critical to mention that every beating heart is a fundamental item that will provide an extra chance to overcome the Chains of Eternity.

Once you have dealt with the basics of the Sanctum of Dominance, you may proceed to its specifications. Adhere to the below-mentioned tips to advance your chances to win the raid and gain the desired loot:

● The tanks are likely to deal with the Overpower that will advance the physical damage caused by the Crushed Armor;
● The Fury of the Ages can be used to eliminate the existing damage. Players who have got the Disembodied Mythic Hands anime powers can steal it;
● Once the Predator’s Howl is cast, you need to remain at least 5 yards away from other gamers so that you eliminate the risk of being affected by the Unshakeable Dread;
● During a similar situation with Hungering Mist, you should remain at least 30 yards away from Tarragrue Images, as you will decrease the risk of significant damage;
● Grasp of Death can damage random players, so you can secretly use it for your benefit;
● The Remnant of Forgotten Torment should be used by gamers approaching them. As you do it, you will experience the negative effect for around 2 minutes, while the rest of the players will feel a reduced “global” impact;
● When you have 10% health, the Jailer’s Gaze will decrease all anime powers, advancing the Tarragrue’s damage to death.

Healing Notes You Need to Survive

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As you have already understood, the guide is aimed at players, who choose the healer’s tactics and follow it from the very beginning up to the end. If you are one of them, the above-mentioned tips will help you deal with challenging tasks, fighting enemies, and preserving the life of your character.

However, these are not the only tips you can use to become closer to the desired success. Instead, you should pay due attention to the quick notes that are emphasized below, as they pertain to progression challenges.

● Use both major and minor cooldowns;
● Grasp of Death appears every 30 seconds, while the Remnant: Soulforge Heat will pop up in 60 secs;
● Keep in mind that some options may affect more than one player so that they can be applied to the whole team;
● Take maximum advantage of the pre-healing options before you deal with the challenging battles;
● The Potion of Spiritual Clarify is an item that should mandatorily be applied during the Hungering Mist and Predator’s Howl;
● It is critical to keep the tanks close to the full heart and benefit from the defensive cooldowns if necessary.

Finally, it is fundamental to mention that Sanctum of Domination is an impressive raid that is filled with unexpected events, interesting encounters, and extraordinary routes of even development.

Consequently, it is indispensable for an inexperienced player to follow the guidelines and adhere to the specific strategy that will eliminate potential risks, advancing your chances to deal with nine enemies, achieving the final goal, and fighting the Banshee Queen. Are you ready to accept the challenge?

Here are the ten bosses you will meet during the raid:

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● The Tarragrue who is known as the Jailer’s beast;
● The Eye of the Jailer that is powerful and can easily see all that transpires within the domain;
● The Nine, which are the winged sisters, who are ultimately loyal to the Dark Lady;
● Remnant of Ner’zhul, who will make every character suffer once he encounters it;
● Soulrender Dormazain is a cunning enemy who will extract the anima from every captive of Torghast, fueling the Jailer’s armies;
● Painsmith Raznal that is known for his sadistic views and intentions;
● Guardian of the First Ones that is ready to sacrifice its powers to protect the secrets of the enigmatic makers;
● Fatescribe Roh-Kalo that is aimed at creation of a new fate for the whole Shadowlands area;
● Kel’Thuzad is the last but one boss you will encounter. If you fight this character with limitless power, you will be 100% ready to meet the final enemy;
● Sylvanas Windrunner will guarantee you the most desperate and cruel battle ever.

Finally, you seem to be ready to come across your enemies and defeat them all. Make sure you choose the best tactics that will help you stay safe and sound throughout the battles.