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Is It Better To Wax Before Or After A Shower?

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Many people nowadays place a high value on the skin and body care. People become more invested in caring for their bodies and skin as they understand the value of beauty, hygiene, and cleanliness. Also, with the newly adopted lifestyle, taking care of the body is essential, as each activity somehow affects the skin and body parts. Skincare activities are famous worldwide, but people from regions like Sydney are more obsessed with them.

The people of Sydney are known for their flawless skin and bodies because they spend a lot of time caring for them. Among various skin care processes, the most famous ones are facials, massages, and waxing. People in the Sydney area prefer these services because they help them look beautiful and young. Many incredible salons and rejuvenation centers provide facilities for facials, hair removal, and waxing in North Sydney in decent price range.

North Sydney has some amazing beauty treatment centers that provide excellent skin beautification to both men and women. Many people need clarification about the correct way of performing these activities, for example, the timing of waxing: should it be done before or after the shower? Here are some points that explain when to take a shower during the waxing day:

One Can Wax After Taking A Shower For Better Hygiene

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There are many beauty and skin experts worldwide, and they all have different opinions and theories about the proper way to wax. Some people recommend waxing before the shower, and others recommend waxing after the shower. In general, both of these practices have some advantages and disadvantages, and people should adopt the one that is better suited to them.

However, according to most people, it is better to take a shower before applying the wax. The biggest reason for this practice is the hygiene factor. If the body parts are cleaned before the waxing, then it will be easier for the wax expert to remove hair from a particular part of the body. If someone takes a shower before waxing, one can remove dirt and germs from the body, leading to a more hygienic waxing process.

One of the biggest benefits of waxing after a shower is that it makes the skin pores soft, which is ideal for waxing. With simple showering techniques, one can prepare the skin for wax activity and remove hair from the body. It also removes sweat from the skin, commonly found in areas such as the underarms and back of the body. Showering with a soft gel is most suitable.

While opting for this order of waxing, make sure to leave a gap between the shower and the waxing process. One can take the waxing service after half an hour of showering, as the skin requires time to get dry, which is the ideal state in which waxing should be performed.

One Can Wax Before Shower To Get Rid Of Wax Residue

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Also, a majority of people recommend waxing before taking a shower. The reason for this recommendation is that most of the time, it gets hard to remove all wax residue, which is why one can remove it by taking a shower. Although the wax expert cleans the body part after completing the process, some people still find it uncomfortable to avoid a shower after waxing. One should remember a few things when they choose this method of waxing.

One of the most important things is to avoid hot showers after waxing. As the skin already goes through the hot waxing procedure, it is better to take a lukewarm shower that can remove wax residue from the body. Lukewarm water also does not cause skin dryness or irritation. A hot shower immediately after a hot waxing can cause various problems, as the skin is quite sensitive at that time.

Another important thing to remember is to avoid exfoliation right after the wax. As mentioned above, the skin becomes overly sensitive after the wax procedure and the pores remain open for the next few hours. Exfoliation and scrubbing can harm the skin pores if the individual performs it immediately after the wax. For best results, the person should practice exfoliation on the body after one or two days.

The person taking a shower after waxing should wait an hour before the shower. Also, it is best to use shower gels and products that do not contain heavy ingredients or harmful chemicals. Individuals should opt for products made with the help of organic ingredients, as they cause no harm to sensitive skin.

One Can Choose Any Order According To Their Comfortability

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Both the orders mentioned above are right and can be practiced by individuals according to their preferences. As the hair on the body can be irritating for most people, it is best to remove it with the help of the wax procedure. Fortunately, the beauty industry has developed various types of wax that can remove hair easily and reduce the speed of hair growth on most body parts.

Earlier, experts used to remove hair from body parts like the arms, underarms, chest, back, and stomach, but this service is now also available for the face. Facial hair looks bad and acts as a barrier between the skin and the products people apply. Due to the large volume of facial and body hair, the moisture does not reach the skin properly, which causes dryness and irritation. This becomes a huge issue in winter when the skin rarely gets moisture.

That is why the waxing procedure is the best method to remove body hair, but one should know when to shower during the appointment day as it can help get better results.


In a nutshell, one can decide the timing of the shower according to the suitability, but it is better to wax after the shower as the procedure will be much more hygienic in this case. The dirt and sweat accumulated in the skin can mix with the wax and create an unhygienic experience. So people who want a more hygienic experience can opt for waxing after a shower.

On the other hand, some people find it uncomfortable to avoid a shower after the wax procedure as the stickiness remains in the skin. Those people can opt for a shower after a wax, as it will help remove that stickiness and make them feel fresh and clean. It is better to wax after showering, but people can also choose the second option, which has no big disadvantages.