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Peter R. Orszag Net Worth 2024

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Peter Richard Orszag is a top-notch American Economist. He is a high ranking government official who has sat in the managing seat of several organisations. Peter has quite a deep interest in trading and attributes much of his wealth to it. Perhaps you might be knowing about him and his rise to fame as an Economist and influential banker.

Today we are going to explore some unknown facts about his life, his career milestones and his Net Worth among several other details. So hop on and begin reading!

About Peter

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Peter Richard is at present the Co-head of Healthcare at Lazard. He is quite popular due to the fact that he worked as the 37th Director of Office Management and Budget during the tenure of American President Barack Obama.

He is a popular column writer with the Opinion Bloomberg and a Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institution in Economic Studies.

Early Life And Family

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Peter Orszag was born in 1968 on 16th December in Boston. His early days were spent in Lexington, Massachusetts, where his father, who was a mathematician, taught math at Yale University, while his mother Reba was the owner of an R&D company.

His formal education was completed at Princeton University in 1991 and Masters at the London School of Economics in 1992.

Peter married twice in his lifetime, the first one was to Camron Rachel Hamill from whom he has a son and a daughter. His second marriage was with Bianna Goldryga in 2010, and they are proud parents to a son and a Daughter. He also has another child from his ex-girlfriend.

His Career And Major Milestones

1. Peter His illustrious career began from the position of Lecturer of Economics at the University of California.
2. After a year he left that position and went to join The Brookings Institute at the post of a Senior Fellow ( Non- Resident).
3. Furthermore, he worked as an Economist and joined the Budget Office at the post of Director in 2007.
4. Two years later, in 2009, he served in the White House and had a strong role in the implementation of the Stimulus Legislation and the Affordable Care Act 2010.
5. The very same year he joined Citigroup as Vice-Chairman and went on to work under many roles in this establishment.
6. After 8 years, in 2018 he served as the Head of North American M&A for One year till 2019.

Things You Didn’t Know About Peter

We are well aware of his love for Economics, banking, and Finances but Peter is also a popular Writer. His columns and writings on Behavioural Economics and Healthcare are widely read and appreciated.

Some of his famous books are Saving Social Security: A Balanced Approach, and Aging Gracefully among others.

Net Worth

His estimated Net Worth is $338 Thousand Dollars as in March 2024 which is largely due to his liquid assets, his trades in share market and the fact that he is the world’s leading Economist and sits as a Chairman on several Boards.