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Faze Temperrr Net Worth 2024

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The world of gaming has transported us to a completely different dimension. It’s not only one of the biggest money-making businesses in today’s time but also a huge form of entertainment which has kept its players amused and satisfied.

Be it PUBG or FaZe Clan, it has brought people from all corners of the world together. Faze Temperrr is flourishing to fame and also nourishing curious hearts.

About Faze Temperrr

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Thomas Olivera is a dynamic Youtube personality and content creator. He is an American socialite and a talented gamer. He and his team own a famous esports organization which currently is a big million business.

Early Life And Family

He was born on 25 August 1993. He was born in Brazil and is originally from Latin America. He currently resides in New York and holds dual citizenship in both his native country and the USA.

He hasn’t been very vocal about his family. He has posted a photo of his parents on his Instagram page but has mostly remained silent on his family life. He is in a relationship and has posted many photos of his girlfriend and himself on social media sites like Instagram.

His Career And Major Milestones

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1. He is one of the most famous YouTubers in America, his videos are super entertaining. He is not only very active on Youtube but also has 1.8 million followers on Instagram and 1.5 Million followers on Twitter. He started his journey on Youtube in 2010 and to date has garnered a lot of attention. Today, the Youtube gaming channel ‘FazE clan’ has garnered the top position due to its popularity and has the largest number of subscribers.

2. He started his youtube channel under the name ‘FaZe Temperrr’ on March 31, 2010. He currently has 2.07 million subscribers. He keeps his followers entertained through fun videos, reactions, and vlogs. He collaborates with other famous YouTubers like Jake Paul, recently he collaborated with NFL superstars. The vlogs, games, and reactions on the channel keep the viewers glued to it.

3. He is one of the founding members and owners of ‘FaZe clan’ which came into being on May 30, 2010. It has a fan base of about 369 billion. It is an organization based in Los Angeles, USA and also a youtube channel that is primarily known for its gaming content. The youtube channel has 8.7 Million subscribers. It’s known all over the world as an esports organization.

4. It’s the videos, commentaries, and entertainment which has made this channel one of the most popular gaming channels in the world. The vlogs, games, and reactions on the channel keep the viewers glued to it.

5. He and his team has done many partnerships with various brands like Nissan and Football Club Manchester City. He has also founded a studio along with his partners and recently on October 29, 2024 released their first film ‘Crimson’.

A Few Things You Didn’t Know About Him

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Everybody knows that he is a successful social media personality, here are some interesting facts about him.

  • He has been a part of the FaZe clan since the young age of sixteen.
  • He is also famously known as iiTeMpeR
  • His dream is to have dinner with the American martial artist and actor Bruce Lee.

Net Worth

His net worth is currently $5 Million. His Youtube channel is worth $15,000. On the other hand the gaming channel is worth $1.1 million. He purely loves his profession and wants to gain more fame and expresses that he loves entertaining people.