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Linus Sebastian Net Worth 2024

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Linus is a very talented person and super hard-working, all his efforts have today made him a millionaire with several successful channels on YouTube including one with 10 million subscribers and many with 1 million subscribers. He is also a founder of Linus media group and since 2013 he is the company’s CEO.

Want to know more about this tech king? Continue reading as this article will give a brief about Linus and his life including his net worth as of the year 2024 and how he managed to become such a successful person.

About Linus Sebastian

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This celebrity in the world of tech has more than 20 million subscribers combined on all of his channels and he gets views in billions. People love his content and his knowledge in the field of technology and how he manages to give detailed instructions, tips, and tricks to all offer subscribers and help them figure out and learn many new things by watching his channel. His channel was also ranked one of the most viewed channels on YouTube. He has been featured in many articles and magazines.

Early Life And Family

He is living a happy married life with three children, two daughters, and one son. He has been married for 10 years to Yvonne Ho.

Details about his education or his family including his parents and siblings are unknown. He never really spoke about them on his channels or during interviews. Some sources say that he doesn’t want their privacy to be harmed but some sources say that it didn’t have a healthy connection with them.

His Career And Major Milestones

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Initially, he used to make videos for another company called NCIX, but that was not a big hit so later he started to make videos for his channel called Linus tech tips and he borrowed products from the previous company and described them. Soon the channel became a hit.

Later in the year 2013, he founded Linus media group aka LMG. Everybody says big companies start from garages. This one did the same. He started his company in his garage and later it also became a hit and grew successful.

As of now he has made several videos for his followers on all of his channels and has gained a lot of respect and knowledge in this industry. Along with being a successful YouTuber and CEO

A Few Things You Didn’t Know About Him

  • He had a moment in his life when he decided that he should take retirement but later he changed his mind and is still working.
  • He was also listed in the top 30 power players in the field of technology.
  • He has around 8 silver buttons, 4 golden buttons, and 1 diamond button from YouTube. It is a major achievement and it’s not easy for all.

Net Worth

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His net worth is the most interesting part of this article. But sadly the exact amount is not known, it ranges between 6 to 8 million dollars. Most of his earnings through his YouTube channels and others through his company.