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Snow Tha Net Worth 2024

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Singer, Excellent Business woman, Rising Entrepreneur, and Actress all rolled into One gives us the introduction of Snow Tha Product.

Snow Tha is quite a hardworking and multi-tasking personality who has built her way in the Music industry with much determination and grit. She has built an empire with the help of her multiple capabilities and has risen to the level of a Global star.

About Snow Tha

Snow Tha is a bilingual artist who raps in Spanish and English languages. She is a hard working, determined artist who has risen to make her way in the industry due to her uniqueness and talent. She took on her name by joining the Disney character, Snow White and The Product, making it Snow Tha Product.

Initially, after graduation went to the San Diego Mesa College to study for a Social Worker, yet she left it and pursued her passion for making music.

Early Life And Family

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Born on June 24 in San Diego, CA, this bilingual rapper was born to an immigrant couple from Mexico.

On the family front, it is known that Snow Tha has been married for a decade and has an 8-year-old son named Andrew. Further on she has been dating Julissa since 2017 and both have a podcast and a YouTube channel together.

Career And Major Milestones

This MTV VMA Award winner artist began her singing career at the very young age of 6.

She began performing in Talent shows and started uploading her music videos on YouTube, which led to the formation of her fan following. Her mixed multiple tapes and viral music videos of raps, and Pop music garnered the attention of similar artists, fans, and emcees.

She made her acting debut in 2017 in the character of Lil’ T on the second most popular American Show Queen of the South.

Her much-awaited solo album VALEMDERE has been announced in mid-2024 and is much awaited by her fans.

Things You Didn’t Know About Snow Tha

While she is a widely celebrated and known persona, there are some facts that are unknown about this Latina lyricist.

She made and released her video ‘ On My Sh- Freestyle’ in her living room and that song got more than 5000 comments. While it caught the attention of so many people, yet 95% of the comments were negative and forced her to drop the video.

Another very beautiful unknown fact about her is that she encourages young talent and strongly believes in following one’s passion, which leads to success in the end.

Net Worth

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She makes an estimated $12.3K in a year from her song labels, clothing brand line, and her albums.

Over the years, Snow Tha has donned the cap of Lyricist, Singer, a reputable Brand ambassador, marketing executive, and a popular actor as well. From these roles, she has acquired a net worth of $3 million which is continuously growing.