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Enjoy Access to Any Netflix Regions to Watch Your Favorite Netflix Shows Worldwide

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Netflix has revolutionized the way we watch TV and movies, and the sheer volume of content available on the platform is mind-boggling.

However, it can be annoying when you can’t watch a show or film because of your location. Fortunately, the best VPN for Netflix allows you to pretend to be anywhere in the world while you’re online, giving you access to a far broader library. If you want a detailed guide on the best VPNs for Netflix, you can read here.

It has a lot of wonderful and must-watch stuff, but its content is restricted in some regions. Depending on the region you’re in, the catalog of episodes and movies available to you will differ. Its catalog is very limited in several countries. For Netflix’s official authorities to maintain the libraries’ mechanism, users are restricted from visiting any of its library from their country.

If you are traveling or vacationing from the United States to Germany, in that case, you will find considerably fewer shows and movies available, and that you will be unable to access your specific home streaming services. That’s why many users try to fool Netflix into thinking they are in another location, like the United States, to recover access to their home country’s library when traveling overseas.

However, you don’t have to worry since I’ve already made all the research and effort to come up with a simple way to clear all your worries about Netflix regions and how you can access your favorite Netflix library using a premium from anywhere.

Is it Legal to use a VPN to access any Netflix Library?

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Yes. In most countries, it is currently legal to use a VPN to watch it. Only if you use it in a nation where VPNs are prohibited, such as Russia, Iran, or China, will this cause you problems.

Apart from that, using a VPN to watch any website, including Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus, HBO Max, and other streaming services, is lawful. Using a VPN to stream Netflix content in another country is technically against its guidelines. However, this does not make it illegal. And even if you are caught, there should be no cause for concern.

Even after continuous use of VPNs, it does not have a policy of actively taking down accounts. After all, even if the user is accessing any other Netflix library, they are still paying for a membership. It may be able to detect if you’re using a VPN on occasion.

If it occurs, you’ll get a message saying you won’t be able to stream anything until you disconnect your VPN. As a result, you won’t be able to watch anything on Netflix’s international version, but you won’t face any other major consequences.

What is the purpose of Netflix’s region lock?

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Many episodes and movies on Netflix are not available in your country due to license agreements. It recognizes your location based on your IP address and only displays content available in your area. Every country that delivers it has its unique library, which many people are unaware of.

Producers enforce copyright by the government because various markets have varied demands for specialized content. It may choose to pay the studio-requested amount for a title in one country while negotiations in other territories break down.

Which Netflix Library has the most content?

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According to the most recent research and data, Ireland has the greatest Netflix media catalog, with over 6,379 films available on Netflix screens in 2024. As a result, there are more different movies and TV series in these regions than in your own country.
Surprisingly, the ratio of TV series to movies differs dramatically among countries.

Japan has the most films (4621), whereas the USA has the most television shows (1676). Hong Kong (1985) has the fewest movies available, while Italy has just 776 TV series to pick from. Individual licensing agreements with copyright holders differ per country, leading to regional differences in Netflix’s library. But it is relying less on third-party agreements as it focuses on original content, which means that global libraries are becoming more comparable.

Because not all Netflix libraries are created equal, each region’s selection of content will be unique. Some regions may have twice as many items as your current location. Nonetheless, below are the top five Netflix region-wise libraries that aren’t among those that have the most content in quantity, but they have the most-watched and amazing content.

1. USA

Unsurprisingly, the USA is at the top of the list because 1326 Netflix TV series and 4339 movies are available. They have roughly 2.5 times as many TV shows and nearly twice as many movies as its library in the United Kingdom.

2. Canada

Canada is now a country among the top Netflix content areas that most of us expected to see. In Canada, it provides over 2900 movies and 600 TV shows to choose from. In addition, there are several films in Canada’s collection that are only available there.

3. UK

The United Kingdom is at the top of the list, with 2400+ movies and 540+ TV episodes to binge-watch at your leisure. The quality of the UK library compensates for its lack of size. TV shows like Power, Prison Break, Breaking Bad, and Friends will not disappoint you.

4. Japan

Japan Netflix in the US has a wide selection of BBC and other British dramas, whereas the one in Japan has nearly none. In addition, there are a few movies and TV series in Japan that aren’t available anywhere else on Netflix. However, Japan has 5963 items in its library, compared to 5655 in the United States (where it was initially established).


Being unable to access your favorite Netflix library does not stop binge-watchers like me because, thanks to the best VPN for Netflix, you can safely access your preferred library. If you use a Netflix VPN, you will not be banned from binge-watching it.

However, if you try to access the Netflix library without one, it will detect your location and refuse to let you watch your favorite content from anywhere.