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How High Testosterone Hormone Affects Women and Their Way of Life

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Testosterone, the primary sex hormone in men, also plays a role in women. While men have as much as ten times more testosterone than women, this hormone does play some critical roles in women’s health and well-being. However, when women have too much testosterone in their bodies, it can create a hormone imbalance that many aren’t aware they have until it shows some effects. Hence, it’s crucial to take note of such consequences of high testosterone hormone in women and seek assistance from a qualified physician.

Acne Breakouts and Oily Skin

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Hormonal imbalance in women due to elevated testosterone levels can cause acne breakouts and oily skin. Acne is a condition in which your pores get clogged with oil and dead skin cells. In women, excess testosterone causes an increase in the production of oil and leads to the production of excessive amounts of sebum.

The excess sebum then clogs your pores, irritating them, causing acne breakouts. Therefore, to regain acne-free skin, it’s crucial to contact specialists such as BalanceMyHormones who can help with these hormone conditions.

Fatigue, Tiredness, and Irritability

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Women need testosterone to maintain good health, but too much of this hormone negatively affects women’s health. Women’s excessive testosterone hormones may cause fatigue and irritability, which most people commonly mistake for signs of female menopause.

Tiredness can be a big problem for women with high testosterone.

You feel like you have enough energy to make it through a typical day, but at the end of it, you find yourself collapsing on the couch. You might begin feeling irritable because the exhaustion is taking over, and the inability to get it under control makes you angry at your husband, or kids, or boss, or even yourself. It’s, therefore, crucial to contact your physician for hormonal testosterone tests. An optimal level of testosterone is fuel for the body and mind!

Increase In Body Fat

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Elevated levels of testosterone can cause excess body fat packed around your middle. It’s also worth mentioning that women with higher testosterone levels naturally carry more body fat than women with lower levels. High testosterone in women may cause an increase in visceral fat, which is fat stored in the abdominal cavity.

Visceral fat can be dangerous because it wraps itself around the organs, leading to diabetes and heart disease problems. An increase in body fat due to high testosterone levels is enough reason to make a woman want to take some action and start decreasing the hormone by contacting a specialist in hormonal imbalance.

Excessive Hair Growth on Face

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An increase in testosterone can have physical effects like causing unwanted hair growth in women, including facial hair and hair on the chest. This medical condition is called hirsutism and usually occurs when there is a hormonal imbalance.

The ovaries produce testosterone hormone in women, which can stimulate the production of facial hair and body hair in women.

Thus maintaining hormonal balance is imperative not only perhaps to control the physical growth of facial hair but prevent many other unthinkable effects that go with it.

Can Cause Depression

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High testosterone levels in women can cause depression due to the lack of specific hormones. Excess testosterone replaces estrogen, which is responsible for supporting mental health. The lack of estrogen makes it challenging to have a good mood and imagine yourself as part of a group.

High testosterone levels may lead to a drop in vigour and energy levels, consequently causing depression. However, most people may mistake the behaviour with the natural ageing process. To make it easier for you to address the problem, you can contact hormonal imbalance specialists for a testosterone levels test to help you deal with depression and live a fulfilling life again.

Increase In Weight And Water Retention

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Hormones are the chemicals that give your body its natural abilities. However, a hormonal imbalance may produce physical and psychological effects when there is a hormonal imbalance.

Many women may carry excessive water in their bodies due to testosterone hormonal imbalance. The body weight is also likely to increase due to increased visceral fats in the body.

It becomes challenging to manage your weight if the leading cause of your excess weight is a high level of testosterone hormone. To deal with the problem of being overweight, in this case, seek professional help from a qualified doctor and one with a particular interest in hormonal imbalance, such as the Balance My Hormones team.

Infertility and Early Menopause

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High testosterone (High T) is responsible for early menopause and infertility in women. Concerning the effects of high testosterone in women, a relatively new area of research has exciting findings. There appears to be some correlation between increased levels of testosterone and fertility issues and menopause.

Excess testosterone hormone in women is one of the causes of infertility and early menopause. It’s crucial to note that the excessive amount of testosterone reduces the estrogen level in women, thus leading to fertility problems. Menopause may start as early as 36 years of age due to the absence of estrogens caused by high testosterone levels.

Menopause is a natural condition due to hormonal imbalance in women. The endocrine gland produces hormones like estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone, which control the reproductive system and ovulation. Thus if there is an increase in testosterone production, the levels of estrogen and progesterone start to decrease, which reduces the chances of conception.

Reduced Sex Drive Breast Size

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Excess testosterone hormone is one condition that can cause drastic changes in a woman’s body natural balance. Excess testosterone can cause decreased breast size in women. If you start noticing a sagging or deflated look to your breasts or find that you do begin to under-develop them, consider the fact that too much testosterone could be the culprit. Also, the effect of high testosterone on mood may lead to a reduced sex drive in women.


Testosterone is a vital hormone for men and women. It is what makes you feel like doing things. Some activities that require testosterone include getting information, having fun, competing with others, and making money. However, when a woman’s body produces too much testosterone, it can negatively affect their health.

Skin, hair, and nails, almost every type of tissue in the body benefits from testosterone. However, elevated testosterone levels can cause some female medical conditions. It’s therefore of great importance to seek assistance from qualified professionals with knowledge and skills in treating hormonal imbalance, such as the Balance My Hormones team of doctors.