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Are Trunks or Boxer Briefs More Attractive on Males?

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We all want to look like the best versions of ourselves, and what we wear has a huge role here. Namely, even though clothes are material things that shouldn’t have that big of a role in forming an opinion about someone, we must agree with the fact that what we wear has a huge effect on first impressions. Yes, it’s just how our brain is thought to think, which is why clothes are of vast importance in modern society. On the other hand, it’s also about picking the right clothes for you, and one thing that many men often overlook is the importance of picking the right type of underwear. Yes, there are plenty of options, and most men just go with the first thing they see and fit them. Now, it’s needless to say how that shouldn’t be the case, as you also want to look great and sexy wearing them, which is why we will help you make the best decision when searching for Men’s Underwear Online.


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Trunks are one of the most popular choices among men because of the fact they simply look great on each of them, no matter the body type. Thanks to the perfect length, they make the legs look much more muscular and manly, which enhances the entire appearance as they highlight what should be highlighted. Because they provide a great look, they can often be seen in various commercials, and even one of the most popular football players in the world wears them and even has his own underwear line based on popular trunks. We can find them in various colors and fabrics, which means that there are perfect trunks for everyone.

Unfortunately, most men comply that wearing trunks is not comfortable enough, and they do not provide enough support. But, when it comes to the fact that they do not provide enough support, we need to mention that many people love that feeling when nothing bothers them, and they feel like they are naked all the time. It is a matter of personal preferences, and one should choose the underwear they feel the most comfortable wearing them. Trunks do not provide a lot of functionality because there is not enough support for the inner thigh, which sometimes can be a little awkward, but there is no doubt that they look great on any man.

Boxer briefs

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No one can be indifferent when seeing the man they love wearing boxer briefs, as they really look great on every person. Thanks to being seen in some great commercials, boxer briefs are tightly related to hot guys according to women, and most of them believe that they make any male look much more masculine and manly when wearing them. They are similar to trunks, but the difference is in their length, as they are slightly longer, which is the reason why the body of the person who wears them looks much longer. Besides that, they are invisible under the clothes, which is why most people love to wear them, as it can be pretty ugly to see the lines under the clothes.

The support boxer briefs provide is great, as they really can hold everything they should in one place without any problem. Wearing them all day long is pretty comfortable, but keep in mind that it can be pretty challenging to do some exercises until you get used to wearing boxer briefs. However, they do provide a lot of functionality since they perfectly cover the inner tights, so people who perform any sport or those who work in demanding positions are pretty satisfied with them. Speaking about celebrities who adore boxer briefs, we need to mention Justin Timberlake, as he dances for a long time on the stage, which means he requires a comfortable pair of underwear with great support, plus he is super hot.


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Another option is to go with boxers, as they provide enough comfort and, what is even more important, freedom. Now, there is and always will be a question of whether to go with a style and looks over comfort, and the same issue is with boxers. Namely, many women don’t find them that attractive, but many people often forget that here, it all depends on the style and the color of the boxers you go with rather than anything else. Yes, these two factors play a huge role when forming an opinion and are much more important than anything else. As for the comfort, it’s without a doubt that they make you feel much more relaxed and free, which only contributes to your overall masculinity.

On the other hand, boxers still represent a classic option, an option that will always be in style, and the only thing to worry about here is picking the right ones for yourself. A message you sent with this type of underwear is that you know what classy means, but you are still open for fun, which can be of vast importance, but, once again, it’s also about who is on the other side. Overall, the best possible option you can ever go with is picking something that will make you feel good at all times, and in most situations, this type of underwear beats all others.

In the end, what we wear might not be that important, but that doesn’t mean you should just go with the first underwear you see and buy it. Make sure to try and check how it suits your body line, as even though feeling relaxed and comfortable is important, you probably also want to look good.

To summarize

It is not easy to answer the question of what looks more attractive when we need to choose between these underwear options, as different people have different opinions. However, these types of underwear are extremely popular, which means there is no wrong answer here, and one should base their decision over which option to go with on their personal preferences. An even better decision can be to consult your significant other, as in the end, it’s them who will see you wearing them, and this can make the entire decision-making process much easier and faster.