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Love Experts Shared 15 Things That Attracts Women To Men

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Just as much as women are doing their best to attract men, on the other hand, men are also doing a lot to create influence of having nice women around them. Yes, this is true though in all parties some of the things done my crash while others work. There are what men need to know when it comes to what attracts women to men.

Women really look for simple things that most men ignore. You need not move mountains around. This is something you are born with only that you need to put it into practice. This article discusses some of the magnetic points you as a man need to understand.

What Attracts Women to Men Psychology

It is quite ambiguous to understand why women get attracted to some characteristics in men. Is it true that there are men who are born naturally to attract women? You will get the truth here is what attracts women to men psychology. The following are the top 15 things you will be eager to know.

Smile attracts men eaily


Women want to hang and spend their time with guys who are confident and positive about life. Most men fake what they are not, confidence is something inbuilt and everyone is privileged to have it at different degrees. This comes when you are talking to her. She wants to see you looking into her eyes and clearly shows that you want her and you are sure about it.


This is what attracts women to men especially when it comes to personality. Here, it doesn’t mean male chauvinism or underrating women. Men should behave as though they are in charge of everything. You need not to be masculine for this feature to surface. Show that you are the alpha male and women will swoon over you.


When it comes to personality traits, honesty attains the highest score on the rating scale. Most men find this as a hard thing to accommodate. For your information, women like guys who are transparent. This makes them feel safe and they can share with you their internal feelings. Always say who you are, what you are doing and where you are genuine.


Men who look vibrant with good energy are magnetic to women. Make your things in a spontaneous manner. Some roughness is also acceptable and this will make you unique. Become funny if you are a man though don’t overdo it. Women enjoy giving their time to men who can make them laugh and feel happy.

Social Status

What Attracts Women to Men Psychology

Your social status as a man can determine which kind of ladies hang around you. Influence and authority are what attracts women to men when it comes to social status. They have a feeling that you will be on top of the world courtesy of your influence. This aspect can be socially ascribed. This is why well off guys are advantaged in attracting hot women.


Being a generous man doesn’t mean crashing down your savings. Ladies will appreciate your sense of giving and helping. There are some guys who cannot buy snacks or a drink when meeting a woman. This will degrade your caring nature and you will always get a negative score in attracting women.


This is rated with how you dedicate your time and feelings to the woman you are admiring to have. Women are naturally born to enjoy your commitment and concern. Try to think in her place and she will feel her problems are solved. This also shows that you are caring and she can lean on your shoulder during incase of any difficulty.


The way a man dress and present himself can lure women. This doesn’t mean always in new and trendy outfits. You should be well-groomed and nice looking. The hair and the nails need to be well-kempt and this will make you look cool. This can indicate your hygiene level and generally women like clean and groomed men.


Women want to be sure of their future. Positive life drive shows that you are a hard working individual whose future is bright. Being positive is also being happy and wise in your decisions and talks. No woman will want to stay with a sad and gloomy man. Lough, smile and make some jokes and that’s what attracts women to men who are positively minded.


Women can see romance in how you talk and the look from your eyes. Your body language should also be seductive. Talking from the bottom of your heart can touch the emotional feelings of a lady and give in to you. Improve on your masculinity since most women like strong men and this is a sign of defense. Do not overdo it at the gym to a level of a bodybuilder.

What Attracts White Women To Black Men

Physical Strength

From the ancient period, strong and tall men were perceived to produce viable offspring. They were believed to have strong genes that can survive harsh environmental conditions and diseases. Such type of men was also seen to hunt and gather more due to their masculinity. They, however, had a great say in attracting the female.


During this period of life, wealth was perceived by the number of children and women around. This is thousands of years ago. As time moved wealth was measured by how many animals and valuables like Ivory and gold an individual had. What attracts women psychology indicate that wealth men garnered more respect and authority in society.

This is the period when communities were aggressive over the other. The invasions and conquering ascribed some men with a high social status to be tough and influential. Women preferred men with high social status for the sense of security and protection. Confidence made ancient people victorious in raids and wars. Therefore it became a personality trait to be admired by women.

According to what attracts women to men psychology perception, these attributes have not been completely detached from the modern human beings. They look to be inherited from generation to generation. Women still value the same aspects of life in selecting a partner.

What Attracts White Women To Black Men

Majority Black men were ferried to the United States during the pre-colonial periods as slaves. I am sorry to say that they became vulnerable to this inhumane activity due to their masculinity and energy they believed to have. Their inferiority during those periods in terms of resources and power made them to dance to the tune. Thank God to the liberation that has set every human being free.

What Attracts White Women To Black Men

What attracts white women to black men is still a debate to date in many mixed-race territories. Some of the white women engaged to black men have testified and justified the magnetism for this choice. I managed to interview some white women and this is what they gave as the reason for their attraction to black men.

Emotional Strength

Black men are claimed to have energy and roughness that is magnetic to white women. They are bold and are assumed to be in control of relation affairs. Regardless of this, every woman wants to have a handsome and sexy man.

Adventure And Experimentation

The amount of adventure and experimentation attracts white women to black men. They want to have the experience of black men. This is mostly among the outgoing white women who like fun and adventurous moments. But the truth is all men black or white are more or less the same, personality, and social status can vary hence creating a difference in what attracts women to men.

Scents that Attract Women to Men

According to the study in homes and behaviour, women are highly attracted to men who have more testosterone. Women, especially at the peak of fertility, have the ability to detect this using their nose. There are some products made to add this scent characteristic in men who want to attract women.

Top Scents That Attract Women to Men

  • Chanel Allure Homme Sport Eau Extreme
  • Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gió Essenza
  • Lacoste L.12.12. Green Citrus scents
  • Issey Miyake L’Eau d’Issey Pour Homme
  • Bulgari Man

Application or spraying this scents after shower or bathing will make you smell manly enough to attract women. They are available at different prices depending on their effectiveness. Scents that attract women to men are real and they give positive results. Try one among the above mentioned and you will not regret if you combine with the discussed factors on what attracts women to men.