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5 Reasons Why Gas Lawn Mowers Are Better Than Electric Mowers

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Having a nice house or a property means that you have to do some work around it, mostly all the time. When it comes to working around these it mostly comes down to mowing the lawn and keeping your property nice and neat. This task can sometimes be tedious but thanks to lawnmowers and other equipment it has been made easier.

Constant battle over electric or gas-powered engines has come down to this segment as well. So far we have seen these discussions around vehicles of all sizes but as of lately we have gone down to the lawnmowers and started debating which one is more suited, better, green, easier and so on.

When it comes to mowing lawns the best equipment is always new and most people when opting for something that is suited for their needs. We see that there are both types at our disposal for years now and the way we pick them is by what they can do and how much.

Today we will tell you about why the lawnmower powered by gas might be the better choice for you and if you need an in-depth review of these then this article is the one for you. For now, stick with us and see why petrol mowers are better than electric ones.

1. Size

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When we are talking about the size, we are not implying the size of the mower but on the size of your property. Those who have a lot of backyard around the house and those of you that mow far behind and around the house need a gas-powered mower more than an electric one.

The reason for this is your autonomy, meaning that you can go further from the house and power outlet without dragging the cable for tens of feet with you. That task can get rough and tedious after some time and you can get entangled in the electric cables which is a hazard by itself. Those that purchase a lawnmower that has batteries have to think in advance and plan how much you can mow before the battery runs out and you have to take a break. With gas that is not the issue.

When you ran out you simply pour in more and continue straight away. Though gas can be pricy sometimes, it saves you a lot of time.

2. Power

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This here is a clear win for gas-powered mowers. When it comes to power and capabilities, they are the clear victors. Gas-powered mowers come in all shapes and sizes and that goes for the engine power as well. They are capable of mowing almost any type of grass without much trouble. If you have a patch of land that you haven’t taken a car of regularly and if it is a bit on the rough size, a gas-powered mower will plough through that field without breaking the sweat.

The electric mowers both battery-powered and those with power cords are small, underpowered for these tasks and they could struggle significantly. Electric mowers are made for regular mowing and small patches of land, mainly your front and back yard. Their motors are rated with low HP mainly to preserve its life and battery in those that utilize it.

3. Blades

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Most of us don’t think about this but the fact that gas mowers are a bit tougher and more powerful means that they also have tougher and durable blades. These are important to most of us, especially those that mow lawns for a job. You need a good and sharp blade that will always yield the same results. Tougher blades mean more durability, better balance and they can withstand being sharpened multiple times over and over again.

In electric mowers to preserve their weight, in order not to put additional stress on the motor, they are made with a lot lighter and less durable blades that tend to get dull and crooked as soon as you hit something a bit tougher than regular grass. This then means that you will have additional expenses changing these blades out unless you use the electric mower the way it is meant to be used.

4. Usage

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The previous point brought us here. The main reason the gas mowers win over electric is their versatility. You can use them in small lawns, big lawns, it doesn’t matter. They are a bit heavy and bulky, especially when your yard is filled with trees, bushes and other things you need to go around, but they get the job done.

They will mow regular grass, smaller roots, tougher, older and mature grass without hitching. The other contester or the electric mower is made for household use, meaning front and back yard at most, and that is if you maintain it continuously. If there is a bit denser grass, roots, or God forbid, older, mature grass your electric mower will struggle, you will have to go slower and you will drain its battery faster.

5. Consistency

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Those of you who are mowing lawns for a job and that do this professionally need to understand one thing. For bigger jobs, tougher jobs, gas-powered mowers produce more consistency mainly in speed which makes you just going and going without much looking back. It is both efficient and time-consuming.

Electric-powered mowers will have less speed consistency and will tend to choke, or similar, on occasion for it to preserve the motor or the battery. So, it doesn’t matter if the yard is big or small you will have more speed and a more consistent engine run with gas-powered mowers than electric ones.

For the conclusion we will say only this – gas is still a bit overpowered and still a little ahead of electric power, but it will soon change. Although it is not very green or energy and pollution efficient, gas-powered engines in lawnmowers get the job done better than electric ones. As time progress and as technology advances we believe that the electric mowers will take over but for now, they are holding a very firm second place, right after gas-powered mowers.