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Everything to Stream on DStv Online in June 2024

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Are you on vacation and plan to spend it at home while watching some interesting shows and movies? So here we have come up with some of the best movie suggestions that you can watch on DStv.

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Here are 5 best movies that you can watch on DStv:

1. The Martian
8/10 – IMDb

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Ridley Scott has been making movies for five decades, and this one is no exception.

Based on a best-selling sci-fi novel by Andy Weir, THE MARTIAN follows an astronaut named Mark Watney, who gets left behind on Mars during an aborted mission by NASA.

His crew members mistake him for dead, and he is left to fend for himself. Ultimately, his mission is saved, and he discovers that he is capable of more than he thought.

Ridley Scott’s The Martian is an ambitious movie that takes science fiction to new heights.

Its underlying theme is optimism in the face of adversity, and it’s one of the few science fiction films that doesn’t try to be po-faced. However, this film is far from a masterpiece.

Not only is it an entertaining sci-fi film, but it also makes its point about the potential of humanity and our place in the universe.

2. Godzilla vs Kong
6.3/10 – IMDb

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In a Godzilla vs. Kong movie review, we will focus on the new film’s storyline, the monsters and the character development. The story revolves around two main characters, the gorilla King Kong and the hearing-impaired islander Jia. Kong and Jia are close friends, and Jia, a blind islander, has tried to communicate with the monster by using American Sign Language. This has worked quite well with regular-sized gorillas.

This Godzilla vs. Kong movie review is not a sweeping one, but it does give a good overview of the story. While Godzilla and Kong are great movie characters, the film doesn’t feature the characters as much as the storyline. The monsters dominate the film, accounting for about a third of the screen time. But while this may seem like a big difference, the final showdown is quite effective.

3. Deadpool
8/10 – IMDb

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The Deadpool movie is a self-aware, visceral adventure. It explores an endless variety of gory ways to kill enemies while delivering commentary that never stops. In fact, the movie even acknowledges that it isn’t always funny.

A great way to see if you’re a fan of Ryan Reynolds’ comic-book style is to check out the movie. It’s a solid vehicle for his comic-book character, and it’s a worthy sequel. Despite its R rating, Deadpool has plenty of room at the box office, and we recommend seeing it before the next Marvel film, X-MEN: Apocalypse.

While Deadpool is a very funny superhero movie, I have serious reservations about its realism. The movie’s script reads like a cross between “The Simpsons” and “American Dad” before censorship. The movie is also filled with jokes and schlocky soft rock music. It’s hard to believe Deadpool is a movie with a “funny, schlocky soundtrack.”

4. Shall We Dance
6.1/10 – IMDb

“Shall We Dance” is a romantic comedy that explores the role of culture and society in modern life. It highlights the challenges of modern living while inserting the notion of regaining one’s humanity through dancing. A good movie review should include comments about how our society defines our ideals and values. If you’re a man who’s uncomfortable with secrecy, Shall We Dance may not be right for you.

The movie begins with a scene where John is at a dance studio with his new coworker, a long-haired wild man. His co-worker, Omar Miller, plays an overweight novice who has a secret of his own. The resulting romance is sweet and endearing, and we’re left with a feeling of longing for the two of them. But there’s more to this story than the dance moves.

The story is based on the life of Catholic mystic Catherine of Siena, who studied the relationship between love and desire. In this movie, a middle-aged accountant named Shohei discovers a dance school and enrolls in a beginner’s class. Unlike in many of his previous endeavors, he approaches the challenge with the earnestness he would apply at work. This gives the movie a romantic-comedy feel that makes it so addictive.

5. Eliminators
5.5/10 · IMDb

Source: imdb.com

For those of us who have seen a lot of John Wick movies, we may be interested to learn more about the plot of Eliminators. This new action movie is a similar plot to the one in David Cronenberg’s A History of Violence, and follows a group of young punks on a crime-filled journey. Despite the film’s familiar setup, the plot is well-crafted and delivers some exciting action sequences.

While the plot and characters in Eliminators are familiar, they have very different approaches to the action genre. While the hero is a well-known face, the villain lacks any reason to exist. In addition, the film’s action classics are paired with bizarre, post-modern scenarios to create a new kind of movie. This combination of genres and the resulting atmosphere makes this film a unique one.

While Adkins’ career has been littered with blockbuster action movies, he has yet to achieve Oscar-qualification. His direct-to-video action epics qualify as popcorn pabulum, and this film is no exception. Directed by James Nunn, “Eliminators” is an action-packed throwback to B-movie madness. But despite its promising premise, Eliminators ultimately fails to deliver on that promise.

Wrapping up:

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