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What We Learned From the 2024 Mackinnon Stakes

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The Mackinnon Stakes was first run over 150 years ago, but every year we still learn vital information about what it takes to win the race. These are some of the biggest takeaways from the 2024 edition of the event.

1. Mares on the comeback trail?

Since the turn of the century, a trend about mares has emerged at the Mackinnon Stakes – namely that they haven’t been able to win it. La Bella Dama won it back in 2001, but following her victory, there was a drought of 17 races during which no mares were able to take out the event. That changed in 2019 when Magic Wand won it, and last year Arcadia Queen made it two on the trot for the girls when she steamed past all-comers from the last place to win the event. For close to two decades it’s paid to avoid the mares in betting, but the last two years suggest that it’s still well and truly worth taking them into consideration.

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2. A tough race for the long shots

The Mackinnon Stakes hasn’t exactly been a race at which the favourites have been dominant in recent years, but it’s been relatively rare to see a particularly unwanted horse take it out. There have been a couple of notable exceptions – Trap For Fools as recently as 2018 was paying $26 while 2006 winner Awesome Rock jumped at $16 – but for the most part, it’s been single-figure horses getting the chocolate. That was no different in 2024. Arcadia Queen jumped as the heavily-backed favourite, leaving the gates at just $2.45, and she promptly showed that punters once again had it right in this race by running out a one-length winner.

3. Coming from the back is no problem

This one, of course, can depend a little from year-to-year depending on the make-up of the field and the state of the track, but Arcadia Queen showed last year that there’s no need to be too concerned by backmarkers in the Mackinnon Stakes. The 2,000-metre race is run around Flemington’s sweeping bend, and Arcadia Queen sat right at the tail of the pack throughout the turn last year.

However, with Flemington’s lengthy straight there is always plenty of time to make up ground in the run home, and Arcadia Queen did just that. Both her and eventual runner-up Fifty Stars were well back as the field rounded the turn, but they had more than enough time to sweep past the field into first and second place.

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4. The change of date – has it really worked?

For a long time, the Mackinnon Stakes was run on Derby Day a week prior to the Melbourne Cup, and many horses with their eyes on the biggest race of them all used it as a lead-in to the 3,200-metre event. In an attempt to change those motives, the VRC moved the Mackinnon Stakes to Family Day, attempting to attract more horses coming out of races like the Cox Plate, rather than simply using it as a training run for the Melbourne Cup. Last year, that didn’t exactly come to fruition. Arcadia Queen had run in the Cox Plate earlier in the spring and finished fifth, but aside from her, none of the other eight Mackinnon Stakes starters had run in that event.

Though we have had 152 years to learn about what goes into winning the Mackinnon Stakes, each new edition of the race reveals more nuggets of information that can be used the year after. Arcadia Queen’s 2024 win at the event was no exception, and the above four points were some of the most notable takeaways from her victory.

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Is betting on horse racing profitable?

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