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A Guide to Carbon Fibre Car Parts: How You Can Benefit From the Right Supplier

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Carbon fibre is an all-potent element, but do you know what it is mainly used for? Carbon is one of the materials extensively used in automotive industries- designers love swinging them by the interiors as add-on parts, pure or part carbon, or a simple glossy finish. Its dark, captivating look exudes classiness and sportiness, and engineers can’t get enough carbon enthusiasm. With high tensile strength and low specific weight, carbon is called the black gold of the automobile industry. But do you know why that is?

Your automotive business can skyrocket with suitable suppliers to buy your side and create astounding profits. Read on to understand why carbon fibre is the preferred material and how choosing the right supplier can help your business reach new heights:

Why Carbon Fibre For Car Components?

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The following characteristics of carbon fibre make it the apt choice for car components:

Strength: Carbon fibres are characterised by a high stiffness-to-weight ratio, where the modulus of elasticity is about 34 MSI. The ultimate tensile strength makes it the perfect fit for car components, unlike aluminium, which has only 10 MSI, or steel, with 30 MSI. It can also be combined with fibre and resin, also known as epoxy resin, combining the strength of both elements.

Material Specific Stiffness Specific Strength
Carbon Fibre 200 MSI 1800 KSI
Aluminium 100 MSI 350 KSI
Steel 100 MSI 417 KSI

Low Thermal Expansion: The car is a thermal vehicle, and the carbon fibre’s low thermal expansion will prevent the components from expanding during operation. Its dimensional stability in temperature is a critical game-changing factor in the automobile industry. It has a one-millionth-of-an-inch thermal expansion coefficient for every Fahrenheit.

Anisotropic Properties: Materials like aluminium, steel, and plastic cannot compare or replace contemporary composite parts. As they are homogeneous and isotropic, they cannot match the criteria required for component usability. Carbon fibres, on the other hand, are neither homogeneous nor isotropic, creating strength along the axis and enhancing fibre density and orientation.

How Can You Benefit From The Right Supplier?

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A qualified and reputable carbon fibre car parts manufacturer like ShaSha Carbon can provide superior services from innovative and specialised teams that care for your car parts, from designs to moulding to manufacturing. Their customised solutions will present full-spectrum and all-potent carbon fibre components to the table in less than 5-7 days. Whether interior or exterior series, their diversified product line will help you custom-make your designs in-house that will perfectly fit as if they were made for your car. You will face no shortages of supply and aesthetical value.

Expert Knowledge And Prototyping

The right supplier gathers the most specialised industrial experts who will listen to your requirements and project specifications for the best results. With the best experts at your disposal, simply communicating your dream car component will complete your project as smoothly as possible. Their top-notch knowledge will bring your ideas to life through a qualified design and engineering team and create a prototype for your perusal. The sample will be taken into bulk manufacturing using automated fibre placement and autoclave curing upon approval.

Strict Quality Control

Reliable suppliers will never compromise on quality, especially when customization is on the line. Professional teams create multiple inspections and meticulous tests to ensure quality specifications, aesthetical requirements, and ultimate fitments. Moreover, they are also supplied quickly with international logistics so that you can order from anywhere in the world. Their comprehensive services will promise a successful project, all while maintaining communication with you.

High-End Scanning Technology

Their unique skill set will bring your ideas to life. Their experienced engineering team will organise processes and analyses on the structural integrity, complexity, patterns, and colour interplay. With the latest 3D scanning technology, they can capture precise and essential details down to each corner, regardless of the size of the component. They build the models in accordance with stringent construction standards and scanning.

Customization Options

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One of the best features of partnering up with a reliable carbon fibre car parts supplier is the perseverance of providing customer-oriented value by providing personalised options to showcase your brand image and innovative ideas aptly. You can also access reliable advice from professionals in the field, making car building an enticing endeavour to build mutual relationships. From patterns to colours to packaging and quality, they will cover all your requirements to match the idea.

Durability & Preciseness

Products are confirmed to have high standards of quality, strength, and accuracy of the plan laid out. Not only are the raw materials sourced from top-notch carbon fibre companies, but the supplies are also guaranteed to be stable and invulnerable to deterioration. Your business can use these products for an extended period with consistent quality. Precise curing under extreme heat and pressure accurately fits the factory component. Today’s suppliers utilise advanced CNC technology, enhancing the interior and exterior edge.

Ease Of Installation

Installation hassles are a thing of the past with suitable suppliers in your hand. Industrial experts apply a finely cut 3M double stick beforehand, enhancing the ease of installation and creating precise fittings each time. The durability is also enhanced with thermostatic polishing, making an aesthetically pleasing smooth and shiny appearance. When in-house experience meets cutting-edge techniques, you can see the magic happen.

Access To Diversified Products

There are over 2000 carbon-fibre car parts, each manufactured with an eye for quality and adherence to safety standards. With access to a host of designs catering to different car specs, you can opt for the ideal one. This will save time and money, as they serve as the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) who supplies all the necessary components. They control top-notch material sourcing, engineered designs, quality manufacturing, and high-end logistics to create the best product experience for you.

Robust R&D

Partnering with suitable suppliers will give you access to a full-fledged team with the engineering know-how and technical expertise to influence your designs. Their incomparable experience in dealing with carbon fibre components will also ensure all the parts are in trend in the automotive aftermarket.


Carbon fibre is used to strengthen the grounds in the automotive industry and to construct trusses and lightweight beams. Southwest Performance Parts specializes in carbon fiber products that are optimised for high strength, durability, customization, reduced weight, and cost-efficiency. Partnering with a supplier with adequate experience in composites, structural design, component optimization, prototyping, and quality manufacturing like Southwest Performance Parts can push your companies to standards you never believed even existed.