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16 Ways On How To Attract Men Easily With Body Language

There are several ways you can attract any man you want. Ways to attract men really works and can make him attached for your life forever. These secrets on how to attract a guy work like a charm and you can seduce a man of any calibre including good, rich, and white men among others.

If you are this type of woman who goes out but guys don’t notice you then you need to do something. There are several tricks you need to use to attract men attention. They do not apply to specific ladies but to every woman. You all have the tools but how do you sharpen them?

First Impression

Ladies I want to tell you that first impression matters. Before you get close to a man, remember that he has already seen you from a distance. Men get attracted to flattering and well-accentuated women. It doesn’t matter what body shape are you, men will at first be attracted with how you groom and your style. You should begin by realizing that you are beautiful and magnetic and just build it.

Learn to accentuate your silhouette before you get out to meet a guy. Wear something that makes you flattering and sexy. There are colors that attract men, for instance, red, green and yellow. Your hairstyle should be trendy and avoid too much make-up so that you look natural. How you smell from a distance should be enough to attract guys. Use a perfume that is sweet-scented and avoid too much of it.


Among ways to attract men, communication skills will determine whether the man gets to you or not. Confident is essential while communicating verbally. Gestures are powerful tools in communicating to anyone. Use some gestures and avoid others like pocketing or crossing your arms. Men like women who communicates with humor and jokes. He will wish to enjoy his life laughing and being happy.


Never let a man realize that you are desperate for him. He can notice when you look panicking. Try to show how you value other aspects of your life like family, friends and career. Approach it carefully and don’t let him realize that your life is through him. Talk of your future plans to do with the success and own life aspects. Men don’t like women who seem too demanding.


Learn how to attract men by refining your personality. Men like funny and cool women. Talk with some sense of humor and jokes. Too seriousness can send a man away. Funny means that you are unique and not boring. Most popular ways to attract men are personality-based.

How to Attract Men with Body Language

How to Attract Men with Body Language

This is the most powerful magnetic feature that every man want to see. Men like women who smile as this shows that you are happy and you can make him happy as well. Serious and emotional women are not attractive to men. Even if smiling is not your nature, practice and get to learn it. Smile is a sign of socialness and kindness. Remember not to overdo it to a suspicious level.

Relaxed Hands

While speaking to a man, make your hand relaxed and avoid crossing them. This also helps your shoulders to relax. When they appear raised it shows some tension in you and it feels harsh. Let them fall and a man will easily notice that you are relaxed and ready to share ideas with him. Avoid leaning forward since this imply your aggressiveness towards him.


To dance here doesn’t mean music and rhythms. This is a reflection of the movements a man makes while talking to you probably while standing. When he steps back you need to step forward. Similarly, when he steps forward by a step, you have to take a step backwards. This makes him feel much compelled making him love you more. Standing still makes you look serious as a soldier.


Gesturing is one of the ways on how to attract men. Learn how to attract men with gestures while speaking. This helps in emphasizing your words and easier flirting. Remember not to overdo it, since too many gestures show that you are nervous. The medium one is ideal and makes the man understand you better.

How To Attract Rich Men

How to attract rich good men
How to attract rich good men

Be Sunny And Not Phony

This means that you should be yourself and not associate the relation affairs to money or riches. You should perceive him like any other guy and so does should he to your integrity. “Assert your independence and demand respect” (Raven, “How to Attract Rich Men”). Being positive makes you look less worried and the man will also feel relaxed.

Short Dates

Too much eager and availability will lower your quality notch. Appear like you are busy and successful, to avoid the notion that you are after his money. Keep the dates short and this will make a unique part of you. Katherine Scott a dating coach “… men will long for another date and reminisce on a good time if the date is short and leaves them wanting more” (Penn, “How to Attract Successful Men”).


Flirt and show that you are interested. Some rich men may not show off that they are rich. When you become dismiss that could be the chance that you may not get again. “A man who does not flaunt his wealth is usually modest and charming. Those are actually the kind of rich men you want” (Raven, “How to Attract Rich Men”).

Look Natural

This depends on how you present yourself. The dressing and the fashion style. Too attractive wearing and too much makeup will not seduce the rich man. How to attract successful men begins with some aspect of humbleness. Don’t appear as if you are for a hunt. “Appear confident and available for conversation” (Penn, “How to Attract Successful Men”)

Social Places

It is nice to get to social places with influential men like at the sports bar and clubs. While there let them come and approach you. Definitely, if you appear calm, flattering and well accentuated, one must come. “Wealthy men, in particular, like to earn what they’re getting” (Rose 2006). They like working for what they want to earn.

Ways On How To Attract Men Easily With Body Language

How To Attract Good Men

Most women end up breaking with their partners due to their own weaknesses. Good men like good women but in most cases, they end up with irrational ones. You can list down all your weak points and work to improve on them. Show some humility and positivity in the friendship.


Become confident in your approach. You ought not to look like you are pushing for it. Maintain your integrity and respect you deserve. Good men will find this interesting and they will be ready to have you in their lives. Your psychological set up and instinct can tell whether the guy you are meeting is good or not.


There is no exact place to locate and identify a good man. How to attract good men begins with your appearance and determination. It is your approach that will attract this nice guy. Bad guys fear facing determined women. From the reasoning and speaking, you can weigh the stand of the man and rate his credibility.

Night clubs and bars are said to host many cheaters and one-night stand seekers. The probability of getting a good man from such places are low. Streets are also not ideal places to meet your trusted friend. Definitely this guy was headed somewhere before seeing you. Carefully select on right avenues you can meet.

How to Attract White Men

Dating sites.

There are very many dating sites where white men can be found. Black women are said to have sexy personalities that attract white men. Working on your silhouette is to look well accentuated and defined can easily attract white men. Confidence and determination attract any kind of men. Being kind, charming and funny is what most white men want.