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29 Beautiful Love SMS Verses To Your Beloved Guy

I love you so much dear!
You are my knight and superhero
And I want you to be stronger
I admired my princess!

If you put your hand on my waist
I feel changes in my body
In his head, an anomaly,

And tenderness tickles in my chest
And my desire is all the more weighty:
Ah, I want to see you right up until morning
I love to study anatomy!

You, beloved, are my most precious diamond, where every facet is your dignity: you are handsome as Apollo, strong as Hercules, smart as Solomon, as cool as Zeus. But remember, its edges sparkle only in the rays of my love.

I love your hands warmly
And the eye is a magical glow
It’s good that you are near
My priceless creature!

I’ll tell you, beloved, inadvertently:
It’s like I’m in a trance deep
I wake up on the machine in the morning
I smile with a learned smile

Out of politeness I listen to my friends
I spend leisure time without interest,
And only your tender lips touch
Able to wake my mind!

My beloved, you, as a circus performer, are as talented: as a magician, you always guess what to give me as a clown, you never let me be sad, but as a tamer, you know how to turn me from a tigress into a tender and fluffy cat!

I want you to be a cat,
Your sweetest little one
Chic and unique
And forever insanely beloved!

You are so beloved and desired
Gentle and courageous, mischievous,
Among the innermost desires
The main thing is that you were only mine.

To whisper gently speech in the ear,
He promised to get all the stars
I would hug tightly over my shoulders
So that he wanted to become a faithful spouse.

Love is a lottery in which I seem to have won the main prize – you, beloved! In life, such happiness can happen only once, because I will not give my gain to anyone!

No, dear, beloved, you do not laugh –
It is not clear what to discuss here.
I speak seriously – do not hope
You will run away from my love.

You are my knight, my hero
Though we quarrel sometimes
Anyway, you’re the best
Where you are, there is joy, laughter,

Where you soul sings
Day and night,
Where you are, there I am with you –
So inscribed fate

There are still knights in the world – truly noble and truly brave, honest and really reliable, protecting their beloved in any situation. At least, to my happiness, one of them just stayed – it’s you!

My heart is like a bird
Also beats and sings.
And if you catch it, hold it tight,
And put it closer to the soul!

I counted everything, love
You are happier, you believe, no
I do not need instant coffee –
You are my secret of vigor!

And all in this wonderful world
Can you replace me.
Yes, tamed, but you’re in the answer –
Well, how not to appreciate that ?!

I love you so much that I’m ready for any sacrifice: I’ll cook soup “like my mother’s”, watch football and carefully listen to your comments, look for socks even in the most inaccessible places of the apartment. For your sake, I’m ready to become the perfect woman!

My heart is full of hot love
For you, my love, it burns
For you I live and breathe and sing
You warm my soul with tenderness!

Into the whirlpool of a passionate hug
I want to dive again
To feel how beautiful life is
And enjoy every moment!

Casting aside doubt
Trust your dreams
And not hiding obsession
Snuggle up to your tender lips!

Let the stars know, the moon listens:
I don’t sleep tonight.
Again about you, darling, all dreams,
Both in the heart and in the soul – only you!

Noted long ago and very accurately –
That we love more than anyone else
Who we dream of falling asleep at night
Waking up, remember at dawn.

Dreaming of you, I fall asleep
In a dream and in reality I breathe thee.
Now I understand and know for sure
What is called true love.

I love you like stars in the sky
Love like a gentle surf
I really want you, my dear,
Always been next to me!

Even a day alone with you apart
It lasts forever, like a year.
Your lips and hands yearn for you
The heart is looking forward to meeting you.

And when I close my eyes,
I only see you, as in a dream.
I’m about meeting, honey, I dream so much
I hastily hurry to you with all my heart.

I only smile with you, dear,
You alone – the dream come true!
Admire the love of your strength
The main thing in my life is you!

Hold me tight
Kiss me on the mouth
Lurking in these actions
Feelings simple beauty!

Hand in hand
If necessary, shut up,
Good to be with you:
Lovely, affectionate, dear!

You are my light in the window in the morning
Life is meaning and happiness is a warm ray.
My beloved, faithful, close friend,
You are the best on the whole planet!

You are my life, like a clear ray,
With my love lit up
You found, darling, a key to your heart
And sweet May let into the soul!

The stars in the sky are brighter with you
Tender wind, louder far
And even, you believe, the summers are hotter
You are in a busy February!

Life is like a game, we are actors in it
Shakespeare was right, but still we
We have no rights to play love:
Love saves us from darkness.

In the magic power of a kiss
In the earthly embrace of gravity,
In love that gives a different life
And promises pleasure

In a fit of sincere and passionate
What spills over the river
In a dream of mutual and beautiful
I was convinced only with you!

The heart is rosy, warm
It’s as if blossomed in the soul –
I love you my beloved
And again all meaning has found!

Now soars up, then tends to down again
My heart on love is now swing.
I whisper in vain to him: “hold on, hold on” –
He doesn’t obey at all, more and more naughty.

Reason you. I’m crazy about you.
I pronounce in a dream, darling, your name.
I do not need either psychic or palmist –
I know, I feel: you are mine forever.

All our meetings have wonderful moments
I keep in my heart like moments of inspiration
My life is in them, my true success!
With you, dear, I am happier than everyone!