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7 Tips To Make A Man Feel Loved And Respected

7 Tips To Make A Man Feel Loved And Respected

I have just read an article from elitedaily.com which talks about 7 things every guy can do to be perfect for her women.  I have to agree to disagree with some of the pointers. Women are one of the most complicated animals in the world and it is nearly impossible for a man to be perfect for women.

Do note that I am still respectful for all the women in the world especially my late mother and my current wife, but I do think it is necessary to share how and why the men actually behave in a relationship. This information is vital for those who want to learn how to fix a relationship.

I have come out with 7 Tips To Make A Man Feel Loved And Respected

Honesty – Only at the right time

Basically, it is dangerous, to be honest with a woman. If you are being asked questions liked:

Am I prettier than that girl on the street?

Am I putting on weight?

Oh please, guys don’t be honest. You would have a lot of answering to do afterwards. To the women, please do not ask this kind of questions when you already know honesty doesn’t play a big part (it is obvious when we are lying!!).

If you want to make yourself feel good, you have to convince yourself in the mirror. You don’t have to get assurances from others (not even your spouse) to make yourself feel good. The most important thing is how do you feel about yourself?

Guys love to share the important matters in their life with their women but the appearance is not everything. It is a fact that a woman’s appearance is a depreciating asset over the years. What a guy need is a woman who is beautiful on the inside, have mutual respect and honesty for each other.

What A Man Wants In A Woman

7 Tips To Make A Man Feel Loved And Respected

Stop Playing Mind Games! Understanding comes from knowing your partner inside out. In dealing with how to fix a relationship you will find out that many people who are married are quite different from each other.

It is not always necessary to have the same likes and dislikes. What matters is adjusting and knowing each other’s likes and dislikes as it will create a balance between you and your partner.

However, women always have a tendency to play mind games with men. They are expecting the guys to guess what they are thinking and why are they reacting this way. C’mon, we are not trained psychiatrists. We need you to be upfront on your feelings. Just speak your mind and stop the mind games.

Responsibility- Time to Step Up

Stop blaming the men for every problem that might occur and start taking responsibilities for yourself. You are a grown individual and should be capable of taking your own decisions. You should learn how to fix a relationship.

Engage in discussions whenever possible, as a healthy conversation is always welcome in any relationship. Try to be an avid listener, we are all born with a pair of ears and one mouth. Do not listen just for the sake of answering.

Caring – Don’t Take Us For Granted

I have a friend who mentioned that his wife neglected him once they have 2 kids. He said that even if he disappeared in the face of the earth, his wife would not notice him. It is not easy to satisfy a woman and they can always find 101 ways to nag at you.

Women, please don’t forget that it takes extreme patience from a man to bear with that and don’t take us for granted. We will always be there to share your burden and make your life easier. However, please don’t forget to make our lives easier too. In my opinion, this is a fair tradeoff.

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Hobbies – Please Catch Us At The Right Time

What A Man Wants In A Woman

This is one thing I have a hard time letting my wife understand. Please catch us at the right time. Why are women so fond of striking up a conversation when you notice your men is enjoying his favorite soccer match or engrossed in something like playing video or handphone games.

Unless it is really urgent, please strike off the ‘I want it now’ attitude. Please don’t expect the desired response from your men at this point of time as the focus would not be on you. Needless arguments can be avoided by choosing the right time to speak.

Self-Esteem – Control Your Emotions

For any reasons, if the men actually touch your hot buttons either accidentally or purposely, please control your emotions well. It is always common that women lose control of their emotions more easily than men.

Even if you would like to vent your frustrations, please do it behind closed doors. Slamming doors and raising your voice really doesn’t help when you know how to fix a relationship

What Attracts A Man To A Woman The Most

Every man had goals and dreams in life. They would love to have women who are supportive of what they want to do in life. I have seen a lot of cases when the man is unable to fulfil his own dream and goals because the woman in his life is not being supportive.  The least the women can do is not discouraging the aspirations and dreams of her man.


The purpose of this article is just to explain why men behave in a certain way and how woman also plays her part in ensuring that a man feels loved and respected. For all the husbands out there, if ever quarrel with your wife again or felt disrespected, it may be a useful article to show them if you are unable to explain your actions in words.