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Apartment Water Heater Buying Guide: 6 Factors To Look Out For

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Apartment Water Heaters

Water heaters may seem like a simple necessity, but it is more than that. There are multiple elements in the purchase decision of a heater. You must know how to select the best possible water heater, which will not only fulfill all your needs but also be a great addition to your apartment. Meanwhile, the budget that you have for a water heater will also not be hampered when you know the right way to buy the geyser you need.

Whenever you are trying to select one of many heaters, you have to consider a variety of factors.

Source: mylittleapartment.com

Water Capacity

Whenever it comes to water heaters, the ability to hold liquids is a crucial component to consider. Knowing how so much liquid you need to warm up at once would be ideal. It depends on how many people are living there as well as how much water each person needs. A kitchen will usually require instant water heaters, which can provide hot water as and when needed only. Here, the water capacity can be as low as one to five liters. If the capacity is too high, it becomes difficult to use in kitchens as hot fluid is needed almost instantaneously.

If the requirement is showering and bathing, you must select a heater that has a higher level of storage capacity. A higher storage capacity will enable you to heat up more water, and it will also stay warm for longer. The higher storage capacity is usually between fifteen to twenty five liters. Additionally, if you want to boil up more liquid each day and store it as hot water, a bigger capacity is always desirable.

Geyser Features

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Geysers have multiple features. There are some features like a digital display that can display crucial information about the water in the geyser and also the condition of the geyser itself. It allows you to schedule maintenance when you need it. Automatic cleaning facilities are also available in some geysers.

Such facilities allow for a longer equipment life cycle. Besides the displays, there are smart geysers available too. These heaters can connect to other smart devices and can work in tandem. They can not only switch on automatically at the time that they are scheduled to but also control the temperature of the water as and when needed. Most heaters also have the ability to automatically cut the supply of water and electricity once the water is heated up to a certain level or the tank has reached a certain pressure level.

Dimensions Of Geyser

Every geyser has some specific dimensions. Given that every apartment is unique, you must want to know the dimensions of a geyser. Some geysers will definitely be really huge if the storage capacity is high. However, the shape of the heater can be different. There are both round and oval shaped heaters and also quadrilateral based heaters. These shapes are important depending on where you want to mount the geyser.

A long geyser that is mounted vertically is not preferred in houses where the ceiling is not high enough. It is because there is a minimum distance by which the geyser must stay clear of the water output. Besides, horizontally mounted geysers seem much better for modern apartments with lower ceilings.

Geyser Design

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The design of the geyser is a crucial element. Most modern houses want to have an aesthetically pleasing bathroom or kitchen. When you spend so much money on interior design, you would not want to ruin the appearance of the apartment by installing an unsuitable heater. There are various shades in which geysers come nowadays. More than that, there are some textured geysers also available in matte colors. There are some floral, abstract, or geometric patterns that may be present on the walls of the geysers. They add some good outlook to the solid walls of the room they are placed in.

Cost Of Acquisition

The total cost of acquisition not only includes the cost of the geyser but also installation and delivery costs. Therefore you may want to inquire about these costs as well to get the aggregate figure that you shall have to pay. Additionally, you should also know how many services you can get and what they shall cost. These ultimately add up to the total cost of the asset.

Availability Of Electricity

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Having electricity is a crucial prerequisite whether you want to utilize quick heaters or storage geysers. Modern geysers will typically need power because it is so readily available. You must thus be aware of whether or not your area provides dependable electricity. You will need a power source or an inverter with a reserve water heater if you don’t have reliable electricity and want to use an electrical heater.

Wattage Consumption

The majority of geysers need a significant amount of energy. Your bank account may eventually feel the pressure from this. High wattage is always needed for instant heaters. As previously mentioned, the majority of heaters consume up to 3,000 watts of power. You may have to understand the trade off between high power consumption and the speed of heating the water.

If you wish to go for a heater that will heat up your water slowly, it will require a lower wattage. However, that does not simply imply that power consumption will be lower. If the capacity is higher, liquid heating will go on for longer, and therefore the total consumption of energy will be high. Thus, understand the needs of your apartment before choosing the wattage.


Keeping all these factors in mind, you can get yourself the best possible water heater. After considering all the factors, you may have some of your own parameters, which you may also look at. Finally, it would be best if you arrived at a useful heater for your apartment.