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11 Ways to Make Your Bathroom Look More Expensive

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The bathroom is actually one of the most expensive rooms to fully renovate. Investing in new bathroom elements, marble tiles and fancy furniture can easily cost thousands of dollars.

That is why we compiled this list of 11 creative ways you can make your bathroom look more luxurious without spending a crazy amount of money.

1. Use Wallpaper

Wallpaper may be a bit costly and it does take some time to install, but the effect it will have on the overall bathroom appearance is incredible. Luxurious wallpaper will give the space a pop of fresh colour and texture.

Whether your bathroom needs a full renovation or just a bit of glamour added, investing in elegant wallpaper will transform its look. Even just an accent wall or the ceiling can make a huge difference.

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2. Add Diagonal Tiles

Instead of using plain, straight line or square tiles, interior designers recommend revamping the bathroom with diagonal tile patterns. Interesting diagonal tiles will not only make the bathroom look fancier but more spacious, too.

Also, if you tile the walls all the way up to the ceiling, you will create a lively surface that will make the room sparkle.

Even if you cannot invest in pricey tiles, focus on the quality of how they are placed and the result will be stunning.

3. Hang Oversized Artwork

Artwork will add another layer of luxury to your bathroom, and large pieces will especially be flattering if the room is small. They will visually anchor a tiny space and add a warm and sophisticated feel to it.

When you decide to introduce artwork to the bathroom, make sure you hang it properly to keep it protected from water damage.

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4. Introduce Gold or Metallic Details

Try to add a warm and elegant touch to your bathroom with carefully placed metallic details. You can use brass or any other goldish metal, but make sure you use the right shade to avoid a tacky, distasteful look.

This lovely change does not require a major renovation and replacement of key bathroom elements. It is enough to add metallic accent pieces such as soap dishes, candle plates, tiny containers and other inexpensive decorative elements.

5. Replace the Old Tub

The tub is often the centrepiece of the bathroom, and if you decide to invest in a sophisticated new tub, the whole room will be transformed.

Today’s designers keep creating attractive new styles and you can now choose from a large variety of amazing materials. For example, you can decide to enrich your bathroom’s appearance with a stunning new stone tub (for more information please visit Renovation Kingdom).

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6. Update the Fixtures

You don’t need to remodel the bathroom to get a feeling of a fresh and elegant new space. Updating the fixtures can enhance the overall aesthetic of the room without costing a fortune.

Changing the sink that is starting to look worn and replacing it with something sleeker like brass can instantly make the bathroom look fresh and modern.

Create a sense of uniformed style by using matching fixture finishes with every part of the bathroom including the shower handles and the tub. Many manufacturers carry entire kits that you can use.

7. Update the Linens

If you keep a ton of different towels and all of them look a little worn, it is time to replace them with a matching set that complements your other bathroom elements.

Find towels and washcloths made of Egyptian cotton or another high-quality material, and decorated with lovely details like ribbon trims, embroidered edges, or monogramming.

Moreover, replace your old shower curtain with a high-end fabric that matches your bathroom decor. Try using real bedroom curtains that come in silk or other silk-like materials that can really make the space look more expensive in no time.

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8. Add Greenery

Adding plants to the bathroom is another way to upgrade it with a more upscale look. Greenery helps the space look larger and brighter, and it makes the entire ambience more soothing. Fortunately there are a number of varieties that flourish in these conditions.

If you are afraid you will not be able to manage real plants, you can opt for artificial ones, although that way you will miss out on certain benefits. Real plants not only add to the space visually, but they also improve the quality of the air.

9. Use Large-Scale Lighting

Although it may seem that the lighting is usually overlooked when it comes to bathroom interior design, the use of large-scale lighting is a trick commonly used to give bathrooms a more luxurious look.

Designers often recommend flush-mount chandeliers since they require less room and at the same time create an extraordinary effect.

If you decide to invest in a new chandelier make sure you choose one that’s rated safe for use in bathrooms, and have a professional electrician install it.

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10. Add an Eye-Catching Mirror

If you still have a basic bathroom mirror that mounts directly on the wall and has no striking details, it is time to replace it with an unusual piece that will get immediate attention as soon as someone walks in.

Try choosing an oversized mirror with a unique finish and shape, decorated with Moroccan or English gold. A large ceiling-height mirror will make the bathroom look more extravagant and bigger.

11. Shop for Classy Containers

Choose a set of high-end containers to mask all the drugstore toiletries in the bathroom. Find beautiful bottles or dispensers for all the cosmetics such as body lotions, shampoos, hand soaps, etc.

This will help the bathroom look more classy, especially if the toiletries found in it are not that luxurious themselves.

Stay away from cheap-looking plastic organizers and focus on high-quality containers made of ceramic or thick glass. You can stick to the same design for all the toiletries, or mix and match the containers of similar styles.

Just a few simple changes can make an older bathroom become a luxury space that you will gladly showcase to your friends and family.

Whether you decide to install a new chandelier or redesign the tiles – whichever of our tips you decide to implement, the space is guaranteed to transform your bathroom into a luxurious space you simply won’t want to leave.