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How Economical is Infrared Heating?

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The unique and advanced technology enables pleasant and healthy heat radiation that gently warms the muscles without the effect of drying the skin. Infrared heaters are environmentally friendly due to the high-efficiency factor because 98% of the input energy is converted into thermal energy. The main advantage is the ability to transfer heat to people and objects, without doing the same to the surrounding air.

That is why today this is a popular choice. They also do not take up much space, do not interfere with manipulation and movement in the building. So, they are also ideal because they do not disturb the aesthetics. However, most people are worried about another thing, and that refers to spending money due to the use of this technology. If you are also interested in this, keep reading and find out all about this topic.

Infrared heating

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Before we explain a little more about the functioning of this system, we must look at infrared heat. So it is electromagnetic light between microwaves and visible light. It is wrong to compare it with the sun’s rays, because this technology does not contain harmful UV light. The whole system is great because it is safe. We tell you this because when the heat is emitted, it is transferred to all objects in the room and to you as well as other people. This means that even if you are sitting in a cold room and you are next to an infrared plate, you would feel warm.

Renovation of the premises

Since the classic systems involve additional elements such as pipes, infrared is much simpler. They only need free access to the wall socket. When it comes to older buildings, it may be necessary to install these pipes later. It is not profitable to anyone, because it’s a really big expense. However, infrared technology is in that case a more economical choice and better for many more reasons.

However, this means that it primarily allows you to install the system fairly quickly, cost-effectively, and without dust. When it comes to the speed of the procedure, it refers not only to the installation process but also to what comes after it. Therefore, the classical heating components of the system do not allow a quick reaction to change temperatures. This is because the water must first be heated before. With infrared, everything is much faster.

Smart technology

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When working with this technology, every device can be smart. If your house is equipped enough to support smart heating systems, do it. By choosing this one, you can easily adjust and control its operation during the holidays. How can you do that? It’s very simple, use the option on your smartphone, some other device such as a tablet or virtual assistant. Visit www.futofolia.hu to find out how you can control your wireless infrapanels by using Alexa, which is the most famous virtual assistant on the market, manufactured by Amazon. So let’s get back to the topic. How is this possible to achieve complete control at the same time?

This depends on your needs, of course. If you do not need heating all year round, you can save constantly. So, if you would like to direct your system, you can do it with intelligent control using an electronic thermostat. Another great thing is that it has an element that creates a special feeling of warmth. And that means that it is completely comfortable even at lower temperatures, so you have lower costs of electricity and a healthy climate in the house.

Panel installation

When we talk about saving energy and heating, we cannot ignore the place where the panels are placed. This is an important item given that this is the reason for the schedule. The panels are placed directly on the walls in order to heat the lower floor while the heat spreads throughout the room. However, they can also be installed on the sidewalls, which is also a great option. Classic radiators or fans behave differently and there is a huge difference.

For example, they use the traditional way. This refers to heating the air that spreads through the room or rooms. It may seem to you that the same heat is involved and that is true. The difference is in the dry air and the short duration of it. It is enough for cold air to pass through the room once and for the heat to disappear.

Infrared system components

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Another factor that indicates the cost-effectiveness of infrared technology is the number of costs during the maintenance of this technology. In addition to the savings you can make when controlling your heating percentage, you can also save this way. As you all know, electric and gas ones usually have motors or some other components, and infrared technology panels. Motors, fans and similar parts are usually more easily damaged or broken. This involves additional repairs or replacement of parts.

On the other hand, infrared ones have a much longer lifespan and all that is needed is to maintain it regularly. This means cleaning the panel well to keep it functioning normally. Although it is very simple in terms of component composition, there are several different models and sizes that you can fit perfectly into your home.

Is infrared technology healthy?

Of course, it is not dangerous to your health. It has been shown to be useful for people suffering from asthma and other respiratory diseases. The panels will not spread allergens all over the room. They are also a much better choice for homes where children stay because hot radiators in accessible places are certainly not good. We must mention that these are the places where the most moisture accumulates. On the other hand, the panels are placed in such a way as to direct the heat to the floor.


So, this whole heating system implies numerous advantages such as energy savings, the possibility of zone heating, fast heating of space, etc. That is more than enough to opt for this efficient way. And we tell you this, because in addition to all the advantages, you get environmentally friendly technology with less investment than investing in conventional systems. We hope we have helped you get answers to all your questions.