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Are Apartment Locator Services Worth The money?

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Apartment hunting is incredibly tedious and time consuming for everyone. You lose time, money, you have to switch stops to get to your destination or you have to drive your car and waste gas while every location you hit managed to be a bust.

These are just some of the reasons you should hire an apartment locator service. Others are pointed in the direction of what you want to rent. We know how ads online or in the local paper can be vague, at best, misleading or the worst-case scenario never pick up or answer when you try and visit the location you ended up liking. Apartment locator services are a sub-niche within a real-estate and it all comes down to normal real-estate agents helping normal every day people rent an apartment. This means that these services are brokering renters and referring them to apartment owners for a commission. Simple as that.

Looking for an apartment has its pros and cons but apartment locator services are the best way to find exactly what you want when you want and at reasonable prices. Experts that work in these services have done most of your job ahead of you already and all you have to do is make a wish list and watch them make it happen. One of those is services is aptamigo.com and they are simply awesome check them out.

Now to get back at what we need to do  – answer whether these services are worth your money! Let’s start!

1. Service is free

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Now if there is anything that can state that this is worth your money than it is the fact that this service is free to you looking for an apartment. As already mentioned these guys work on a commission but they get paid from the apartment complex owner or the person renting. Everything that comes to your benefit is free. If you lost enough of your time and money on searching and haven’t found anything remotely viable than why not try this for free and see if there is anything to this?!

2. Huge database

These guys are packed with offers. It is their only job to have a database so vast that it can cover any need. They will have everything laid out for you, you only need to tell them what exactly you are looking for in terms of location, size and maybe something that you need to have close by. That is all, a few types into a PC will spawn you your perfect apartment with everything you wanted. Plus side to this is that they rent some of these units several times and you just might get a heads up about the owner, the state of the unit or some special circumstances you have to aware of.

3. Awesome deals

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If the apartment locator service has some years behind them they probably got on a good side with most of the people renting. Why did we mention this? Well, the fact is that if you are good with someone then you can hope for a good deal on the next apartment rent. Maybe it is your third or fifth time dealing with this owner and you can persuade him to let the price down a bit because this family that are apartment hunting moved you in some way. Or something like that. The endpoint here is that going with apartment locator services opens a lot more opportunities for you the renter. 

4. Check everything

When opting to deal with these experts you get everything on a silver platter. If you decide on a certain house with a pool or an apartment with an indoor sauna they will call ahead and check with the owner about availability, pricing, or anything that is or might be out of the ordinary. This will give you a heads up and allow you to, possibly, reconsider your new dream home because there are problems or the landlord may be overpriced the unit for this period. All in all, you will have all the information necessary to make a clear decision which after all that shouldn’t be so tough. 

5. Smart shopping

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Last year you probably decided to look for an apartment alone and you used ads on line, maps and drove your car around. You probably got lost due to incorrect street names, hit a few units that you wouldn’t let your dog in and got so disappointed you simply gave up. With apartment locator services you do everything the smart way. Imagine hitting an apartment community and driving around in a golf cart browsing for your next dream place. No looking around for street numbers and names, not losing your way, you came prepared and you found your new apartment at first shot.

6. Special offers

Now, this doesn’t have to go for every apartment locator service but some of them actually can get you some special offers like forgetting a large deposit that you have to give in your previous apartment. Or the apartment you pick using these services and thanks to the experts there, you just might get your first month free with complimentary candy on the pillow. Well, this other thing we wouldn’t hope for but there was more than one case where the services managed to treat their customer with a rent-free first month and managed to either downsize the deposit or get rid of it.

So, after reading this you tell us is it worth to go check out the apartment locator service? With everything here, this is a sure proof way of finding your dream home for less time than you used to, definitely less money in some cases, with a lot more nerves preserved and having a great deal of fun while doing it. 

These services simply took all the kill-joy from this job and made it a real treat. After a few minutes of talking there is an expert that will give you an offer and then take you straight there and close the deal. The speed, the time savings and the potential money savings are the only few things you should think about when thinking about visiting these services. You give so little but get so much in return.