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Underground Season 3 – Release Date – Everything You Need To Know!

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Underground is a famous American historical drama series that debuted on 9 March 2016 on WGN America which is an American news station. The drama is produced by Misha Green and Joe Pokaski. It is about the abuse of slaves and how the aristocrats kept captive slaves for their benefit. Underground has two seasons, the third one is on its way. Read the article to know about underground 3: Release date: everything you need to know.

Underground Season 3: Release Date: Everything You Need To Know!

Plot Summary Season 1

Noah is made captive by Tom Macon who is the plantation master of Macon plantation. He is among the wealthiest of people and running for a senate. Macon has kept many slaves who work with him unwillingly. A dying slave in the prison writes a song on the wall that has a hidden map to freedom. Noah gets it imprinted on his shirt with his blood and promises himself that he will seek freedom.

Noah gathers some slaves with potential abilities to get help in the escape. One of them is Rosalee who is a house slave. Cato, another slave driver, observes them and threatens Noah that he will reveal his doings to Macon if he didn’t add him in. John Hawkes who is a lawyer and an activist yearns for children, he attempts at standing up for the exploitation of slaves going on, but his wife Elizabeth and William still who is an abolitionist stands with him.

It is revealed that John Hawkes and Tom Macon are brothers, only that they both have different perspectives. It is also revealed that Tom Macon has illicit relations with Ernestine who is Rosalee’s Mother. Rosalee and James are Macon’s children. Ernestine urges Rosalee not to run away because her life is the easiest on the plantation. Whereas Rosalee is adamant about freedom and insists on helping Noah in his mission.

Cato’s objectives are still uncertain because he constantly bugs Noah. A slave who initially resisted on freedom plan agrees and agrees on helping Noah to get under the bridge. Cato is to steal a gun from the plantation mistress bedroom after luring her. Pearly Mae, who is also a slave yearning for freedom promises to forge freedom papers. Before that, a runaway slave arrives at August Pullman, who is a secretive bounty hunter. He later hands him over to William still.

John and his wife Elizabeth meet William Still to join their freedom cause. They find out that he has a runaway slave under protection and the slave catchers are looking for him. They get the slave catchers arrested by tricking them. In the next episode, Noah finally plans on acting upon their escape mission. Sam builds away under the bridge but they find out that the freedom papers that were forged need Macon’s seal stamp.

Noah gives the task of stealing Macon’s seal to Rosalee. Zeke is in the box because he retaliates against the people who are taking his wife Seraphina to another plantation. Cato helps Zeke release from the box and falsely tells him that Noah is prepared to run without taking him. Rosalee steals the seal from Tom’s office which he immediately notices. Tom punishes all the slaves for the theft of his seal and asks the real thief to step forward.

Ernestine is too scared to know that Rosalee is the thief. She seeks help from Tom’s son. Meanwhile, Rosalee is attacked by a drunk overseer, Noah comes to the rescue and stabs the overseer. In the meantime, John and Elizabeth extract information from the underground while attending a ball night with the help of Elizabeth’s ex-fiance who is a marshal. This information will help them in the freedom cause.

The injured overseer is taken care of by Cato and Ernestine. Tom believes that the chances of the overseer living are low therefore he appoints Cato as the next overseer. Cato starts exercising his power over other slaves. Noah and Rosalee are on the run while Mrs. Macon hears about a train leaving. Dogs are sent after the escapees that are poisoned by Rosalee. Later, Macon tells August that he will hire him if he brings back the runaway slaves while the other slaves involved in the mission are punished by Cato.

Cato burns the cotton field to help the freedom-seeking slaves run, August attempts to catch them but he is prevented by Pearly Mae. Noah comes to the rescue and leads Rosalee. While escaping, a slave catcher nearly catches Henry but the slaver catcher is shot dead by Noah. While escaping, Noah realizes that Pearly Mae and Sam are missing from the group.

The group is on the run, August knows about their whereabouts, and he and the other slave catchers are after them. The group splits to trick the catchers, while running, Zeke is killed on the way by slave catchers. All the slaves back at the plantation are interrogated. Pearly Mae is pardoned because Sussana Macon promises her that she will treat her children well. Later on, Pearly Mae is killed by Ernestine because she doesn’t want Rosalee killed or captured.

The escapees are struggling to survive, they have no food to eat. On the run, they find a boat which they take, unfortunately, they are followed by August, and Ben and August break the rudder of the boat. Rosalee finds out that she is Macon’s daughter. In the meantime, John and Elizabeth are expanding their team for the cause and have allotted space in their home for runaway slaves.

August runs to track down his wife after she runs away from the mental hospital. Ben is saddened by her condition and he is equally disgusted by his father’s ways. Mosses and Boo are on the run, on their way, Mosses dies after getting hit by arrows. Whereas Boo finds shelter in Elizabeth’s house about which Kyle finds out. Henry dies a heroic death in an explosion in an attempt to save Noah and Rosalee.

Sam, who is Rosalee’s half-brother, tries to escape and is found by T.R Macon who later tells his father Macon about his escape. T.R Macon has a sympathizing heart he realizes the atrocities going on with the slaves. He stretches a hand of friendship toward James who is currently working on a plantation. James is Macon’s and Ernestine’s son. James refuses T.R MAcon’s hand of friendship.

Sam is brought back and publicly executed by Macon as a warning for other slaves. Meanwhile, Rosalee is tending to Noah who got injured in the fire. They seek help from a doctor by pretending to be free slaves, she also forces Cato to help them. At present, August approaches Patty Canon who is an illegal slave trader to help them catch Rosalee, Cato, and Noah. While treating Noah, the sheriff arrives at the doctor’s, Noah is nearly killed but he manages to escape.

Unfortunately, Rosalee is held by August, and he also finds hidden mercury under his house. Macon seeks help from southern men about the bidding of his senatorship. Moreover, John gets an official admonition from Macon to stay away from whatever Macon is doing. The injured Noah successfully escapes the doctors and reunites with Cato.

August uses Rosalee to lure Cato and Noah while they seize a wagon to rescue Rosalee from August. Ben knows about his father’s intentions to be only interested in money. He teams with Rosalee to help her escape. There is a lot of money on the wagon which they spread to distract the slave catchers. Meanwhile, Ben finds out about his father’s recurrent lies and frees Rosalee.

August and Rosalee are hallucinating because they have touched the devil’s snare that was present in the dress Rosalee has stolen. Rosalee sees Macon and she tries to stab him only to realize she has stabbed Ben. This gives her and Noah a chance to run when August tends to Ben. In the meantime, Noah and Rosalee escape leaving Cato behind when he is shot by some Indians.

They arrive at John and Elizabeth’s house to seek sanctuary to find out Boo is already there. Kyle is killed, and Tom is haunted by the thoughts of Sam after he has publicly executed him. He is hanged by Ernestine and staged his death as he has committed suicide. Later on, Noah is arrested once again with other slaves, Rosalee flees and Cato is revealed to be on the run. Rosalee swears to help other slaves to seek freedom.

Underground 2 Plot Summary

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In the next season, Rosalee escapes with Boo and meets Harriet Tubman. She learns about Noah being captive and guilty of murder. She works in a hospital undercover and attempts at rescuing Noah. Meanwhile, Ernestine is transported to another plantation where she sees Pearly Mae in her hallucinations who urges her to kill herself. John gets killed by bounty hunters and Elizabeth starts working as an abolitionist with a team of women.

Elizabeth wants revenge for her husband’s death, so much so that she gets insane. Rosalee continues to help slaves to run away and leads them to a seemingly safe house but in reality, the house is watched by Patty’s gang. Noah realizes that the bounty hunters work for Cato who has managed to find fortune on his run and now is a wealthy man. He tries to escape, but all in vain. Rosalee continues saving the slaves and is now known as “the black rose”

Next, Rosalee is transporting the runaways through a boat which is shot by Patty, Rosalee survives and finds out that she is with a child. Rosalee is still on the run and Patty’s gang is still pursuing him. During the hiding, the injured Rosalee is bitten by a snake. Ernestine keeps on hallucinating about Sam, her husband, and Pearly Mae and tries to kill herself but is saved.

Noah and Cato quarrel Still meets with Noah and tells him that he knows about his story and struggle. Rosalee reunites with Noah, she wants Ernestine and James to be rescued with the help of Noah from the Macon plantation. Elizabeth is helping them all along, Noah proposes to Rosalee after hearing of her pregnancy, she accepts her proposals. Meanwhile, rich Cato has invited abolitionists including still, and propose that they must have money to end slavery.

After that, Cato is captured by Patty Cannon who wants him to lead the gang toward Rosalee by torturing him. Patty aims at selling free blacks into slavery to earn money. Rosalee and Noah find out that Ernestine is sold to another plantation, and they try to inform James to know about her whereabouts. In an attempt to steal a book with sold slaves’ information, Rosalee is captured by an overseer. Noah tries to shoot the overseer but does not.

Meanwhile, Ernestine is captured by August when she tries to escape the Rowe’s plantation. James is receiving special treatment as Canon’s son and he betrays Rosalee. Upon realizing James’s betrayal Noah plans on rescuing Rosaleeby keeping Suzanna Canon hostage. Noah tells James about the meaning of family which causes a reawakening in him. James decides to take care of Rosalee but refuses to go with them or help them for the cause.

Noah kidnaps Suzanna, James, and Rosalee and tries to escape when Macon’s son T.R Macon fires at Noah but he misses the shot, and Suzanna gets hit. In the meantime, Ernestine and August bond and try to escape. Elizabeth kept on fighting for the cause and tried to raise money for it but it didn’t help. She tries to rob a church for the money to free all the slaves as the church was pro-slavery.

Rosalee, Noah, and James return and group up with Elizabeth. They unite and start attacking plantations that have kept blacks as slaves. Rosalee has a baby, and Patty Cannon is shot dead by Cato and becomes the new leader of the gang. Elizabeth and August find out that his wife and slave are dead and the Macon plantation has been burnt. Towards the end, we see that Elizabeth gives an indicator to her accomplices for a raid. The show does have some unsewn threads that are to be completed in underground season 3.

Underground Season 3: Release Date And Everything Else

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Underground series is an American period drama series that has been a huge success all around the world. It is about a group of slaves that are vigorously fighting to put an end to slavery. The first two seasons are about the struggles of Noah and Rosalee who are slaves on the Macon plantation. They not only seek freedom but also convince other slaves to fight for freedom.

Towards the end of season 2, it seems like they are getting successful in their mission, however, we can only know that in underground season 3. Underground season 3 was canceled when the channel that aired the show was purchased by another company. The other company didn’t approve of the series themes which led to the cancellation of underground season 3.

However, another television network acquired the broadcasting rights and it is heard by the producers that underground season 3 is under production. Ryan Murphy, who is the creator of the show, has confirmed that the show will premiere in 2024. However, people are still uncertain about the cancellation or renewal of underground season 3 because we haven’t seen any official trailer or news from the production team.

Although the show lacked a proper audience and hasn’t earned a lot of success for it the fans are eager for underground season 3. We don’t know if popular networks will renew the series for underground 3 but we are sure that it will come out sooner or later in 2024 and will have 8 seasons. Though we don’t know what the story will be about, we have our guesses.

Since Elizabeth signals at doing a raid with her fellow abolitionists, there can be chances of chaos between the two parties. Moreover, we see that Cato declares himself as the new gang member of the gang, he might continue with Patty’s work. In addition to that, Noah, and Rosalee might get married as they have a baby now. Both of them are strong-headed so they might create a league that aims at freeing the slaves. These are all our guesses about the underground season 3, we will only know when it comes out.


What is underground about?

Underground is an American series that is about the illegal slavery of blacks. The show has 2 seasons up till now and will possibly air the third in 2024. It is about the struggles of black slaves who unwillingly work for aristocrats and the plantation owners. Rosalee and Noah seek freedom and during the course many sacrifice their lives.

Why was underground 3 canceled?

The cancellation happened when its parent TV network was purchased by another TV. They didn’t like the motif of the series. Moreover, it lacked a proper audience but some people are still eager for the third season. Oprah Winfrey Networks acquired its broadcasting rights after which it was renewed and is under production.

What will be season 3 about?

The storyline of the third season is still unknown as there hasn’t been any trailer. We think it can be about the raid Elizabeth is about getting involved in with her confederates to seek revenge for her husband’s death. Moreover, Noah and Rosalee might continue to push slaves to seek freedom. They now have a baby so they might get married. Ernestine might reunite with Rosalee and start a new life.

Final Thoughts

Underground has gained a good amount of fans because of the message of freedom it propagates. It instills the meaning of freedom in its audience, it is about the struggles of captive slaves who were forced to work at plantations owned by rich people. People are eagerly waiting for season 3 after its cancellation. Read the article above to know more about the story and release date of underground season 3.