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Striking Out Season 3 – Release Date CONFIRMED or CANCELLED

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After receiving the highest Saturday night ratings for RTE in just one year, Striking out has to make its second season. This Irish series made its first debut on RTE TV in 2017, it was then sold to the US where it made further success. Striking out is about a Dublin-based solicitor named Tara Rafferty, who gains strength after a heartbreak.

Tara Rafferty finds her fiance cheating on her leaving her desolate. However, this doesn’t stop her from becoming a better version of herself. She starts a new life leaving her previous job and realizes she is capable of much more. After the success of its first season, the producers’ Blinder Films announces its second part which was then introduced internationally. About striking out season 3, we have no official news. The 3rd season might be under production, read the article below to know about Striking 3: release date confirmed or canceled.

Striking Out Season 3: Release Date CONFIRMED or CANCELLED!

Striking Out Season 1 Plot Summary

When life puts you in deep water, you come out of it as the best swimmer. The same is the story of striking out in season 1. Tara Rafferty, who is a Dublin-based solicitor works at a legal firm alongside her fiancee Eric Dunbar. Tara is known for her capabilities and hard work. One night after coming back from an all-girls party, she caught her fiancee red-handed cheating on her with a fellow colleague. This sight leaves her devastated, though her fiance apologizes and wants to settle everything she decides to dump him for the good.

After getting rid of him, she leaves the job at the legal firm and takes a break to regain her mental peace. After that, she begins her new career as an independent solicitor and realizes that she has so much more potential than she thought she had. Tara gets her first client who is a local celebrity who is caught in a scandal with a courtesan. After that, she also gets a case of a tearaway who has charges of fraud against him.

In the second episode, Tara is representing a client with a family dispute over their deceased father’s property. Ada, against whom Tara is fighting the case as a representative has issued an eviction notice to her sister Eve Hyes and her partners. Ada is the only beneficiary of her father’s will so she can serve the eviction notice after she found that her sister is planning on turning their father’s mansion into a Yoga home. Tara broker a deal between the two sisters for her own benefit but to her failure loses the case in the court.

Next, Tara has an encounter with Eric when a client, Julie O’Brien comes to her after her husband is bedridden with multiple organ failure issues. Tara has to solve their next of kin issue because there is another woman Corrine who claims to be Barry’s wife. To Tara’s surprise, her ex-fiancee is representing Corrine. Tara is upset when she finds out that Corrine is the legal next of kin as she is her first wife of Barry. Turns out, Barry needs a liver transplant.

Corrine refuses Finbar, Barry’s son to be the donor which gives Tara to prove her notoriety of Corrine. Tara allows Finbar to become a donor to his father in the liver transplant surgery for his survival. This will provide strong grounds for Tara’s case to prove herself capable of winning the case and helping Julie to become legal next of kin.

In the last episode of season 1, Ray comes to Tara in need to get help for his friend John Murphy. His troubled friend John Murphy has his son taken away by social services after a raid on his flat where the authorities found drugs in his flat. There is evidence against John Murphy and his partner after which the case becomes hopeless.

Striking Out Season 2 Plot Summary

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In the last episode of season 1, Tara is seen helping out Pike, who is Ray’s friend and a senior counsel, as a legal counsel in an inquiry related to politicians and businessmen. Amidst the inquiry, Pike finds out that some confidential papers about a land deal are missing. Only to find out that those documents were burnt in a mysterious fire upon locating them.

Tara gets an eviction notice, she leaves the cafe where she has opened her law firm office. Eric thinks the eviction is issued by his father and promises to investigate the situation. While Tara is deeply saddened by Ray’s arrest and the betrayal of Meg who is a private investigator and tech guru.

Pike’s is still investigating businessmen and politicians but the process is terminated when they find out that the evidence has been erased. After the eviction, Tara has no income. She finds a nonfunctioning law firm and tries to bid on cases with the help of her mum so that she can generate some income. She gets a case of a woman who is facing deportation issues. The partner of Promise Abode who is facing deportation issues deeply wishes to marry her. In the meantime, Tara is also involved in uncovering the truth about Ray’s arrest with Meg’s help.

Tara gets another case of a businessman wanting to have custody of his daughter Mia. Mia is taken by her mother Suzi who is believed to be involved in polyamorous relationships. Tara attempts to dig deeper into the case to gain evidence against Suzi so she can win the case for David King to have sole custody of his daughter.

Meanwhile, Pike’s inquiry is standstill, Ray, on the other hand, attempts at convincing Diedre who is Philip York’s widow to provide him with evidence. Ray and Tara find out about Meg’s involvement in the fire when they find a burner phone number that was used by Richard Dunbar who is Eric’s father and a senior partner in a law firm.

Tara gets yet another case about church issues. A former nun Minica Bridges accuses the convent she was brought up in to have been involved in the sexual abuse of younger children. Monica solicits, that the Church should pay her compensation because she lost her home when her father loaned it to the church. With this compensation fee, Monic Bridges will be able to rebuild a life for herself. She also urges that the minors who were sexually abused should be granted shelter with the church’s donation. The case becomes challenging for Tara because she has to face Caroline as her opposing barrister.

Meanwhile, sam, who is Eric’s brother has returned from Ireland and attempts to water her old friendship with Tara. He also expresses his feelings to Tara and tells her that he loves her. There is another case of crash for cash in which a father and son named Dermot and Tony Doyle are involved. George is her new office partner of Tara and she is the one who receives the case. The company that has refused the insurance payout of the vehicle is one of her conspirators but Tara doesn’t know about that.

When she finds out she has to dissociate herself from the case to get out of trouble. Tara attempts at settling the issue outside the court and tells Stephen who is the victim of the crash. Tara receives a backlash when Meg finds out through CCTV footage that Stephen is innocent and the real victim.

Dunbar files a complaint against Tara on account of all this which suspends Vincent’s investigation once again. Tara has yet another encounter with Barry O’Brien whose second wife came with a case previously. Barry is concerned that his first wife Corrine is going to claim half of his business as she has filed for a divorce.

Corrine on the other hand hires Eric as her solicitor and tells him to demand half of Barry’s property to which Barry refuses. Although Corrine has the right to claim Barry’s property, Tara attempts at getting the help of Finbar who is Barry’s son to act as a peacekeeper. In the meantime, the complaints about Tara have been taken back which allows Vincent to continue his inquiry.

Meanwhile, there are many revelations in the investigation upon which Vincent is working. Filtzjame blurts out his faults which alerts and the knots slowly began to untie. For the present, Tara makes a conversation with Diedre York once again to question her about Richard Dunbar. Tara is shocked upon the revelation that the two guards involved in Ray’s arrest had a secret meeting with Richard and Tara’s Father. Vincent’s investigation receives a halt once again when they find out Richards’s involvement in Ray’s arrest and the case.

Striking Out Season 3, When Will It Be Released?

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As vincent’s inquiry is paused once again due to Richard’s and possibly Conrad’s involvement in cases where politicians and businessmen are held under inquiry. This makes the ending of season 2 unclear which makes it evident that striking out season 3 is coming anytime soon. Season 2 ended in 2018 and has left the audience anxious about the answers.

People are yearning for season 3 since there is a lot untold at the end of season 2. For instance, Ray’s arrest is still unsolved. In addition to that, Tara has to find out about his father’s covert meeting with the two guards who arrested Ray. Not only that, Barry O’Brien’s case is still under process. Moreover, Eric’s brother confesses his feelings to Tara. Tara’s love life isn’t settled yet and we don’t know about her future.

Since there are a lot of loose threads that are to be laced with the new one there has to be a striking season 3. Some rumors have it that striking out season 3 is canceled but those rumors are possibly fake because a drama cannot be left incomplete as it instills agitation in the people. However, there still isn’t any news about the release date of season three.

We can expect striking out season 3 sometime in 2024 but we cannot say for sure because the producers haven’t said a word. If there is a season 3, the story will continue from the last episodes of season 2. There might be a continuation of Barry O’Brine’s case since there wasn’t any settlement to it. Moreover, Tara might come to terms with Eric and we might see Vincent continue with his investigation which is currently at a standstill.


What is striking out about?

Striking out is an Irish drama series produced by Blinder Films. It is about a Dublin-based solicitor, Tara Rafferty who strikes out after finding out that her fiance has cheated on her with her colleague. Although she is left heartbroken, her desolate state didn’t stop her from finding her way and becoming a better person. She starts her new career and realizes that she is capable of so much more.

What is striking out 2 about?

Striking out 2 is about the legal cases Tara Rafferty fights when she starts her career as an independent barrister. She fights small cases but realizes that she is capable of doing so much more. Striking out season 2 is about how she builds herself after fighting strong cases and builds her clientage.

Will there be striking out season 3 anytime soon?

Striking out season 1 and 2 has received a lot of success and has gathered international fans. Although people are waiting eagerly for striking out season 3, there hasn’t been any news about it. There can be a possibility of a third season under production but we still haven’t heard any news from the production team. Till then we will keep waiting and keep guessing the storyline.

The Bottom Line

Heartbreak and rejection don’t always leave a person dejected and weak. Some people make it their strength just like Tara Rafferty. She finds out that her fiance is cheating on her with her fellow colleague which shatters her to the core. However, she takes it as her strength and builds on it. She decides to strike out and starts her own career as an independent solicitor and gets a good response.

The entire season 1 and 2 is about the cases she gets and how intellectually she fights them for her clients. We are yet to hear news about the striking out season 3. The producers haven’t said a word about it. Read the article above to know more about striking out season 3.