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Vlogging Ideas for Beginners

Vlogging Ideas for Beginners
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Our world is highly influenced by the development of internet features. The introduction of video content made a start of a society of ‘watchers’, initiating a new era of information exchange. YouTube vlogging is beneficial in many ways, as it helps to settle a certain level of recognition and make it monetized (if you succeed in attracting the audience).

YouTube vlogging seems to be easy when you just watch a video – set the camera-talk-post, however, there’s a great deal of preparation behind the screen. The are a few fundamentals when considering the career of a vlogger: knowledge of the subject, knowledge of video editing, knowledge of SEO techniques, and content ideas.

Knowledge of the subject makes you an interesting person to listen to, as well as a good microphone. Oftentimes, it’s the vlogger who attracts the attention, not the subject itself that matters. The more decent level of your expertise, the more trust you are going to have from the audience.

1. Video editing

Video editing
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The knowledge of video editing tools will help to turn the footage into a high-quality video, which will make part of the viewer’s interest. Video editing includes the preview, the rough cut, refining of the edits, and exporting.

The first videos may not be as good-looking as expected, however, practice makes it perfect. Besides, as the video editing industry has developed a lot, the applications became much simpler, and you don’t even need to install all the software, as the usage of a free online video editor will work perfectly as well.

2. Knowledge of SEO techniques

SEO stands for search engine optimization. Its strategies and techniques help to promote your video content to the top searches, making it more visible and available for the target viewers. Typically SEO deals with keywords and phrases, tagging, proper titling, categorizing, etc.

3. Content ideas

The last on the list, yet the fundamental part of your success – the ideas. While you can hone your video editing skills, and learn to implement SEO techniques, bursting with new ideas all the time is rarely possible, which can lead to the loss of followers, who are always looking for new videos, and cancel the subscription if there is a period of idleness.

Here are a few ideas that can help you extend the list of topics to cover when shooting the videos:

1. Trivial daily life

Video vloging trivial daily life
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You may think that your life is too ordinary and boring, yet it can make a great basis for your vlog. People like to look into each other’s lives, compare routines, learn new behavioral patterns, anticipate their behavior in similar situations, etc. If you are a super-productive person, you may share some tips on time management. And on the contrary, if you lack timing skills, the viewers can give you advice on self-discipline.

Daily life can also include the hobbies you have, daily commute, shopping, walks, places to see in the neighborhood, etc. Such videos are pretty popular among people from other countries and continents, who are willing to improve their basic language skills and compare the lifestyles in different parts of the globe.

2. Educational content

If you are good at a specific subject and know how to explain difficult things in easy words, dedicate your time to developing educational content. Considering the number of people learning everything via YouTube videos, your knowledge, and explanations will definitely find the listener.

3. Traveling content

Traveling is always popular. As the modern world is almost borderless, people are looking for tips and advice on planning their trips and choosing the right spots for a visit. Traveling vlogs may cover various topics, not just visits to places and countries – the choice and booking of the tickets, ‘dos and don’ts’ in certain cultures, packing, snacking, camera adjustments, clothing, etc. The list is just endless.

4. Relationship content

Relationship content
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The relationship is a difficult topic to film, yet well worth the effort, as it can help your viewers, and give you an outside perspective on your situation. You can easily combine this topic with the daily routine videos, showing how you communicate with your partner, parents, and friends, explaining your methods of kids’ rearing, etc.

5. Health/fitness content

Health and fitness topics are always trending, as people will never get tired of weight loss, healthy eating habits, food choices, reasons for excessive weight, the most effective exercises, etc. You can easily combine this topic with your daily life as well, giving insights into your lifestyle (if you have something to share).

6. Food tours content

Food videos are in the top ten of the most watched. Basically, you just eat out and give reviews on your experiences. Such videos are often popular among the citizens of the same town, or the neighboring areas, who want to plan their outings.

7. Technology and Gadgets

If technology and gadgets enthrall you, vlogging can be an exciting journey. Dive into the dynamic world of digital innovation, providing engrossing reviews, how-to guides, and nifty tech tricks. Cover various compelling topics, from meticulous smartphone evaluations and live gadget unboxings to exhaustive software tutorials and product comparisons.

As a tech vlogger, you can spotlight the latest digital advancements, helping viewers make informed decisions about new tech investments. Your passion will infuse your videos with infectious enthusiasm, making them engaging and educational. As tech continually evolves, your vlogging experience will be a never-ending voyage of creativity and discovery.

8. Personal Growth and Development

Source: inc.com
Source: inc.com

On the other hand, vlogging about personal growth offers an introspective and empowering platform. Share your transformative experiences and wisdom on topics like effective goal-setting, time management, overcoming obstacles, building self-confidence, and nurturing a growth mindset. Your vlogs can motivate viewers to pursue their own personal development journeys.

By candidly sharing your struggles and victories, you create authenticity and relatability, fostering a deeper connection with your audience. Recommending impactful resources can guide your viewers on their self-improvement paths. Each vlog has the potential to inspire change, build a supportive community, and promote a culture of continuous growth and learning.

The laundry list of topics for video content is endless. Every part of your life can be limelight and turned into useful content for your target audience. The success of the video will depend on the way you present the information (including video editing tricks), your charisma, and your honesty.