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The Safest Bets to Choose

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The world’s most popular sport is, without a doubt, football. Every country has supporters for it, often even more supporters than for the national sports. And a huge number of individuals, both professionally and casually, placed bets on it. Looking at the football wagers at Betway may at first seem intimidating to inexperienced gamblers because there are so many possibilities to select from, each more alluring than the last. If you’re new to football betting, you might be asking which wagers are the simplest to succeed in. These bets frequently have low odds, which means you won’t generate enormous gains, but there’s a strong chance they’ll be accurate. Every gambler must be familiar with the sport’s rules.


Even if betting on the overall winner is not the safest choice available, it is still one of the most popular ones. There are only three outcomes that can occur in a football game: a tie, a victory by the visiting team, or a victory by the home club (X). There is always one team that is more likely to win (the favorite), and one that is less likely to win, thus, generally speaking, the most likely outcome is either 1 or 2. (The underdog). Even if they have appealing odds, betting on draws is a risk because they happen far less frequently.

In response, bookmakers give gamblers who like to be conservative two additional options, each of which has a higher probability of winning than betting on the overall victor.

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Draw No Bet

Here is one more that lowers your risk and the quantity of football game outcomes you must take into account. Draw no bet basically indicates that there is no wager if the game ends in a draw. You can bet on either the home team (1) or the away team (2) to win.

You won’t lose your wager; you’ll just get your initial stake back if neither team is able to defeat the other on the field and the game is a draw. Although it’s not precisely a victory.

Double Chance

Double chance is a fairly safe wager, which is possibly why it isn’t available for many games. In contrast to outright wagers, which require you to wager on only one possible result of the game, double chance wagers allow you to simultaneously wager on two different outcomes. In the 1x, for instance, you can attempt a home win or a draw, whereas, in the 2xx, you have the option of a tie or even an away win. The 12 level allows for home or away victories. As a result, when compared to an outright wager, the risk is significantly lower.

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The easiest way to wager on football is the Over/Under bet. This wager allows you to predict whether there will be more or fewer goals in a game. Your chances of winning are high if you place an Under/Over bet on a small number (e.g. 0.5), or an over bet on a larger number (e.g. 6.5). You can also wager on goals under 6.5. This means that you can win as long as there are less than six goals during the game.

Over/Under first half

A variant of the Over/Under wager is First (or Second), Half Over/Under. As the name suggests, this wager involves guessing how many goals will occur in the first or second halves of the game. Because they are limited in time (the first half), these wagers are less common than full-match Over/Under bets. There is still a chance that the First or Second half Over bets with low goal totals or First or Second half Under bets with high goal totals will prevail.

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Football Bets That Are Difficult to Win

There are many tough bets, even though other bets are simple to win. These wagers can have much higher odds and, hence, a higher payoff even if they carry a significantly higher risk. Sometimes, especially when there are two active teams involved, it seems likely that both teams will score. Due to this, betting on both teams scoring might be a winning wager.

Play the favorites

Supporting the clear favorites in a game is one of the standard soccer betting tactics. It’s a straightforward tactic that significantly raises your victory percentage. The majority of the time, favorites have a higher chance of winning, yet it’s not always as simple as it may seem, much like in other areas of life. You can’t always count on winning when you bet on the favorites. The poor odds that the method offers gamblers also make it faulty. It can be challenging to continue to be profitable over the long haul if you consistently bet on heavy favorites. You can be confident that you will win more often than you lose, though.

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Accurate Score

Correct Score is one of the trickiest football wagers since you have to guess the precise result of the game. Correct Score has substantially greater chances because it entails speculating on a highly specific outcome, which makes it far less likely to be true. Both possible outcomes are possible. Many soccer gamblers have benefited from original wagers, such as wagering on the total number of goals. All you have to do to use this method is research.

If you enjoy watching football and don’t do it frequently, placing an occasional wager on a game is acceptable. In addition to having the potential to increase your financial situation, it will also increase the enjoyment you have while playing the game. And frequently, this is more significant than the cash itself. Although there is a good chance that these wagers will win, the odds are often relatively low. Hard benefits, on the other hand, have great odds but a high probability of being wrong. As a result, you shouldn’t always favor simple or complex wagers. Instead, you ought to stake your money on the wagers with the best odds, taking into account the likelihood you attach to them. We have made it easier for you to decide your football bet.