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5 Reasons Why Brazil Is the Best Soccer Nation

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Few things in life are certain, but no, we are not talking about taxes, as it’s certain that football is and always will be a sport that unites the world. World Cup is one of the biggest sporting events, watched by millions across the world, and we all have at least one team we would like to win.

That is also why betting on games in the World Cup is so popular, as it makes everything even more interesting, and also why renowned bookmakers like bet365 have so many events within one game that we can place a bet on.

Now, we can also say that it’s certain that Brazil will participate in the WC and will be looked upon as the biggest favorite to win it. Namely, they have never missed the WC, but that’s just the beginning, as there are more important reasons why Brazil is probably the best soccer nation.

Great idols

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Every young kid has some idol, and all of them dream of being as successful as their heroes, and when it comes to Brazilian kids who love football, they have a lot of great players to choose from.

There has always been at least one player that a kid who plays football in the streets would shout when they score, regardless of the decade we are talking about.

Garrincha, Pelé, Rivellino, Zico, or the names of the latest football stars like Ronaldo, Rivaldo, Roberto Carlos, Ronaldinho, and Neymar are just some of the idols these kids have, and when you are growing up and have these big football names, football must be much more than just a game.

Brazil is a football nation, and there is no doubt they have a lot of great names in their teams, so each generation has its hero. Trying to achieve everything their idol managed to do gives children hope and helps them stay focused on their goals even when it seems impossible.

Many Brazilian football players started as poor kids and ended up being world-famous, which is a wind in the back for many kids from Brazil, as it proves that everything is possible. Overall, there is much football heritage for kids, and the fact that it can be a way out from living in favelas is just one more reason why football is so important in this country.

Street football

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It is impossible to visit Brazil and not see people who play football on the street or a beach, and for someone unaware of this, when they look at how easy it seems when regular people shoot and play football, they would think of them as a professional.

Now, even though this isn’t true, it speaks volumes about how football is looked upon here and why playing it is simply something you willingly must do. As for street football, it is extremely popular among children and adults who have grown up with street football as part of their daily routine.

Although it is considered reserved for poor kids who cannot afford training in some big clubs, it is a great chance for young players to be seen and signed by even the biggest ones.

Besides that, controlling the ball on the street without appropriate shoes is much more difficult than doing it on the field in brand-new boots, which is why these players play with such ease once they become professionals.

The passion

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We have already said that football is much more than a game here as it’s more of a religion for most people. People who have not visited Brazil at least once in their lifetime cannot understand what football means to them.

It is something that children learn from a young age, as it can be seen literally everywhere. The passion people have for this game is something that cannot be explained or described, but it is the main reason they are that good at it.

It is something in which the entire family is involved, as while the younger ones are playing, the older ones are near and cheering for them. It is not an exaggeration when we say that football is the second religion in this country, and each player of the national club is like a god, so it is not a surprise that Brazil has that many great players.

The population of 214 million people also goes to favor as there are many players to choose from, and you never know when some new football icon will rise up.

Strong competition

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For those not entirely familiar with the club competitions in Brazil and South America in general, it might come as a surprise that winning the national league trophy is not easy, far from it.

That is why it is not easy to become a professional player in Brazil, as in order to do that, one needs to beat the fierce competition and stand out from the rest. Brazil has a lot of talented young players, and if any of them wants to play for some big team and be part of the national team, it requires a lot of effort.

The competition starts at an early age, as young children need to prove themselves in the streets because it is the best way to be seen and signed, but it does not stop there. Even in great clubs, there is a big rivalry, and young players need to constantly prove to the club that they deserve a place on the field.

Knowing that someone else will take your spot on the team if you do not dedicate time to practice and become a better player adds more pressure for sure, but it also makes these players much stronger and more competitive.

That is yet another reason there is so much passion when they play, as they know how they got to that place and all the things they might have to sacrifice in order to achieve their football goals.

The attractive style of football

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When it comes to the style of football, there isn’t much difference between watching the Brazil national team or kids playing football in the streets of Rio De Janeiro. Yes, there is much more quality, but the style and football-playing characteristics are pretty similar.

It’s about creativity and freedom of playing mixed with skill and passion and all that you can see on the football pitch. Joga Bonito is a traditional way of playing football that best describes this style, as the translation of this phrase to English means “The Beautiful Game,” and it is also something that draws kids to football, not just in Brazil but all over the world. It is a form of art and something you must see in person, as it is an experience that cannot be described.