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5 Most Googled Video Games Worldwide in 2024

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Video games are holding the first spot in the entertainment industry, beating the movie and music industries altogether. The same trend is seen in 2024. It is not a surprise considering the many different genres and models you can choose. There are video games for every generation, with various levels of difficulty, more passive, more challenging, and numerous attractive features. If you want to check out some great free video games, click here.

When it comes to the trends, we can notice that some titles are holding a very high popularity for a longer time. The developers are only updating them and providing new chapters, expansions, and adding new features. On the other side, there are new titles that quickly became very popular. Here are the most googled video games in 2024.

1. High On Life

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There are many famous FPS games that people are playing for years, such as Call of Duty or Counter-Strike. The point is to improve your skills, especially speed and accuracy, and you will be good at these games. Also, the most important thing changing in new versions of these games is related to technical features like improved graphics and more realistic gameplay. Still, the crucial parts remain the same. On the other side is High On Life, which is completely different from typical FPS games.

If you have never heard of this title, the first thing that will amaze you is the weapon the main character uses since it is a talking alien. However, if you are a fan of Rick and Morty, the experience will be even better. The creator of this game is the producer of the popular Adult Swim show. The alien has the voice of Morty. The missions are also very interesting in the alien world you will explore in this game. Therefore, it is not a surprise that so many people are watching streamers, even those who are only fans of Rick and Morty, while not into gaming so much.

2. Minecraft

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Minecraft is a popular video game that allows players to build, explore, and create in a virtual world of blocks. The game has various features that make it unique and enjoyable to play.One of the best features of Minecraft is its open-ended gameplay. Players can focus on building structures and creations, explore the vast world and discover new resources, or engage in combat with monsters and other players. The game also has a wide range of biomes, from snowy tundra’s to lush forests, providing players with different challenges and resources.

Another great feature of Minecraft is its creativity and customization. Players can use a variety of blocks, items, and resources to build and create whatever they can imagine. The game also has many different gameplay modes, such as survival mode, where players must gather resources and fight off monsters to survive, and creative mode, where players have unlimited resources and can focus on building and creating.

In addition to these features, Minecraft has a strong online community and many mods and custom content for players to add to their gameplay experience. This game is fun and engaging, with endless possibilities for players to explore and create in their own virtual world. Therefore, it is not surprising that it has been on the top charts for a long time.


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The most popular football game is at the tor for more than two decades. There was a serious rival to this game called PES, but they managed to surpass it completely in recent years. The main reasons for that are improved technical features and licenses of the most popular clubs in the world.

It is especially popular on consoles, and there are online mods and features where you can improve your team online by getting new players and increasing their stats. There is a new version each year, and we are waiting for the FIFA 23 title.

4. Elden Ring

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One of the standout features of Elden Ring is its immersive and atmospheric world. Set in a fictional kingdom filled with ruins and ancient architecture, players explore a vast and varied landscape filled with hidden secrets and challenges. The game features a unique blend of open-world exploration, challenging combat, and deep RPG elements.

Another notable feature of Elden Ring is its branching narrative. Players can make choices throughout the game that affect the story and the ending, allowing for multiple playthroughs and a high level of replay ability. The game also features an extensive character customization system, allowing players to tailor their character’s abilities and equipment to their play style.

Elden Ring also boasts stunning visuals, detailed character models and environments, and a haunting and immersive soundtrack. Overall, Elden Ring is a must-play for fans of action RPG games and anyone looking for an immersive and atmospheric gaming experience.

5. God of War: Ragnarok

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The game is set in Norse mythology and follows the story of Kratos and his son Atreus as they journey through the realms of Norse gods and monsters. One of the standout features of God of War: Ragnarok is its immersive and detailed world. The game boasts stunning visuals and environments inspired by Norse mythology, and players encounter various enemies and bosses as they progress through the story.

The gameplay is fast-paced and action-packed, with Kratos using his signature Blades of Chaos and Atreus using his bow and arrow to defeat enemies. The game also introduces new gameplay mechanics, such as the ability to control time and use magic spells.

In addition to the main campaign, God of War: Ragnarok also features many side quests and collectibles for players to discover. The game has received widespread acclaim for its storytelling, gameplay, and visual design and is considered one of the best games in the God of War series.

Last Words

According to Drift Hunters, these are only some of the trendiest titles in 2024, while there are many other options that are very popular. For example, a large community is still active in WoW virtual world. There are also simple arcade games and mobile games that attracts millions of people.