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Top Designer Lighting Solutions for Dark Rooms

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Dark rooms have an aesthetic of their own. They give ample opportunity for homeowners to make creative interior design solutions. There is a lot of room to pick the kind of lighting solutions that would suit the dark room in your home.

It can feature colors, simple lamps or LED lights. But one should know all the options in order to choose the best option. In this article, we will be mentioning the top designer lighting solutions to make a dark room light up beautifully.

Use LED Strip Lights

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LED bulbs are the perfect choice for anyone who wants to save up on their electricity bill.

But if you want designer solutions, then choosing LED strip lights will be the right choice.

The reason why LED strips are becoming popular is because they can be attached to the ceiling, wall, cabinets, and the floor without taking up a lot of space.

Strip lights can be used in the kitchen beneath the cabinets for some extra lighting when you are cooking. They may be used in corridors and walkways so that one does not have to turn on the switches for the bigger bulbs at night. They are also helpful for illuminating spaces for aesthetic proposals and can be used behind wall hangings for added dimension.

Use Neon Signs to Say Something

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Neon signs are an amazing way to change the mood of the room and also personalize the room. They are usually used in private spaces as they allow for a high level of customisation. Neon signs are symbols, designs, or small messages with a few words.

One can pick colors and the font which is more than anyone can expect from any other type of lighting. Additionally, when the light is switched off, the sign is close to transparent and will not interfere with the aesthetic of the space or the theme.

They can be used in a darker atmosphere when all the lights are off if you want to seem more cool. Many companies cater to different types of neon signs. Some reliable suppliers like echoneon.com will give you plenty of options to choose from.

Light Up the Low Ceiling

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Naturally dark rooms may also have low ceiling which makes it difficult to illuminate the area effectively. One solution for that is to choose recessed lighting, such as Astro ceiling lights, which gives a soft illumination both up and down. Whether it is the basement of the bedroom, one can choose recessed lighting for a warm glow which also helps in increasing the brightness of the room.

The ceiling can be lined with lights of different wattage in multiple directions depending on personal preference. Whether one plans to read in that light or just navigate through it, choosing them to line the ceiling can be a game changer.

Include Some Mirrors

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Reflecting surfaces are a great way to enhance the illumination in any place. Including mirrors not only as a wall fixture but also in the furniture can enhance the look of the room in an innovative way. It gives the illusion that the area is bigger than it actually is.

Floor length mirrors are very popular because of the spacious illusion it is.

Smaller rooms benefit from varied mirror placement of different sizes. Some smaller mirrors can also be included on the ceiling so that they reflect some extra light down below. It is important not to use big mirrors to overshadow everything else. Their size should never be bigger than any piece of furniture. They can be placed behind a lampshade to increase the depth and enhance brightness in a cramped space.

Involve the Magic of Downlights

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Downlights are installed inside the ceiling and allow for better illumination in the corners.

They may be installed in the corners of the ceiling and can also have different lights to build the mood according to the occasion.

It is important to know that down lights are not meant to be primary illumination for the room and only serve aesthetic purposes. Downloads also allow for changing the democrability of the lights. They can also act as navigators in dark areas. It will give the impression of softday light on a cloudy day if used correctly.

Stick to a Consistent Color Scheme

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In any interior design, there is a consistent color scheme which is followed across the house. The same color scheme will be followed in that lighting solution in any given room.

Whether you choose a lamp, LED bulbs, or neon signs, they should complement the color scheme rather than contrast it.

The same color tone helps in creating different dimensions without clashing with the theme. Whether it is the kitchen or the bathroom, one has to consider the reflective surfaces, need for illumination, and the colors chosen on the wall before finding a lighting solution.

Choose the Right Kind of Glass

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Whenever it is your turn to choose lighting fixtures, they will come with lampshades on glass. The type of glass you choose will impact the kind of lighting there will be in the room. For instance, if you pick a chandelier it has some dangling pieces which will relate to how the light is distributed in a dark room.

Depending on the function of the room, one can go with a casual fixture or something more extravagant to convey formality. The glass fixtures may also be hung at different heights to add more dimension according to the glow needed as per the occasion.

The Takeaway

A dark room can be brightened up with the right illumination depending on your creative side. Once the interior design theme is selected; one can choose fixtures based on the color scheme. Changing the dimmability is important along with choosing the right color temperature. One should pick neon science for added customisation and different areas of the house. Better night time navigation is possible with LED strips and LED downlights.

Making use of mirrors is also a good idea.