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9 Most Stylish Types of Men’s Hats

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Men’s hats have progressed from being perceived as practical items to must-have accessories. Nowadays, you can sense a man’s personality by the type of hat he chooses. However, if you’ve ever gone shopping for a hat to elevate your look, you’ll notice a variety of hats to choose from.

While there might be a variety of hats, most modern men have only a few to select from to look truly stylish, no matter the occasion. This article will discuss nine of the most stylish men’s Big hats, from fedoras big hats to big bucket hats or casual knit caps.

Stylish Men’s Hats

When showcasing your confidence to the world, improving an outfit, or making a statement, there’s no accessory as bold, unique, or useful as a hat. Below are some of the most stylish men’s hats to help elevate your style to the next level.

The Flat Cap

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Although it is popular among television characters and celebrities, the flat cap comes from a humble beginning. Unlike the newsboy, which has a British aristocratic feeling, the flat cap was more famous among farmers and chimney sweepers.

The flat cap has a rounded top with a small hard brim at the front. It can be made with various materials like cotton, linen, wool, or leather. Most traditional flat caps are made with tweed and are lined on the inside, keeping your head comfortable and warm. This cap adds a touch of charm when paired with casual clothing.

The Fedora

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The fedora is one of the most stylish hats around. This hat has withstood the test of time, whether you want to hate or love it. From the 1920s to the 1950s, it was the gangster’s choice of hat. In the 2000s, the fedora was the hat choice of hipsters. You can see that it truly was an evolutionary fashion item.

Nowadays, fedoras are becoming a thing of the present, partly due to the influence of Hollywood. The fedora has an indented crown and a soft brim. This hat can spice up a casual outfit or elevate an outstanding one. This hat can spice up a casual outfit or elevate an outstanding one. Although fedoras can be made with various materials, the most common material used is felt.

Boater Hats

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Seamen famously wore boater hats in the early 1900s and late 1800s. This hat is perfect for sun protection and sunny weather because it is made of straw material. Boater hats are summer hats best worn on your outfits for summer afternoons.

Whether you’re going for a weekend cookout or a music festival, add the boater hat to your outfit ensemble to make you look fabulous and give your outfit a vibrant flair.

Trilby Hats

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The trilby is often confused with the fedora, but they couldn’t be more different. Trilby hats have a taller crown and smaller hat brim than fedoras. This feature makes it possible for you to wear it during spring and autumn.

Trilby hats represent fashion more than functionality as it is worn pulled back instead of front to protect from the sun’s rays. They were historically known as the rich man’s hat and were often seen at luxury events like horse races.

Pairing your dressy, casual outfit with a pair of sunglasses and a trilby hat will give your look a complete makeover.

Bowler Hats

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Bowler hats are British hats commonly called derby hats in the United States. Their creation dates back to the mid-19th century. Bowler hats have a stiff brim that curves up and a well-rounded crown.

Bowler hats are a favorite among the working, middle and rich classes. You can pair this hat with some tailored pants, a three-piece suit, and some dress shoes.

Bucket Hats

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The bucket hat is the most iconic representation of a 90s look. It was popular among fishermen for its ability to secure a hook to the exterior and a wide brim.

Bucket hats have a crown and band made from panels of fabric. While it looks like an understated accessory, the bucket hat has been popular among celebrities who pair them with casual and semi-formal outfits.

Bucket hats are perfect for creating laid-back stylish looks. To try this style, pair a bucket hat with a pair of high tops, a jersey, or even a jacket.

Trapper Hat

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Trapper hats are one of winter’s must-haves for every man. They are stylish and warm, giving a retro vibe. Trapper hats are made with a variety of faux and real sheepskin suede with leather trim.

The trapper hat is perfect for you if you love adventures and the outdoors in general. Rock this hat with a pair of blue jeans and a flannel shirt to get a casual, semi-formal style.

Panama Hat

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Panama hats are straw hats with medium-height crowns creased in various ways to suit your preferences. This hat is very lightweight and allows for ventilation in the head area during warmer weather.

Panama hats also have a fabric hatband around the base of the crown and a wide brim.

This makes it suitable for pairing with a suit on formal occasions. For more informal events, you can pair the Panama hat with a white linen shirt and a pair of jeans.


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Beanies or casual knit caps can be very stylish hat accessories for men depending on how you use them. Usually perceived as only winter accessories, beanies have evolved to become trans-seasonal and timeless pieces.

You might not want to try wearing a beanie during summer, but it’s perfect for winter and spring months. Beanies can style up your casual wear and make it sleek.

Beanies are very versatile and can go with most semi-formal and informal outfits. If you’re planning on buying a beanie, choose one in a neutral color and made with thin material so you can make the most of it.


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Hats occupy an odd place in today’s culture. They can be rugged utilitarian models, expensive custom creations, or disposable custom toppers. Whatever they may be, once they are worn on the head, they make a statement about an individual’s personality, intentions, and career.

Now that you know the different types of stylish hats, you should be able to decide on the right hat that will suit your personality, look, life, and head. Hopefully, this article has been of great assistance in helping you make that choice.