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4 Common Leveling Mistakes All Beginner Wow Players Make

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It doesn’t matter if you enjoy playing video games or not, as there are simply a few of them that you must be familiar with, as everyone talks about them and for quite some time now. One of those gamers’ favorites is definitely World of Warcraft, and it is a pioneer of this genre and for many years the sole representative of this video game genre – massively multiplayer online role-playing game.

Now, one doesn’t have to be a gaming expert to know the basics, and perhaps the best way to describe its importance and role in modern society is that we often use terms in our everyday life that originates from WoW. Yes, we all use the word noob or newb, for example, or even PuG, and even though they existed before WoW became so globally popular, it’s because of this game that we use these words much more often.

What to expect when you are a newbie?

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For those who don’t know what to expect from World of Warcraft, once they start playing, the overall ambient they found themselves, the graphics, and all the possibilities can sometimes be too much. That is why, in order to be prepared and know what to expect, it’s always good to do at least a little bit of research, just to get to know the basics, or at least learn the terminology, so that you can get around and understand other players much better.

Of course, when we are new to something, even when we know what to expect, we tend to make rash moves, and that’s when mistakes happen. Now, making mistakes is nothing unusual, and we all make them, but why go over the same problems when there is a way to avoid them? That is why, like in any other game or even aspect of life, it’s good to learn from other people’s mistakes. Well, there isn’t a rightful reason for that so, let’s focus our attention on the top four most common leveling mistakes all beginner WoW players make.

1. Forgetting to set keybinds

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One of the best ways to become a much faster player is to set keybinds and use them with our left hand. It is crucial to use the keyboard buttons, which are reachable with our left hand because, in that way, we can use our right one for the mouse. We need to bind the abilities that we use the most to the buttons that we can easily reach, and we will become much faster than we used to be.

The main reason for that is once we get used to it, we will not think about buttons, but we will press the right one automatically every time. The same is with mistakes, and if we don’t set up the keybinds in the best possible way, we will make mistakes or act too slow in moments of need, and, the worst-case scenario, we would get used to that keyboard arrangement and will often make the same mistakes over and over again.

Muscle memory is a strange thing, but when in a battle with a much stronger opponent and you win just because you are much faster and have more skill, it can be a beautiful one. Of course, every beginning is difficult, but the key is not to give up, and the same is with keybinds because it can be pretty awkward once you start.

Faster players are improving faster than slow ones, so it is crucial to think about speed if you decide to play WoW because being fast is the only way to survive the game and level up. Beginners usually use the mouse too much and try to click each spell, which is much slower than using keybinds, but it is the mistake that everyone makes.

2. Whatever happens, make sure you are always moving

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Now, this is yet another mistake that perhaps best describes the beginners, and even though you will come in a situation when you don’t want to move because of the DPS, it will actually make killing the boss much more difficult and will take much more time. That is why gamers (we mean newbies) can often hear yelling from other players to move from the fire, as it causes more damage than good. So, keep in mind to move, and do it constantly.

3. Skipping to level 50

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Many people are not sure how this game works, or they are too confident, so they want to skip the beginning and start playing more serious battles as soon as possible. Until level 10, new players learn the basics and story behind this amazing game, but until level 50, the real game does not begin. Players who want more action try to reach level 50 as fast as possible, and they use level character boosters to skip leveling.

We can understand that skipping to level 50 may look like a great idea, but there are some cons to that. First of all, new players will not learn anything about the game and the story behind it, so they will not be prepared for it. Besides that, it is impossible to unlock the Heritage Armor on the Allied Races, and if you want to see all the advantages it can give, avoid using boosters. Custom options are an important part of the game, and you need to learn them, which is much easier if you decide to level up gradually. If you still want to use the booster but do not know where to find it, check https://buy-boost.com/wow.

4. Killing stronger enemies

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Another great way to level up is grinding or killing enemies in the game. Killing a stronger enemy will give you more experience points, which will result in faster leveling. There is only a small catch, it is crucial to avoid too powerful enemies because they are too difficult to kill, and there won’t be any benefits. Watching for the enemy’s strength can help you decide if you can kill them, and you will find it out if you check the color of their names. Yellow indicates normal ones, red indicates much stronger, and the dragon border around the icon means Elites which are almost impossible to kill.