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Love Season 4: Is There a New Season Coming Up?

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Here is a new update about all the Mickey and Gus fans out there! Love is not likely to return to Netflix for its fourth season this summer. While most of us were waiting for the officials to confirm the cancelation of the show, some of us had also hoped that the makers would decide to create another season and surprise us with what happens next with the duo.

If you are also following the series with your whole heart, these are the updates you need to know!

Is Love Season 4 canceled?

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For all those who were looking for confirmation from the officials, here it is. According to an exclusive report by a Hollywood reporter, the executive producer of the series has accepted the fact that they will be ending the show after its third season.

Judd Apatow, the leading producer of the show hinted at the end of the show in an earlier interview, when she referred to the third series as a beautiful end to the entire show. Speculations started spreading from that time. The third season was released in 2017.

Everything you need to know about Love!

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For those of you who are yet to explore the stories offered by Love.

Here is a quick overview of what all you can expect from the series to offer you:

As is evident from the name, it is a romantically themed series that revolves around the lives of Mickey and Gus.

One slight twist that the initial series season offers is the constant discontent and conflicting ideas between Gus and Mickey. They are deemed as not being perfect to be together.

What is the aim of 3 long seasons?

The motive of this 3-season long series is crafted on basis of the producer’s intentions to go beyond the traditional portrayal of couples as having a standard, romantic ending and move towards a more realistic and humble way.

The series follows a range of ups and downs in the lives of Gus and Mickey, mostly featuring all the break-ups they have and the sweet patchups that follow.

Common life issues: A big Portrayal

The series is successful in portraying the common life issues faced by college-going students and can magnify them to display how it affects their relationships.

While Mickey is seen struggling with problems of substance abuse and addiction, Gus is stuck in the attempts of trying to figure out who he is and what he wants from his life.

The series takes a chance on adding a lot of difficulties in the relationship of the couple by pouring loads of circumstances and situations of their prospective roommates, the spilt tea, talking about their exes and so on.

The second season speeds up their relationship experience as it gives a chance to the duo to explore how it is to live both apart and together with each other. It shows the slight romantic gestures they share and the long ugly fights they have.

Their relationship gets a bit complicated and messed up when Mickey decides to get back with her ex without letting Gus know about the same.

The season ends with Mickey confessing to Gus about how much she wanted a relationship that stays exclusive between them. All this without letting Gus have the slightest idea about Mickey’s not so friendly reunion with Dustin.

What the new season has for us?

In the trailer released officially by Netflix, we can see the famous duo taking their relationship slowly and more seriously.

The aforementioned point is evident by Mickey’s belief that they now have to be invested in a relationship that is real, like adults.

Next, we witness Mickey and Gus’s encounter with one of his exes at an event that they both attend as a couple. This gives Mickey a hint that something is wrong with their relationship.

Further, we see how the careers that both these individuals have taken up are challenging them at some time or another and are testing their guts.

We see Mickey being stressed about her job and Gus ranting about how he does not feel satisfied after tutoring his acting class kids the entire day.

However, towards the end of the trailer, it becomes certain that Mickey and Gus are happily living together and want to take their relationship to an advanced level unless, of course, something else comes in their way.

One implication that we can draw from this trailer is that there is absolutely no mention of Mickey confessing to Gus about her affair with one of his exes, Dustin. Therefore, it might be safe to say that they are fine with that memory and maybe don’t really want to go down that road again.

Interesting Facts about Love

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After enough being said about the show and the cancellation of its fourth season, here are some of the most dramatic of all the facts about the series that are sure to take you by surprise. If you call yourself a fan of the show, then you should definitely have a look and see how many you already knew!

• The filming of the show was completed and finalized in the year 2018, but did not air till late 2020.
• Jessica was in complete preparation to leave the show and bid it adios.
• During the beginning of the show, we were introduced to some pods that were reportedly sound proof.
• When getting ready before the shorts, the actors used famous celebrities to describe how they are looking or feeling.


Though the story was very sweet and romantic. The story has quite a lot of romantic elements but still the creators have decided to drop this down! Creators dropped the idea of making season 4 thereby they ended the last season in a very beautiful manner.

You can watch Love season 4 on netflix or amazon prime! If you want to know updates about your favorite web series, don’t forget to check out more of our articles!